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Training the mind is often quite
different to how people imagined it to be. Maybe they have an idea it’s about
stopping thoughts or eliminating feelings. But the reality is a bit different. An easy way to think of it is to imagine yourself sitting on the side of a busy road. The passing cars representing thoughts and feelings. All you have to do is just sit there and watch the cars. Sounds easy, right? But what usually happens is that we feel a bit unsettled by the movement of the traffic. So we run out into the road and try to stop the cars. Or maybe even chase after a few. Forgetting that the idea was to just sit here. And of course, all of this running around only adds to the feeling of restlessness in the mind. So training the mind is about changing our relationship with the passing thoughts and feelings. Learning how to view them with a little more perspective. And when we do this, we naturally find a place of calm. Will we sometimes forget the idea of the exercise and become distracted? Of course we will. But as soon as we remember, here we are. Back on the side of the road again, just watching the traffic go by. Perfectly at ease in both body and mind.

Joseph Wolf


  1. sharing this to my boyfriend. He can't stop his mind. I had to do that years ago when I was in college, meditation was my answer. We can tame the mind, we can be the one in control! Meditation is the way.

  2. Excuse the off-topic question.. But I'm seriously mesmerized by the speaker's accent. Could anyone help me find out where this accent comes from? It sounds to me the kind you could find in North-western England, am I wrong?

  3. I love headspace I have insomnia and Adhd and everyday is a syrighle to lets go for even a second and I fell asleep in 3 minutes one the first day.

  4. I have it it really works I feel more calm than I have in a long time I've only had it 3 days I feel like everyone who stressed out to get it and the animation is adorable too 😊

  5. Hmm its time to "change my relationship with my passing thoughts and feelings" I better change my perspectives 🤔

  6. This is the right advice. Seems like you may not be like this new age sources which is good.
    For deepest spiritual understanding it is absolutely necessary to have reliable sources and true masters.
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  7. Good Morning.
    I'm a Psychologist and I'm preparing a lesson on anxiety.
    I cite meditation as one the possibilities of treating anxiety.
    I would like to use some of his videos that explain how meditation works and how to start.
    I'll be putting the Headspace tag on the videos. How do I get your permission?

  8. Good Morning.
    I'm a Psychologist and I'm preparing a lesson on anxiety.
    I cite meditation as one the possibilities of treating anxiety.
    I would like to use some of his videos that explain how meditation works and how to start.
    I'll be putting the Headspace tag on the videos. How do I get your permission?

  9. What'll really bake your noodle is when you realize those cars aren't really there in the first place.

  10. Dear sir,
    Can you please translate your application in hindi language please??

  11. 57 comments and over 6 million views? That’s super weird. Also super weird- why would I go chasing after a car? I get the general idea, but I’ve always thought the analogy was weird 🤔

  12. I never skip headspace ads. I slow down a lot if I’m lucky to get one before a video

  13. hahaha old…but gold. fundamentally this is a new thing call "Buddhism"… LOL. Theravada (original doctrine) that is.

  14. Yeah this only happens with us most of the times.
    We unnecessarily run behind the random thoughts coming in mind and disturb the inner peace😅😅

  15. Perfect ….one of the best, realistic, humanistic and mind & health beneficial "program", without prejudices and religious orientations and also unbiased "teachings", which I came across as a true globe trotter for 35 years. Namasteh!

  16. Meditation and yoga is the biggest gift which Indian has provided.

  17. These videos are so inspiring. First saw one as an advertisement and watched it completely. I thought about the message just around one week and talked with friends about it. This led to some awesome conversations and just from this video I feel more in harmony with my mind. Crazy good content.

  18. I got this problem where I try to stop the thoughts.
    What is this "mental illness" called?
    I desperately need to know

  19. I really like head space it helps me to cam down 👍🏻👍🏻

  20. this one is the best. it helped me a lot. my mental health did improve because of this

  21. Nothing against headspace but i ve been getting like 6 headspace ads everyday for so many months. Like enough is enough. da fuck

  22. This is honestly the best app I’ve ever used, it’s helps with my calmness and helps me sleep. Thank you for this app!


  24. I love these cute ads! This one really sounds good for ADHD too. Don't run into that traffic of thoughts! I'm trying this app not just because I need to calm down, but also to calm my hyperactive mind.

  25. Did anyone else feel their whole life change after watching this one ad? Lol cus I did.

  26. So no ones gonna talk about the condom car in the bottom right corner at 0:55

  27. please allow me to say somthing.
    have friends.have partner and you dnt need all that practice.

    all that spirtual stuff and being and this and that good for thoes that socially isolated for own reason.

    or do somthing you like to do.
    rather site alone beside the road and try to be calm if there is someone with you than traffic not even bother.

    may I am wrong but still this is my own opinion.

  28. thoughts are in memory.
    thoughts that we creat as part of to do somthing.

    and thoughts that not our own but we heard read watch from outside sources.

  29. I'm starting to become convinced that most of these anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and even most cases of depression are related to childhood trauma, the way you were raised, being around negative people or narcissistic people/parents/friends/coworkers/siblings.

    Because stress carries a real weight, and it builds up. And we seem to be energy beings with energy leaking out of us around certain environments and people. That's why when you talk to someone who's a constant nagger, for example, you feel almost exhausted after being around them for a few hours. It's like you took on their energy, or they dumped theirs on you.

    And you didn't imagine that and feel that way because you've imagined it so. You feel that way because that's the way that kind of person made you feel. And this can be a know-it-all, a nagger, a narcissist, an angry person, a resentful person, a person who holds grudges for years or decades, or any combination of those things, and so on.

    So yes, they are literally dumping their negativity on you. That's exactly what happened. Guard yourself, your heart and your soul against those kinds of people, because they are everywhere, among your coworkers, friends, family. But the most difficult is cutting off certain family members or limiting the contact to the absolute minimum, which is so hard to do, but in many cases it is absolutely necessary. Because living life full of negativity and emotional abuse, and no one deserves emotional abuse, is no way to live.

  30. Isn't this just passive denial? Something incredibly self destructive, and that I'm trying to stop myself from doing, because it inhibits a proper emotional response to issues that should be addressed and solved, therefore stopping you from sorting your shit out and instead just becoming that meme with the dog chilling in his house on fire

  31. Crazy how a calm North London accent can make people think they’re listening to an intellectual when they’re actually listening to something trying to sell them something

  32. Exactly the meditation technique I need at the moment

  33. Wait so is eliminating your feelings bad cause I try to do that

  34. I love headspace animations, they are amusing and light and always teach you something and leaves you with a smile.

  35. Sincere gratitude…
    God bless you..
    It's an amazing video to practice mindfulness…
    It's brilliant!Again sincere gratitude

  36. The thing about meditation is that it helps to see the thoughts clearer, which for me, means to see all the chaos and dark thoughts better. I still do it because it calms me down and helps me manage stress.

  37. There was this one ad and I was half asleep and what the guy said like let your thoughts go crazy and then when he wanted it to stop it stopped

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