How to Change the Future of Hinduism

Question: From Jyan Raypuria, IA Id#20 who’s
asking, Pranaam to guruji, In one of your satsangs, I have heard you
mention that wearing rudraksh is good. There are various types of rudraksh available; 1
mukhi, 5 mukhi, 11 mukhi etc..I am single for life and want to have health, wealth,
basic relationship with family without any attachment and rise highest in spirituality.
Which rudraksh mala is to be worn? Or should be it be a mix of types of rudraksh? Whether
rudrash mala should be touching the heart or should it the next size touching the throat?
With gratitude, Jyan Raypuria IA ID #20 Swamiji: First, in this one question, there
are so many questions!! He’s asking what kind of rudraksh I should wear? Should it
be 5 mukhi, 1 mukhi, 11 mukhi? How it should be? What size ? To tell you honestly. I can give only generalized
answer here. Wear Gowrishankar on the throat and 5 mukhi on the below anandagandha, just
below the heart center, this is a generalized instruction. If you want specifically, you
better ask me in the energy darshan, I will see your energy and guide you. That is the
only way, specific for the results, for what you want, I’ll be able to guide you to have
your own rudraksha mala, so ask me in the energy darshan, that’s the best way I can
help you. Question: From Mani KR, IA ID #78
Is Buddhism spreading fast compared to vedic culture and widely accepted in the world’s
spiritual area, because it doesn’t have caste system? Devotional movement ‘bhakthi
yeyakum’ diluted the density or intensity of Hinduism? Buddhism has more universality,
‘ulagha podu nanmai’. For future and better prospects of Hinduism, What are elements in
Hinduism that need to be changed? What needs to be eliminated? What needs to be supported
and nurtured? If you are allowed to get a chance to run all Hindu mutt what all actions
and steps you will take to revive them? Swamiji: Mani, first thing Hinduism needs
is sincerity, nothing else. You are asking 3 questions, Buddhism doesn’t have caste system?
No, Caste system is not a reason The devotional movement, did it dilute the
intensity of Hinduism? No, Buddhism as enough of devotion and devotional
movements. Has Buddhism more universality?
No, Buddhism is the
baby of Hinduism, Buddhism does not have anything that Hinduism doesn’t have. Only thing Hinduism
needs is a little backbone to stand and practice and share with the world, nothing else. Where
are the Hindus? All you fellows are Indian born capitalists. Do not ever claim you are
Hindus, you are all degraded, destroyed, capitalistic, half westerners, not even fully, because even
westerners when they really saw the end of capitalism, they are turning towards spirituality.
They are understanding the necessity for the spiritual depth. You are completely, confused,
that is the right word I will use. First thing Hinduism needs is inspiration
and sincerity in what you stand for. Inspiration and sincerity. Trust these great truths are
useful to us and useful to the world. See in Buddhism, youngsters are continuously
encouraged, inspired, excited to be become monks and radiate their energy, intelligence
in spreading Buddhism. In Hinduism, to make one person into a sanyasi,
God!! How much I have to suffer, struggle, inspiring that person, and then fighting with
the whole family, because the whole society is going against this, creating more and more
teachers and preachers for Hinduism. The moment somebody feels a little depressed in the sanyas
training, immediately he or she runs away because whole
society is waiting to receive them back, there is no reason to be a little stronger or sincere.
