Guided meditation for sleep – Hypnosis for deep relaxation

youniverse you are your own universe, with your own ideas,
your own creations. inside you is a living soul that vibrates
with the rest of your own galaxy. Your mind is the sun that powers your being,
which creates motivation, emotion, love and positivity.
When you are feeling good you shine brighter than any star and bring warmth to the galaxy
around you. Imagine yourself as this sun and the planets
that circle you as the situations and people in your life.
All working together to bring life to eachother. As you lay there, feel the energy of the atmosphere
around you, a tingling of positivity. Taking a deep breath holding your shoulders
down as you inhale and exhale, feel your shoulders drop into
a restful position. A feeling of euphoria from deep inside you
can be felt as you come into balance with the connected worlds
around you. A warm orange glow from around your heart
feels soothing and calming, growing larger in radius to fill the
whole of your upper chest. As the energy from the glowing aura of yourself
can be felt more and more, you relax and start to breathe
with deeper breaths, sending a signal to your body that you are ready for sleep.
From the edge of your shoulders the warmth and euphoric feeling moves down your arms
to your finger tips. Tingling as you relax and feel sleepier.
From the tingling glow of your finger tips, the feeling of warmth can be felt on your
hips as the energy attracts itself to every part of you.
Working from your hips down to the tips of your toes, making your legs, knees, ankles
and feet feeling quite lazy. As your every part of your legs and feet slumber
into the bed, your hips and lower back relax and come to rest
as if unwinding. The radiating energy from your body illuminates
your neck and head. Just from the light of this energy, that warm,
relaxing feeling can be felt. Your neck gives way and rests much deeper
on your pillow as your head slowly rolls into place.
Having given out alot of energy today, this is your recharging time as your eyes untense
and slumber into the bed that is your eyelids.
Your mouth and jaw surrender as your breaths become deeper from the intense relaxing quality
you feel in and around yourself.
With your whole body relaxed and drifting off, you feel pure bliss. The more you notice
this feeling, the more you relax and feel sleepier. Every time you
notice this feeling you multiply it 10 times. As you multiply your relaxation, your whole body
sinks deeper into the bed, feeling heavy and more relieved.
Your eyes are so relaxed and comforting that you have no need to open them, as there is
nothing to do and you are already at peace with yourself to sleep.
With the whole feeling of peace in your body, your mind starts to clear.
As if the warmth of the glow in your body has cleared any thoughts, like steam produced
from the sun just after the rain.
As the thoughts disperse, you are left with a clear and calm mind that is ready for sleep.
Any tension will dissolve naturally and automatically as you drift into sleep.
The energy that encompasses your body now slowly intensifies in strength, calming you
more and gently pulls you deeper into your bed.
The warmth from yourself is now felt in the sheets below you as you sink further into
sleep. My voice starts to fade out as you rest knowing
that deep sleep is just seconds away. With the knowing that you are entering that
peaceful sleep you descend to brings more calmness and peace.
Your mind and body is now at rest from the luxourious feelings of euphoria that is the
door to rest. Sink more and relax more as you hear the music
as if it were in the distance and that you were already asleep.
At some point any sun needs to rest and as you do, your moon of sleep appears and soothes
your universe with it’s ambient and relaxing light, creating
more feelings of pleasurable sleep and bliss. The waves of your worlds slow down and relax
into a calm tide, synchronizing as you rest yourself.
The stars in your universe shine brightly to remind your worlds that you are prescent
and relaxed. your whole universe is one and at peace.

Joseph Wolf

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