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Joseph Wolf


  1. Hey, there!! Thank you so much for practicing with me today!!! Don't forget to leave me a comment below because I ♡ LOVE ♡ to hear from you ♡ Also, my membership site is COMING SOON! Learn more about it and let me know that you're interested here: https://www.chriskayoga.com/membership

  2. Hey Christina, glad it seems like you are feeling better. Amazing video as always!

  3. Hi Christina,

    Thank you so much for this class. I've been looking for a good yoga channel for a while now, since I've discovered that my weekly yoga class just isn't enough for me. I want to practise at least three times a week, just for relaxation and improving my posture, and your channel seems perfect to me! I love the calm way in which you teach as well as that you seem truly passionate about what you do. It's inspiring really. Also, the Beginner's classes you do are just about my level, which is nice because even though I love to see all the possibilities that are out there, I'm just not there quite yet.

    So thank you yet again, and I hope you'll be making more of these videos. My favourite type is Hatha by the way 🙂

  4. This yoga is very nice, especially for getting back into the swing of things. I'd like some challenging yoga too, yoga that will get the heart rate going

  5. Thank you Christina for this class. My favourite is Hatha yoga because leaves me the time to focus on my body, my breath and my energy. But once or twice a week I like to practise some vinyasa for a little more movement and exercise. Thank you again and Happy Easter!! 🐇🐣

  6. This was a perfect way for me to get started! Thank you.

  7. Thank-you very much for all of your great videos. Could you please do a Fibromyalgia video?. Kind regards and best wishes.

  8. That was awesome!! This is all new to me. I love the tone of your voice it helped me focus on my breathing. Although it was challenging, i felt a diffrence in my shoulders and legs. Thanks!!

  9. What do you recommend for the next level? I feel like I've hit a wall and I need a more challenging session.

  10. Loved it. Please do more slow Hatha Yoga classes like this. I love the slow pace, and the perfect amount of instruction. Too many teachers find it necessary to talk and instruct through every second, especially the final pose.

  11. Thank you, Christina, for this class. I'm going through a rough time letting go of some anxiety attacks I've been having. Your classes have definitely helped me control myself. My favorite of them all is Hatha yoga because is slow and it helps me stay focus on my body, with my present and not the past nor the future.

  12. Really great video, I enjoyed doing it. I think you should just put some relaxing music ^^

  13. Hello, I just had a minor injury to my neck in which the doctor suggested that I may want to consider yoga to gain flexibility again. Is there a certain type of yoga I should consider to assist with stretching my neck and back?

  14. Thank you. Good class to get back in after many years. I'm 63 years old with a few health issues, and the pace of this class was just what I needed. Thanks again

  15. Thanks for the video! Wanted to get back into practising yoga everyday and this helped tons x

  16. Finally a class incorporating silence!! Thank you for your slow pace, it allows time to settle into the pose and check how the pose feels in my body.

  17. Thank you so much for this . I have been doing pilates for years and recently looked into and discovered the benefits of hatha yoga and this is perfect to start off with. I'll do this for a Week and move to your other videos. Most I've seen that say they are for beginners of this are so complicated and they move so fast no new person could follow . Thank you and im so glad I found your channel on here.

  18. Definitely Hathaway yoga is my favorite primarily because it helps me focus in breathing and relax me. I would like to try other ones but for now I’m still learning and practicing Hatha <3

  19. Mam,its good for health as well as minds balance. If you ending up with 🕉 defiantly feel better

  20. This was by far one of the best yoga classes on youtube I have found to date! Nice work and thank you! Namaste

  21. I like this short yoga set. It would be nice to add a little music at the end during shevasina. I love Hatha yoga and Kundilini yoga (not sure of all this spelling!)

  22. I love Hatha yoga practice the most and this was a great class! I love that you didn’t try to fill the pauses with idle chatter…Great class!

  23. Hey… u r explaining so well ….#calmness …..Thanks…. it very useful…

  24. U look soo beautiful mam…iloveyour classes I have bipolar disorder i really need your help please reply… Can i cure this from yoga…..?

  25. Great video!! found you through suggested videos. I just started a Youtube Channel not long ago and very interested in the human evolution and spirituality topic. Keep following your passion and creating great content. Sending you good vibes and lots of love 💖

  26. I have not done yoga in a while and this class was perfect for getting me started again. The best benefit for me is the mental one – I had forgotten how much yoga clears my head! Thank you!

  27. Wow!! I’m as a stiff as a board, just hit 50 and I wanted to try something to improve my health, I’ve only just started, but wow, I can’t remember actually just shutting down like that and relaxing, even on holiday, there’s kids, work there’s alway something, a genuine thank you, really eye opening how much clutter I walk around with.

  28. I love this class, short but substantial. Thank you Christina.

  29. I have sustained a back injury and neck injury from a car accident ,this is my second day of doing yoga ..my question is are headache apart of the beginning process?

  30. I'm new to yoga and stumbled upon this video so I decided to give it a try. By the time I was done, my heart rate was 58bpm. I was so relaxed and felt amazing. Calm. Looking forward to more.

  31. Wonderful! I love anything relaxing. Your clear explanation is awesome. Thank you!

  32. So nice to get clear concise directions…getting back into yoga after 7 years..Hatha is my favorite

  33. YES! More like this please and thank you. Don't be afraid to do an even longer shavasana meditation at the end imho. Blessings! Namaste.

  34. Thank you so much! It has been amazing following this class of yours. The best of thoughts.

  35. Hello. I like to watch your videos, I love Hatha yoga 🙂

  36. U had stunning istruction lov your channel christina…😍😍😍👍

  37. Thank you for sharing this and I love the basic poses you've teached. I felt more better after follow this instruction

  38. I just began Yoga and wow, I'm so relaxed right now! I always thought people were exaggerating :0, Thank you very much 🙏

  39. Hi, there?I am very new to yoga Chris. And I am in a place where there is almost no yoga classes and you tube is full of mixed up yoga videos. Your video seems quite gentle for beginners. Would you suggest which kind of yoga would be the best to start and learn step by step. And how long should I practice beginner stage and move on. Thanks.

  40. My first yoga ever! I looked like a beached whale but I went through the motions.

  41. Holy crap this is dumb. I've taken hatha yoga for years. Just needed a quick video to play this morning… Where are the breathing exercises? Why are we pusling 8 times in one pose but 3 in another? The pace for beginners is a tad fast. Wheres the instructions to focus on your breathing? This video stressed me out rather than finding my center and being clear minded.

  42. Thank you for this class. I will check out your restorative classes as this was too challenging for me to start with. I like yoga for seniors and chair yoga but was looking for something a bit more challenging. Perhaps I need more time to build up my strength and flexibility. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

  43. thanks so much for this, I just finished and feel so relaxed. Hatha yoga is my favorite. I just subscribed 🙂

  44. Thank you for my first ever yoga class. And many thanks for the happy and relaxed vibe you send out. Keep up the good work! <3 namaste /

  45. Thanks for a great video for beginners! Just the right amount of instruction…just a really nice vibe

  46. Loved the slow moves and hip openers in this class. Just the right amount of instruction and pace. Thanks!

  47. Hi Christina. I am so glad I found your channel about a month ago. Since then I have been doing your beginner videos every day and they are really helping me get in touch with my body and my breath in a different way and I’m noticing that I’m getting stronger and more flexible. Thank you so much for your classes!

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