I tell you, my whole sangha is kept alive against the current of the main stream; it
is not along with the current of the mainstream. But in Buddhist organizations: see, the energy
and the experience I am sharing, if I was born and brought up as a Buddhist, by now
I will be sitting, maybe with one lakh sanyasis, Buddhist sanyasis , because the whole infrastructure
is available, the whole society supports it, but here, so unfortunate that whole society
is against the current of Hindu tradition, sanyas tradition. So actually what we need
is sincerity and presenting the Hindu tradition to the world in a directly useful manner,
we have so many things which is directly useful, unfortunately we never put all of them in
the front, we never shared all of them to the world. In the name of secret, secret,
secret, we destroyed everything. Buddhist medicine came out of Hindu medicine; the siddha
tradition, Boddhi dharma is a Shaiva sampradaya sanyasi from Kanchipuram, he got converted
to Buddhism. Of course, in those days there was no conversion, because Buddha was considered
as one more incarnation of the Hindu tradition, He was inspired by the Buddhist tradition
and started teaching Buddhism. So only thing Hindus need is sincerity, just sincerity nothing
else, nothing else but sincerity, “You are asking “For future and better
prospects of Hinduism, What are elements in Hinduism that need to be changed? What should
be eliminated”? What needs to be changed is bring sincere
working patterns into the minds of the Hindus. What needs to be eliminated is laziness and
the boredom pattern, just stop being lazy bums that’s all. Nothing else, Nothing else,
Hinduism is soaked in laziness and boredom. Sometimes I can see very clearly even an ordinary
villager, a driver in Tibet has his counting beads, while he stops for a restroom or the
smoke or a cup of tea, even those moments they don’t waste their time. I see in one
hand the beads are rolling, or the prayer wheel is rolling, even while they smoke or
drink cup of tea, just continuously the prayer wheel goes on. You will never see that in
an Indian driver, the maximum of drivers are from the Nammakal district, if they stop for
a cup of tea, or a smoke or a cigarette, the first thing they see is: Is there any woman
under the tree? The largest number of AIDS infected district is Nammakal, because of
lorry drivers. The moment they stop the lorry, first thing they look to cool themselves is
a woman under the tree, roadside. I can see very clearly the stark naked difference with
open eyes, when I drive in China or Tibet. It is not that there are no women there; it
is not that there is no prayer wheel and Japamala in Namakal; what you choose. Unfortunately,
Hindus lost sincerity, just sincerity is the only thing that needs to be added, and the
laziness and boredom should be avoided. You are asking a question, “If you are allowed
to get a chance to run all Hindu mutt what all actions and steps you will take to revive
them? I can answer for this question, only by my
whole life, I don’t think I’ll be able to answer this in one session, maybe I will
put a few things, First, teach them the habit of signing MOU
with other mutts and temples for exchanging the spiritual and social ideas. Some mutts
maybe successful in keeping the old traditions alive, some mutts maybe successful in running
schools and colleges, some mutts maybe successful in reaching out to people the spiritual techniques
and meditations. Some organizations may be successful in creating a beautiful temple
and a pilgrimage center. The first thing I will do is organize all
of them into a huge meeting and “what is your best” “In what you are best at”,
share that knowledge and the method with other organizations. Exchange of social , spiritual
, information and knowledge, instead of all of us waiting and wasting our time to reinvent
the same thing. We have done already so much of research and development in various fields,
let us first exchange informations and make everybody rich. That is the first thing I
will do. Second, I will make everybody understand with
a lot of respect; we don’t need to steal from others devotees. There is 6 billion more,
waiting for the knowledge of Hindu tradition. Reach out to them, reach out our energy, inspiration,
spiritual depth to them. Hindus do not need violence or terrorism to
spread, we don’t need to convert anybody. Hinduism does not believe in conversion; transform
people, inspire people. There are 6 billion more waiting to receive transformation and
inspiration form us; don’t fight amongst yourself. I will share with them, teach them
the blue ocean strategy: there is a vast blue ocean waiting, why are you fighting in the
banks? Oh this 10 acre is mine!!, this 5 acre this mine!! We don’t need to waste our time
waiting in the banks fighting for a few acres. Get into the ocean, blue ocean is waiting
for us. Third thing I will do is infuse lot of money
in media, train the youngsters who are highly inspired, excited, respectful for Hindu teaching,
philosophies, principles. And stop showing saffron cloth and swamis as jokers all over
India, whether it is bollywood, gollywood, tollywood, sandalwood. All these ‘wood’
fellows should have some little brain, they should come out of their ‘wood brain’.
I will
train lot of youngsters and make them part of the mainstream media. Regularly make these
religious leaders involve themselves in the socio- political issues, constantly expressing
their opinions, guidance, ideas about the socio-political issues. I will encourage them to create training center
for each of their tradition. I will also tell them “do not dilute your tradition, how
strong you are going to be in your tradition, that much only you are going to be a strength
to the Hindu tradition. Hinduism is not monopolized, organized religion that is the strength of
Hinduism. Please understand, we are not like a multinational company, brand it somewhere
in some country, it gets branded, and franchised, and sold all over the world. No, each tradition,
you are from which strengthen that; don’t change even one inch. Let all of us stand
as a strong pillar for the tradition from which we evolved, that is the way we will
be a big support and strength for this huge vedic tradition. So I will never try to generalize
them, no generalizations. I won’t make them same. I will request them to be unique, retaining
your uniqueness is the strength, by retaining the uniqueness you will be a great strength.
