Are you looking to get clarity in your
life and your business before heading into 2020? Well if you are, you are in the
right place because today I’m gonna give you a very simple exercise that you can
do in a very short period of time to help you start moving towards crystal
clear clarity in your business and your life vision for 2020. If you’re excited
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bell for more videos like this. I release them every week on Tuesdays. So, the
exercise that I’m going to teach you today is inspired by Dean Graziosi it’s
a exercise that was in his book Millionaire Secret Habits and I got my
hands on that book a bit over a year ago and it helped me tremendously. And this
was one of the first exercises that I did and it really helped me to see where
I wanted to go. So I want to share this with you. I think it’s going to really
help you. But what you got to do right now
PAUSE this video and go get a pen and a paper if you don’t already have one or a
pen and your favorite journal if you happen to be someone who has a journal.
Pause the video get that and then come right back Okay so now that you have your pen and
paper I would like you to close your eyes. So really close your eyes right now.
And what I want you to do while you have your eyes closed is just take a couple
deep breaths and then envision yourself exactly one year from now. So pretend
you’re standing in December 2020 exactly one year from now and keeping your eyes
closed just envision if you had had the best year of your life…
What would have happened? You’ve just had the best year of your life you have
achieved all of your goals, you’re feeling exactly how you want to feel now…
Think about it: What did you experience? What did you achieve? How do you feel ?How does your body feel? How are your relationships? What is the
state of your relationships? Really take a moment, like take as much time as you
need. Actually, if you need to pause the video again and just allow yourself some
time to visualize do that just imagine you got everything you wanted, you did
everything you wanted, you had all the experiences that you wanted in this year
and you’re looking back on it at the memories of the year and feeling how you
feel after having been through that best year of your life. So, pause if you need
to now that you’ve got this wonderful
vision of the best year of your life in your mind and in your body. You know how it feels now. I would really like you to pause the video, take that pen while you
still know at this moment in time, your vibration has raised, you’re in –
you’re feeling, good you’re inspired, you know exactly what it is you want out of
this year. So now it’s time to really pause the video right now put that pen
to paper and do a free write. It doesn’t matter, you can write as in as much
detail as you want. You can write a list if that works for you. It doesn’t really
matter but just get every little bit of what you just felt experienced. How your
body looks and feels, where you went, what you learned, what courses you might have
taken…Anything. Experiences you have had… Write them all down on that piece of
paper then I’ll see you when you’re done. Okay! Welcome back! So now you have an
incredible vision for your year 2020. It’s all written out for you. You just
dreamed it up yourself and this is actually going to be your guiding light
for the year 2020. The work, however, is not done yet. The next step in this
process is to take the main themes that you find in your dream year in your best
year of your life and extract them so that you can then start to
reverse-engineer those aspects. So let’s say one of them is to be fitter to feel
slimmer and have more energy … something like that, something related to
your health. So then what you want to do is you want to look at that and say: okay
how do I get to that result? I really really highly highly highly recommend to
take it slowly. Okay? This is not I’m gonna lose 10 pounds in a month way of
visualizing your goals this is I want to feel better I want to feel lighter I
want to feel slimmer I want to feel healthier and more energetic and how am
I going to achieve that in a way that makes is fun it makes me feel good and
makes me happy and excited. So the smaller you can make your steps at the
beginning the better. Because you can always go back to this exercise. You can
come back to this video and watch it again it doesn’t matter in a month or
three months… You can always revise and you can always up level your goals. But you don’t want to create such a huge goal that you
don’t achieve it at all. So the steps to getting to your goal, when you reverse it,
should be something like: Okay, I’m gonna take a 30 minute walk every day. If that
sounds good to you, right? Maybe it’s a 10 minute walk if you really have
resistance towards exercising. You need to feel that out for yourself. I cannot
give you your goals for yourself. But from this vision of your best year you
can take the main points that things where you felt like that was something I
really want to do and that’s really how I want to feel take those aspects and
reverse-engineer them. Maybe you want to go to a next revenue level in your
business. Maybe you want to start an online business or
side hustle because your dream is actually to quit your nine-to-five. So
how do you go about that? Start making a plan as to how you are actually going to
achieve what you want. And, it’s key to dream big but also to be realistic on
the steps that you are actually able to take. I am planning, in fact, on doing more
videos in this arena of getting clarity and setting goals and achieving goals
because I’ve learned in the past year how totally important it is to have
clarity and to actually be able to map it out and to create measurable goals so
that you can make sure you get so that you actually reach them and you don’t
just feel like you have these nebulous goals out in somewhere and you can see
it but you don’t know how you’re getting there.
So, this clarity and envisioning exercises are something I really love
and I think they’re extremely helpful because without this you can dream as
much as you want but it’s really difficult for anything to actually be
achieved. So that’s what I recommend. You can take the different areas of your
life, you can go in as deep as thoro ugh in this exercise as you want or you can
keep it very small if this is your first time doing this kind of exercise and you
just want to do something like that. Just say: Okay, you know what? I just want to
meditate five minutes every morning. And then, the second other step about reverse engineering is – figure out how are you going to be supported in doing that? So,
this is another thing that I learned recently that is so important. How are
you going to be supported in doing that? It’s not just I’m gonna set my alarm
clock an hour early. I mean, you can press snooze, right? that’s maybe that’s maybe
not maybe thing you’re gonna get up an hour earlier every morning is not the
best path to you know achieving your daily meditation. Maybe what you can do
is find an application that helps you learn how to meditate. I know there are
so many out there this is not about those kinds of apps, but this is just a suggestion to really look what what is going to
support you actually to achieve that goal. Do you need an accountability
partner about releasing content for your for your project or creating your
website or you know with whatever or achieving your fitness goal. Really take
a look at what’s the goal, how you are going to feel when you reach that goal
and how you can reverse engineer it in a way that’s manageable and measurable and supported. So those are my tips for you for achieving those goals. I hope that
this clarity exercise was helpful. And now I want to wish you that you go out
and crush your goals in 2020. My true wish for you is to see you happy and
healthy and wealthy doing what it takes being kind to yourself as well – as well
as kind to others – but first of all kind to yourself on your path to achieving
your goals. From experience I know that that’s actually the only way to do it. So
I hope that this was valuable. Watch it again if you need to. Pause it, go back,
really take the time to do this exercise before the beginning of the new year. I’m
wishing you all the best. If you got something out of this video click the
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really happy to offer more content like this in the future and also to respond
to any kind of Content requests if you want to leave one in the comment as well.
So, thank you so much for watching. I’m wishing you a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year although it’s not quite there yet,
and that you have an amazing amazing 2020 and I hope to see you in the next
video and in the new year until next time bye-bye

Joseph Wolf

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