How He Lost 80 lbs. Of Fat

Joseph Wolf


  1. I'm confused about the role of fresh fruit in this plan. I was always told eating fresh fruit is important to sustain and even lose weight but on the other end the spectrum, I've been told fruit can impede muscle growth. HELP! I love fresh fruit!

  2. I live in the Netherlands (Europe) and I'm starting to think that living healthy foodwise is waaay harder in the USA. Here in the Netherlands drinking water, eating those veggies and just simply cooking healthy food for yourself is a normal thing.

  3. i am 16 right now and im quite fat on the face and my belly sticks out i want to get rid it and im 5'5 will doing alot of daily exercise make me grow by any chance and have a good diet sixpackshortcut please reply! thank you

  4. I like how you are sitting in front of an obviously fake brick wall…you can tell since brick doesn't match up AND there's a nail it in lol

  5. is it true if you lift weights its harder for you to lose fat?

  6. Hi Mike, I've been incorporating your workouts into my own, and I've had some good progress, but one question, are love handles around the lower waistline the last bits to go?

  7. Lifting weights just build muscle, it's not for losing weight. If you want to lose weight, screw diets, screw everything. Join a fight club, learn how to fight + lose weight.

    I used to be about 110kg, and that was just fat. I've been doing MMA for 1 year, i went down to about 75kg? Then i started doing exercises, but not by lifting weights, but by doing push-ups, sit-ups etc. This built my muscle and led me to be 82kg.

    I didn't even have to change my diet, and i eat A LOT!!!

  8. Hey, Im 16 at the moment, and im around 177 cm tall and around 60 kg. How can i increase my body mass and muscle mass? I also think that i have a high metabolism. I have signed up to a gym which i do some of your work outs and i am seeing results. I do around 10 min Cardio, weights, push ups, core, then i do more weights. Can you give me some tips?

  9. Hello, I'm 17 years old and i weigh about 279.2 pounds. I have been losing on average 9 to 10 pounds a week for the past month and a half. I started at 326 May 22nd.. I want to get in really good shape by christmas but i'm really worried. Girls aren't attracted to overweight men, but im also afraid that once i get in shape with abs muscle tone and everything, that my herendous stretch marks will still turn girls away, do you have any advice?

  10. do you really think he'd reply. these videos are for show and they dont give 2 shits about you they just want you to buy their product

  11. i'm 16 and i weight about 185 pounds, can this help lose weight to get to 125 or 120 pounds

  12. The TWO "secrets" to losing weight/gaining muscle/anything in life
    1) Work
    2) more Work

  13. surgery. get that shit cut off, its relatively inexpensive but it isnt covered by insurance since its cosmetic, so make sure you have the funds first.

  14. i just caught myself eating frozen pizza and drinking dr.pepper while watching this…

  15. i used to weigh 354 from doing alot of your routine's within 3 months im down to 275 give or take a pound but your work out and such do work. i like having them going because your voice and body are so inspiring by the end of the year i want to at least weigh 200 but more of muscle.

  16. you can actually gain more fat from that then you would without it

  17. surgery is not the answer…..im sorry but no, doing it urself like this guy is much healthier, if u get surgery first ur skin will be stretched, so ull have to deal with tht, u have to spend money, and some fat will most likely come back because u didnt adjust ur routines at all. Losing weight through excercise is far better than surgery because ur also making urself healthier

  18. hey mike,i just want to tell you that i can see my abs and my arms are much bigger than before.so i wanted to thank you for posting these videos.i have been working out for 8 months 😀

  19. @bizrced yes I agree cant even believe it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Listen My senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise. get to know here >> bit.ly/Mgfl6k?=twqdkr

  20. i Lol'ed when he said to the chef… "yeah who likes to cook?" …"well a chef…"… "true." so awkward lol!

  21. Great videos.. Thanks

    Can you give some free advice. I'm 5'7" 246lb. The last 8 years my jobs has had me behind the desk and gained all that weight. I want to start loosing it, from your videos, wish one do you recommend so I can do it at the office?

    Don't have much time for a gym…

  22. Don't eat junk food. Don't think my problem is Diet, low activity on a 15 Hr Work day..

  23. Wish that could be me… I try so hard, but loosing weight is just not happening for me! I think I need bigger help.

  24. Wake up an hour earlier, or to maximise your available time, to very high intense exercises for a short duration. On the weekends especially make gym your priority

  25. 0:46 licks his lips as shows his mouth his drying, a sign of lying. 1:14 he looks to his left, a sign he is lying and thinking of a story. rewind it back and when he says about his weight before hand he looks the other way and talks naturally, more than likely he is telling the truth here. His head is down and he is struggling to make straight contact with the camera. Probably more signs as well that this guy with mike is talking bull.