And I will also encourage them travel all over the world, continuously inspire people
all over the world and educate them properly about the Hindu tradition. Above all I will
encourage each one of them to establish sanyas training center. Whatever I am doing, I will
share this methodology with them, and inspire them, encourage them, support them to do everything
in their own tradition. I wanted to do four things, 1) Training center for sanyasis: monks and
nuns which I am already doing 2) Training centers for priests to conduct
the different rituals in the temples and the personal lives of the people, like the namakarana,
annaprashana… You need to go through different ceremonies in different parts of your lives,
different times of your life, priests conduct those ceremonies.
3) Preachers, who will go around teaching yoga, meditation, spiritual concepts, not
to convert somebody into Hinduism, we don’t believe in conversion. But, to transform them
, bring richness in their consciousness: The Preachers. 4) Activists who constantly go around, record
their opinions, concepts, wherever needed even their protests, in all socio-political
issues, which is affecting the Hindu lifestyles. Still in this country, there are so many socio-political
decisions which is affecting our beliefs and lifestyle gets taken and nobody questions.
Still the central government of India dares to disrespect and abuse the “Ram Sethu”.
Even after so many scientific definitions have established that it is man-made and done
at Rama’s period. Through the carbon-dating and so many ways it has been proved; even
then central government is not to ready to take the decision to declare that as a national
heritage. I don’t know what way Shah Jahan contributed to Indian culture, what way that
Mumtaz added anything to Indian tradition, for Taj Mahal to get the national heritage
status. Of course the Taj Mahal building itself is a Hindu temple, Shiva temple, but now as
on now, it is declared as a Indian heritage as a representation of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan.
When Mumtaz and Shah Jahan’s tomb can be a national heritage, I tell you, Ram Sethu
is 1000 times more worthy to be national heritage. I will create activists who will go around,
record their opinions, suggestions, views, on all sociopolitical issues which affects
our lifestyle and beliefs. I only need one thing, human beings with spine,
who will stand up, who are ready for little bit of sacrifice. From the time immemorial
till the time of Vivekananda, this is the same thing all Hindu leaders are asking from
Hindus, I want people with the strength, physical and mental strength to stand up for this great
Vedic civilization. Vivekananda finally came down begging 100
youngsters, just 100 youngsters with spine, dedication and sacrifice. Unfortunately, India
could not give, he had to die, he had to die without fulfilling what he wanted to do; but
I wont die without fulfilling what I want to do. I can never be buried, I can only be
sown. Even if I am put under the Earth, I will be sown as a seed never buried as dead.
I will only be the seed
literally growing and spreading, never dead. I am neither going to wait to be allowed nor
going to be waiting and praying for a chance, I am deciding I am going to create this chance,
I am going to make it happen. Question: Anuradha, NewDelhi, India,
Swamiji, I heard under your guidance, the whole group performed the last rites of our
dear departed ones in Kailash, does this mean you have given them liberation? Can you speak
something on this? Swamiji: Last rites of the departed ones,
please understand, if a priest performs, he sends strong vedic vibrations; the mantras
to those departed ones. When an enlightened being or an incarnation performs the last
rites for somebody, he directly liberates them. Please understand, when a priest chants
that mantras, it a prayer, a request, “let these people be liberated, let these people
be liberated, let these people be liberated, let these people be liberated. For example,
a priest sits and chants the mantras for the sake of your grandmother, grand father, somebody
near and dear one who departed, who passed away; its like he’s praying, let this persons
grandfather, grand mother, father, mother, whoever has departed away, let them be enlightened,
let them achieve moksha, let them be liberated, it’s a prayer. When an incarnation chants
the same mantra, it is an order. Understand directly your near and dear ones who have
departed, your elders who are departed , are liberated, they become enlightened. Especially
in an place like Kailash, it is icing on the cake. A place like Kailash, when the last
rites are done, it is the ultimate liberation, directly they get the Kailasha, achieve the
Shivaloka, Sahujya, being one with Shiva’s world. So, if I have performed the last rite
for your near and dear ones in Kailash, I think the last time not only your near and
dear ones, even for those people who came to Kailash, I performed the last rites, because,
now after this, anytime, anywhere you die, nobody needs to give you the last rites, I
have already done it for you, it is in the bank waiting. You just need to go and say,
Here I am, get your cheque and go and enjoy in the Kailasha, I have done it even for you,
so you don’t need to bother, it is just waiting.

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