High Intensity Muscle Building Workout

Joseph Wolf


  1. At the beginning I went ssj3 but this morning I woke up weighting 400 tons couldn't move any muscles

  2. 2 sets and im almost dead jk
    this is my first time doing this workout routine,thanks for the vid 🙂

  3. I tell ya for a man like me in my 40s 230lbs 5'7 all I need to do is two rounds of those and I'm all set with 30 min of hiit

  4. arms are unusable after this workout and I feel like I'm in a microwave. best workout I've had in days.

  5. sorry to sound dim but what muscles do the barbell lunges workout?

  6. How many times a week shall I do this? Could I do it every night or 3 times ??

  7. Your doing your push ups wrong. You need to go all the way up and all the way down, your elbows need to be tucked in behind your shoulders.

  8. Ik this dude caught heat for his shit but I mean this is still a good workout but I like doing this workout after I finish my main workout as it almost tends to be a cardio

  9. Loved it, I just turned 65 and I tried to keep up with the first round for 5 sets. Getting strong again after I’ve been sick for too long. Thanks bro!

  10. Murder.. you have killed me.. I'm still dying .. tell my wife … I .. smell like beef. ☺

  11. 4 rounds killed me. I used 20lbs of weights and my olympic bar is 40 lbs I had to take a nap afterwards..

  12. I’m not the strongest guy in the world nor am I the weakest. I did this workout for the first time with 25 lb weights on the bar anddddd holy fuckin shit…..

  13. Stupid question but is this all I need to do to target every bit of the body

  14. he had 10 pounds barbell if i heard right…for me as advanced beginner, how much weight you recommend? im 173cm 65kg

  15. Im a skinny guy, i guess my metabolism is high as it's hard for me to gain weight even tho i eat way more than my 'bigger' friends, would this workout still help me get bigger even if i don't have as much body fat?

  16. Former fat ass trying to get in shape and this workout kicked my ass I only did half and was completely done. And I cheated too I rested about 5 min after push ups. Hopefully one day I can do the whole workout without resting

  17. He lied about counting..he did exactly 50 pushups.. that's not coincidence 😱

  18. i am doing 1 time full workout a day will improve to 2 times or 3 times a day just a beginner thats why 1 time per day soon will improve

  19. I am trying to move up in weight but run into the issue that some exercise are easy to do and others are too hard with the weight. Like the weight in the neck makes my shoulders blue by cutting of the bloodstream and the tricep exercise is too heavy to hold above my head. I don't want to not push myself on the easy once but I can't switch the weights up mid exercise also. What would you recommend?

  20. Great video, I got to try this.
    Hey might want to spray the bar with silicone lubricant it stops the squeaking

  21. Im 12 and i love this workout i have done it with 2 steps today and a 9km run

  22. Mike Chang is in the YouTube 🐐 convo for this one, time for my 3rd round ..FUK!!

  23. What if my goal is to slim down and tone my body? Will this do? Or just go up in reps with medium weight??

  24. I plan on doing this workout for 2 weeks straight but my thing is i dont really eat healthy will i still see gains? (Whoever see's this comment please answer)

  25. I was doing this workout for awhile. Got in really good shape. Stopped doing 4 sets. I skip the legs.
    Got a girlfriend. Got carpal tunnel.
    Arg. Now I skip it all

  26. First time today using my new curl bar like this one….could only do 3 rounds (after my 7×4 home workout challenge) plus I got to go to work in a CPL hours that's gonna be fun my legs are weak RN… ..but I'ma keep pushing and I'll try 4 rounds tomorrow.. 🏋️‍♂️

  27. Hardest workout ever 13 years old started with 10 lbs couldn't even do it!

  28. Great workout, I personally would have added a little time for warm-up/down, just so you don’t get complaints from 45 yr old guys having a mid-life crisis about pulling a muscle first time out.

    Would also have included a set of deadlifts to work the hamstrings/glutes/lower back

    Other than that, a great workout man.

  29. My barbell is 30kg and I cannot change weights as I made it from buckets with cement lol. Any ideas for whole body workout with 30kg? I have one dumbbell also and its 12kg

  30. Just done this exc for the first time. Only done 2 reps because I had no time but tomorrow I’ll do 4 and I’m gonna do it everyday

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