How I Workout Back (Chris Heria)

(jump rope whooshing) – [Chris] What’s up
guys? It’s Chris Heria, welcome to another vlog. And you guys know I’m always
switching up my routines as I learn new things
that work best for me. And today I’m gonna show you how I’ve been currently working out
back and how I achieve my personal goals using
particular exercises and techniques that have
really made a significant difference for me over the years. So we’re actually already getting into my back workout right now, I just wrapped up my jump ropes, and I normally warm up with jump rope for
about nine to 10 minutes. So today I started off with
nine minutes on the clock, it’s a great exercise to
just start off, get your blood flowing and start
bringing up your heart rate. Loosening up the muscles,
joints and ligaments in your body, preparing
you for a real workout. Now one of the things
I specifically like to do when I train, is start off by hitting the antagonist muscle
first, for the muscle group that I’m gonna be training that day. For example, if I’m
gonna be training back, then I’m gonna be hitting
the antagonist muscle first, which is gonna be chest. So today for my back workout,
I’m gonna be starting it off with explosive push ups. Let’s go for 25. Now the reason why I always
engage my antagonist muscles before getting into the main muscle group is because you need you need
your supporting muscle groups fully warmed up as well. And if they are, you’re
gonna feel stronger when it comes to pulling and more
muscle engagement and that’s also gonna help you
prevent injury as well. If you’re doing a heavy
lift on pulling for example, your antagonist and supporting
muscles are gonna need to be very well warmed up,
otherwise there may be a muscle that could possibly strain
in the process of doing a more demanding exercise. Now specifically doing
this, along with all the other techniques that
I’m gonna show you today, made me significant more progress getting a whole lot stronger, faster. (upbeat music) (grunts) (exhales) All right, there we have
25 explosive push ups, now I’m gonna do this two more times for a total of three sets, before
moving onto the next exercise, and I’m gonna do that for
every single exercise. And once I’ve gotten to
the last exercise and completed that, I’m then
gonna go ahead and do it all over again as one set in a circuit. The way that you guys have normally seen me do my rounds, but this
is how I’ve been currently structuring my workouts. I’m always switching it up
to make sure I never plateau. Now we’re gonna go into the
first exercise that actually engages our back, a special
exercise that gives you a lot of lat and explosive strength. L-sit high pull ups, lets go for 10. All right, now this L-sit pull up, I’m gonna do at low bar,
starting from a seated position. I’m gonna show you guys
why, we’re gonna be working on our explosiveness. As you can see from this
position, we’re in a dead hang but we’re also fighting
zero resistance, which means that we can really focus
on our form, really focus on how hard we’re gonna explode and pull up as high as we can. So this is what we really wanna focus on when doing this exercise. It’s okay that you’re
completely relaxed all the way down at the bottom,
but when you’re ready to go, you wanna start firing up and
activating all your muscles. Kind of like a pendlay
row, when you’re doing pendlay rows, you rest
the weight on the ground and then you focus on exploding
the weight off the ground. We’re gonna do the same thing
for these L-sit pull ups, start off with a really good over grip, I want you to explode,
bring the bar all the way up to your lap. Just like that, so if
you can’t go that high, of course, you’re gonna
focus on this move, you’re gonna really
practice this overtime, getting higher and higher, eventually being able to pull harder and stronger. So I’m gonna do a couple
of these sitting down, and then I’m gonna do a
couple of these on the pole. Lets go for it. (upbeat music) (exhales) All right, now lets try
these on the pull up bar and like I said before, that
the first time we tried this, you’re definitely not
gonna bring it all the way up to your lap, but you wanna keep trying. This is gonna increase
your pulling strength and explosiveness for your back. And the reason why we’re
doing it dead on the floor, is because there’s no momentum. When you’re hanging on
the bar, a lot of times you can help with a little bit of swing or a little bit of momentum,
we’re taking that out completely by sitting down on the ground. And we’re also being able
to focus on just being as explosive as possible,
without risking our form. So now lets go ahead apply
it to the pull up bar. (chill music) All right, so there we
have L-sit pull ups, so I’m gonna do these L-sit
pull ups two more times, and then I’ll be moving
into the next exercise which is one of the fundamental
for back, that’s dead lifts. All right, moving on to the next exercise, we got dead lifts, this
is one of the fundamentals for back and really all training. Whatever type of fitness
goals you have, this is definitely an exercise that’s gonna help. Now when I get into dead
lifts, I like to do a drop set or a pyramid,
something like that. So today I’m actually
gonna be doing a quick set of 15, 10 and five. The first set is gonna be
