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Sometimes when we’re meditating and we realize the mind has wandered off we might not know how to react. Noting gives us some very clear direction. Perhaps a greater sense of clarity and confidence. In that moment, we pause and identify the nature of distraction. Oh yeah, thinking, or, oh, feeling. Having noted, there’s a sense of having dealt with it. This makes it easier to let go of the distraction and gently return to the object of focus. And when it happens again, which it will, we simply apply the same approach, gently noting the nature of the distraction. Now when we begin noting, the temptation is to try and catch every single thought and feeling. But that quickly becomes tiring. We only need note the distraction when we realize that we’ve been lost in thought. And even then it’s a very gentle acknowledgement. Imagine it a little less like whack-a-mole and a little more like a feather softly being placed on a fine crystal glass. So noting is when we recognize the mind has wandered. Acknowledge it, gently note the nature of distraction, let it go, and then effortlessly, return to the object at focus.

Joseph Wolf


  1. "We are always told… the more efort we put in… the more we wild get out of life… but of course this isn't always truth…
    Take falling at sleep for example" I only remenbre this part of the vídeo because of the 5 seconds add btw i only subcribed for the add ._.

  2. Thank you for "a feather softly being placed on a fine crystal glass" beautiful image.

  3. I love his voice so much!! It makes me feel deeply relaxed. Thank you very much!

  4. I love headspace and I would love to somehow be able to help you guys ^^

  5. The imagery here has been one of the most beneficial bits of advice for me~

  6. I mean "That one doesn't make anything to be calm at the mind, you see what I'm saying?"

  7. so cute, kind, heart – nourishing and helpful. Thank you very much

  8. I’ve just found headspace this evening and I’m going to bed in a minute. I can’t wait to try it oht! Your voice and animations is so calming.. thank you headspace!

  9. It gets easier the longer you remain meditating. Usually the thoughts are rampant in the first couple of minutes but after a while they are sort of just there and then gone. It's a cycle.

  10. Is that Alex from I hate everything?

  11. Animation idea: You're at the thought bus stop. When the thought bus arrives, don't get on the bus. Just wave to the driver and let it pass.

  12. This is better than most Meditation things! It speaks more about physcology and it contains nice bright animations!!

  13. Im going throw a lot atm but this vids are very slowly helping me but there are things in my head that i want to forget how would i do that ? Some one pint me in the right direcsion pls sorry my spelling is not that good

  14. love the cartoons, so adorable, so self explainatory. the voice is beautiful and calming. very good work!

  15. I just want the animated videos in the app to be clear. They are not as clear as they are on YouTube… but other than that, everything is 100% perfect!

  16. If you want to advance your practice as quickly, but without going overboard and disrupting your concentration, shouldn't you try to note everything you can without breaking your flow or concentration or invoking the narrator etc? Unless you are doing concentration practice specifically in which you would gently return your focus to your meditation object, and not worry about noting? even though really the awareness of something to note should theoretically eventually become synonymous with noting. As in feeling that tingle in your toe eventually becomes noting because really that feeling is you being aware of the sensation. Same with thoughts.

  17. This animation is soooooo adorable, I just can't!!! :3 And what about the little brain with the feather? Aaaaaa so cute 💕💕💕💕☺☺☺

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