  26. I have a question for Mike. If I´m overweighted but, I don´t look too fat and I start doing this sixpackshortcuts(buying the full program) I can get ripped and loose weight at the same time?

  27. don't buy it it's a scam you can find exercise plans for free anywhere, e.g googe scoobysworkshop and his youtube channel scooby1969

  28. @1:04 see how Mike stares to the guy besides him . haha like The Rock 😀

  29. Hy mike you should make a video of what you could cook for losing weight!

  30. Can you please tell me what it is you are doing now? Because what I am doing now is watching this video of some chit chat and I still don't know what the system is or what the point of all these vids are cause none of them say anything. I could have clicked a body rock link and seen with my eyes what they do to get in shape.

  31. seriously there are so many diet plans out there and so on… How hard is it? Hit the fucking gym, run every day and eat low to allmost no carbs. Chicken and sallad, heard of that?

  32. amen to this. i've lost 36 lbs in 2 months doing the same thing you just said. the only thing different is, instead of chicken, i ate mostly fish and veggies and fruits

  33. which sucks for me, I was fed real poorly as a child, at first when my grandma was feeding me, I loved rice, potatoes, some veggies, all of that good stuff, but then my parents decided they didn't want her feeding me, and just stuck a bottle in my mouth when I was a baby, and took me to get fast food, now I hardly eat anything healthy and dieting is such a pain for me T_T

  34. If you guys want to get bigger and ripped you need to stop listening to stupid fucks like this.

  35. He looks like he's holding his breath in in the after picture. And he had to have done something about the stretch marks.

  36. That's totally realistic. You should write an article about your awesome achievement, IMO. I mean, people want to know about your journey. Not so much on how you actually achieve the weight loss, because that's all over the internet, but how you remain diligent in your quest. How you remain disciplined and never wavered. 50 pounds in 7 months is the exact amount one can lose healthily over that period. That means you never had weeks off. How did you do it, man?

  37. :), when i started it was hard i used to go 3 times a week just walked cuz i was too heavy to run, now i just go daily running 4k,, it was hard for me because i was used to eating chips and sodas and ordering fast food daily and having so much food for dinner, since i started losing weight i just cut down to 2 meals a day, or just 1 big one if im really buzy, and my new lifestyle became a habit i dnt think anymore about food when bored and i go gym without excuses daily…..

  38. Yeah! Chips are very bad for one's health. They firstly contain lots of sodium, then they are dry, which means they hardly fill you up, unless you drink a lot of water when you eat them. And then, 160g of chips is up 800 calories. Imagine you take so much calories as a snack, you will definitely get fat with time. Anyways, I think 4k running daily is unhealthy. You could lose a lot of muscles and start looking like those skinny long distance runners that we see at the olympics.

  39. ya i know now i cut down i dont run that much anymore i do 2 km to warm up and then i do weights cuz i dnt wanna lose anymore weight, but i take it easy, but when i was losing weight it was too hard to do and too easy to slip up. what about u habe u been losing weight or whats up with u ? btw im now 180 cm 80 kg (was 103kg) n im 18.

  40. The whole purpose of losing weight is primarily about appearence. I wanna know what he did about the rest.

  41. Hi Mike, I thanks for your awesome videos. Your zero willpower system is genious. Diets dont work for most people because they build on you to have a mindset like an atlet and this is where they fail in my opinion. The value of your system is that it takes into account the "ugly truth" about human nature, that we are lazy/unwilling when it comes to make diet changes and stick with them.
    You have made it easy for most people to change their diet simply because it doesn't feel like a punishment.

  42. I have a question for Dominic. How long did it take for him to transform his body? 🙂 please answer.

  43. SHOULD but everybody knows that it comes first…thats why steroids are so common and everyone who takes any supplements

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  45. Strange. The message of the shows seems to stray from "lifting weights is all you need" to "pre-made low carb eating is what you need too". Confused

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  48. I would like you to do a video explaining about nutrition and weight loss routines (in the gym) and would like to ask you some questions but are a bit long and not want to say something very long.

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  50. Wow. Dominic graduated from Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. 🙂 that's amazing.

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