15 reps with one plate, the next one will be 10 with
two plates, and the last one, we’re gonna go with three
plates for five reps. Now drop sets come with many benefits, in fact I’ve done a
whole video on drop sets. So if you guys wanna
check that out, check out the video that’s highlighted
in the card above. So with that said, lets get
right into the first set. (soft music) And now for this drop set,
we’re gonna be starting off with lighter weight and
higher reps and moving up with heavier weight and
going into lower reps. This is gonna build a
great amount of strength and you’re gonna see this
start to transfer over into a whole lot of other
areas in your training. But if you’re just getting
started, the weight is definitely not what’s important. You wanna be able to
choose a weight that will challenge you, but will
allow you to complete the required amount of repetitions. In this case, it’s gonna
be 15 for the first set. (chill music) (weight slams) (exhales) All right there we go,
15 dead lifts, lets rack up another plate, we’re
gonna go for 10 reps. (chill music) Quick 10 set, lastly we got one more plate to add on, five reps, lets go for it. Now in case you guys were
wondering, I have about 30 seconds of rest between
every single exercise. But really you wanna
be taking as much time as you need of course, to recuperate. But don’t take too long and let your heart rate go back down. All right, lets go for
this last one, 5 reps. (upbeat music) (weight slams) (exhales) All right, there goes the dead lifts, now we’re moving on to
the next fundamental when it comes to back, pull ups. Do I specifically love them weighted? Lets go for it. All right, now we’re gonna do these weighted pull ups just
like the dead lifts, the first set, we’re gonna go for 15. Then we’re gonna put up
the weight, go for 10, add some more weight and go
for five, lets go for it. (chill music) ♪ Carry on music ♪ (exhales) All right, quick little 15
set, lets add some more weight. Then we’ll go for the 10. (chill music) (exhales) All right, there we have
a quick 10, now lets add one more thing to this,
for the last five reps, we’re gonna add the Heria weight vest. All right, now this is
gonna be a lot heavier, and of course if you guys
need your own weight vest to take your callisthenics
game to the next level, you can go ahead and pick
one up, chrisheria.com. Add some weight to all your
callisthenic exercises, take your training to the next level. Here we go. (mood music) (exhales) Now that last one was a little tough, but we made it through. All right, you guys should definitely be feeling it by now and this is
actually what a typical back workout routine of mine would
feel like, would be like. And if there’s some of you
out there that think that that it’s way too difficult
to train like this, just remember, I didn’t
start off like this. It’s like I always say, you
always wanna master your own body weight before applying
and using external weight. So don’t get discouraged if
you’re trying to get in shape, you can download my HeriaPpro
App in the App Store, or Google Play Store. And you’re gonna get full
access to all my workouts and workout routines
that will give you the right exercises as a
beginner to build your way up to this point, the same way I did. So now we’re gonna be
moving into bent over rows, and I’m gonna do these three
sets with the same weight because I am feeling a bit
fatigued at this point. And if you notice I’m against
the wall, I’m gonna be using the wall for assistance,
to make sure that I can really emphasize
on my back as I pull up and not use any momentum to help me. (upbeat music) All right, now moving onto
the last exercise, you guys know I always apply some type of technique into my workout routines. So today’s technique is front levers and for front lever we’re gonna
be using front lever raises. Remember guys, I’m showing
you my workout routine, this is a very difficult
exercise but there are a lot of progressions to work your way up and achieve the front lever. We have technique guides
that will show you how to do it step by
step on the Thenx App, which you can get on The Apple Store, or Google Play Store. And we also have a lot of
videos on YouTube about that over on the Thenx Channel. So I’m gonna get right into
these front lever raises, lets go for 10. (chill music) All right, there we
have front lever raises, definitely a tough move, I
got two more of those to go and that’s gonna complete
the set for this workout. Next, I’m gonna complete the
whole round one more time as a circuit, going through
every single exercise just one last time,
masking each one out trying to bring myself to fatigue. And lastly after that, I’ll
do some type of cool down, but really, I’ll save
that for another video. Or you can get the full
routine on your phone right by downloading the
HeriaPro App in The App Store, or Google Play Store. You’ll also get full
access to all my workouts, and workout programs that I create on a daily and weekly basis
with specific goals in mind like getting shredded and
building lean, solid muscle. So I’m gonna ahead and
finish up my workout now, but thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video
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