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You don’t have time. You’re way too busy
and you don’t even know where to start. Enough with the excuses. I’m going to show
you how to meditate at night to sleep better, stress less and stop weight gain in its tracks. Hey guys. It’s Bex here and I’m participating
in Kin Community’s New Year, New You collaboration. Every single day until February 3rd, there
will be a brand new video. So make sure to go over to Kin’s YouTube channel and check
out the playlist. You will also find a link in the video description below. Now let’s get to those tips. Lack of sleep
is probably one of the worst things that you can do for your health. It can cause depression,
serious health problems like diabetes and heart disease. It can lead to weight gain
and even premature skin aging. An easy way to get a good night’s sleep is to establish
a bedtime meditation routine or turn down practice. Number one, start eating earlier. You want
to allow at least four hours between your last meal and bedtime. I know I’m going
to get a lot of complaints from you guys and objections about having to eat late. So if
you do that, just make sure that your nighttime meal is your lightest meal. You can have a
green salad or something else that’s easily digested. Number two, get electronics totally out of
the bedroom. No TVs, no laptops and not even cell phones. Get rid of all that distracting
media. Some even recommend a sundown screens off method to honor the natural rhythms of
your brain. Number three, try these simple techniques
for clearing your mind and falling asleep faster. Try keeping a notepad next to your
bed for all of those thoughts that pop up during the night. So if you think of something,
write it down right away. It doesn’t have to be a whole journal entry. Just a quick
note to remind yourself in the morning. Get it out of your head and on to paper as fast
as possible. Then forget it. Counting sheep is an actual thing. It kind
of serves the same purpose as a mantra meditation. That constant repetition protects your mind
from other thoughts that might be trying to come in. So you can count or use a mantra over and
over again. If you need ideas for a mantra, just go over to BexLife.com/21Mantras for
my 21-day mantra challenge or you can just say “inhale” on every inhale and “exhale”
on every exhale. It’s as easy as that. Another thing you could do is listen to guided
meditations for sleep or binaural beats. This is the only time where media is allowed, so
you can use your cell phone for this one. Binaural beats are tones or sounds that are
believed to help with concentration, sleep, anxiety, all sorts of things. Just search
on YouTube for a guided meditation. You can use one of mine or there’s this really cool
app that I’ve been using called Brain Wave. It’s the Brain Wave Binaural Program and
it’s about four bucks on iTunes and it’s amazing. You can listen to it with your iTunes
music in the background. So let me know what you thought about these
tips in the comments below or hit me up, @BexLife on social media. I love you guys. I will see
you soon in another BexLife video. Remember to check out that playlist in the link below
and cheers to better sleep.

Joseph Wolf


  1. Totally gonna make that subscribe pillow! And I do like binaural sounds but find them too intense at bedtime. 

  2. These are such greats idea! The sun down/screens off method sounds like an excellent idea 🙂 

  3. brain waves is one of my all time fav apps! It has made such a difference in my sleep 🙂 I also really enjoy the CALM magnesian drink right before bed. 

  4. I just found you and this is exactly the kind of channel that I have been looking for. It's awesome that the universe knows how to bring things right to you when you need it. 

  5. Hi Bex,I just love your videos,even my two year old is learning to meditate with you.I watch before bed time and before I start my day. Thank you!

  6. I agree, no more excuses! If you truly want to have a restful, high quality sleep, then you must commit to do things differently than you have in the past. 

  7. I've had the hardest time getting a good night's sleep for the last year. Definitely will be giving these tips a shot! Thanks so much for sharing the awesome advice 🙂

  8. Great tips! I have found that meditation is so important to my overall mental and physical health! 

  9. Hey Bex… Great Tips… I've started to incorporate the eating early method for proper digestion before bed hopefully this will help.

  10. A good night's sleep is so important – thanks for the techniques for sleeping better (notebook by my bed as I type!)

  11. This is a really great video! Thank you for sharing these tips… I could definitely use more sleep. I posted my KIN New Year, New You video earlier today and I'm excited to have joined you guys on this playlist! :)

  12. I would like to share a hack available online for the popular meditation tips. Just type: "MindYoga4U" in Google. It'll be very useful for you.

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