hello and welcome to this guided meditation
for the ultimate experience of deep relaxation with the aim
of sending you into a deep and restful sleep. Please make yourself comfortable and that
there are no distractions around you for this time that is allocated
just for you. This is your time to relax and let go of any
worries of the day you may have. This guided meditation has been created with
you in mind for a peaceful and tranquil escape from
any tense and stressful situations going on around you. you find yourself laying on a thick cotton
beach towel on a sandy beach at the waters edge of the ocean at night.
The moon is bright, lighting up the calm waves spilling onto the shore and illuminating just
enough of the beach to see everything in sight.
You have just attended the beach party that you can still hear in the background, letting
go for a couple of hours, meeting happy and positive people there.
Having had a good time you came to where you are now, looking out to the horizon, occasionally
looking up at the moon and glancing towards the party that is still in full swing.
Your mind slowly drifting off into the thoughts that pass through you, letting each thought
make its prescence known before letting each one go without attaching to any of them.
The gentle roll of the hypnotic rhythym of the waves washes you with a sense of deep
relaxation, clear thought and clarity. You lay down on the thick cotton beach towel
consuming the atmosphere that is around you. You enjoy the tranquility of the space you
have for yourself and are reassured with the sound of the celebrations
of people in the distance. As you listen to the ambient sounds around
you, your focus shifts to the soothing sound of the water lapping onto the beach.
With each wave that strokes the shore, your body starts to relax.
Closing your eyes as you feel at peace with your surroundings and yourself.
As you close your eyes, the warm breeze in the air coupled with the sound of the waves
seems to orchestrate your body further into a deeply relaxed state, giving you a quality
feeling of deep relaxation and pure bliss. With each breath you inhale and exhale, your
breaths become wider and longer, welcoming the oxygen deeply into your lungs, which only
relaxes you further.
The celebrations in the background from the party you can hear start to drift off into
the distance as do you, leaving only the cleansing sound
of the serene washing waves ,like a comforting lullaby easing you to sleep.
with each roll of gentle water that laps the shore, it reminds you of your breathing, calm,
rhythmic and loose. Your arms and legs have now found their place
as they sink into the thick cotton towel you are layed upon as if supported and cradled
by the sand below.
The relaxing sea air helps to loosen your chest,
offering the correct temperature and oxygen to release any tense muscles into total surrender.
Each consecutive wave you hear dispenses a flow of calmness from the top of your head
down to the tips of your toes. As you relax further and drift off, the sounds
around you evapourate, merging and dispersing with your worry free, clear, calm mind and
unwound, free body. In a state of utter deep relaxation, you are
consumed by the intense feeling of restfulness, relief and peace. drifting deeper and deeper into sleep.
The sound of the waves envelop you calmer and calmer.
In the darkness of your eyelids, a tunnel can be seen, which will send your further
into relaxation. It may be the sound of the gentle waves playing
with your subconcious but you see a water tunnel.
A gentle vortex ushering you. As you enter the vortex you can only relax
more. Reaching the end of the water tunnel, you
find yourself safely breathing underwater in the ocean you were
just sleeping by. You are safe and your subconcious feeds your
imagination with this wonderous feeling of freedom, swimming under
the ocean. as you are laid there, with all distractions
far from you and your eyes closing down, ready for sleep. Your mind wanders through
the events of the day, letting the thoughts and feelings pass through you without attachment.
as one thought lingers for a short time to make you aware of it, it passes by making
way for more loose thoughts, until your mind is quiet.
let them pass without resistance to make way for the restful deep sleep that you deserve,
you can navigate these thoughts more constructively when you awaken at the time of your choice
with a fresh perspective. as your mind quietens down from the internal
chatter, a calm feeling of peace bestows you. Your mind sends a message of liberation to
your joints, which help ease your muscles into
deflating. Your feet and ankles flop, coming to rest
in a natural position of relaxation, like feathers
landing softly and settling safely. your legs are naturally attracted to the surface
you are laid upon, like magnets feeling the heavy pull towards their inherent allure.
As they lay heavy, your hips, lower back and stomach follow suit as if instructed to do
so from the easy feeling of your legs and feet.
As you lay claim to the sleep that you start to find, your upper chest loosens from the
deeper breathing you recieve as your lower body
finds it’s natural settling position. Feeling the gentle flow of your hypnotic breathing,
with every inhalation and exhalation, you drift deeper into sleep.
From the relaxation transcending up your body, your neck and head finally relax into position,
sending a wave down your body of pure tranquility.
Now that your whole body is loose and calm, this feeling extends to your facial muscles
too. You can no longer open your eyes,as your eylids
have become heavy leaving you quite content, as if locking yourself in with the peace that
you have come to find. There is not a frown in sight on your forehead
as you go deeper. Your cheeks relax and droop as your jaw gives
the final sign of attending sleep by loosening. with your lips slightly ajar, your tongue
pulls away from the roof of your mouth and it now
becomes apparent that sleep is imminent. You have had quite an outing and now it is
time to return to shore but staying deeply asleep.
The vortex returns to place you back on dry land.
Instead of placing you on the beach where you lay, it transports you to a cottage just
behind the beachside. You are now comfortably in bed, wrapped up
warm with an open fire crackling with comfort. as you are laid down, the crackle of a homely
fire is slowly aflame, keeping the air warm and snug.
There is no light leaking in from anywhere and all your can hear is the relaxing cosy
sounds of the occassional pop and hiss from the fire that
radiates and nurtures your comfort more and more.
your blanket keeps in the wealth and serenity of your body heat to reassure you that you
are ready for sleep. Having had some adventures today from the
experience of real life it is now time wander off into your own world of sleep.
Any ideas and thoughts can be left and you can pick them back up tomorrow as they do
not require your attention right now. As you close your eyes, it is as if you are
closing a door to any thought or worries you may have.
With your eyes closed, some thoughts may be lingering outside the imaginery door and will
soon scatter, leaving you with relaxed shoulders and a sense of peace.
Anything that needs your attention can be dealt with when you are ready after you awaken.
With the door to your mind closed off for now, imagine that your eyes are locked shut,
feeling safe, relaxed and sleepy. The fire is a few feet from the bottom of
your bed and you now start to absorb the healing warmth in your feet, loosening
them and massaging them softly into a lighter state.
This feeling emenates to your ankles, where the joint places your feet into a restful
position. Rising to your calfs and knees, the pleasure
and kindness of the sleepy warm feeling is welcomed with your
legs unwinding down. That contented feeling envelops your thighs,
like a photograph being developed slowly in it’s safe environment.
Your, hips, lower back and stomach area now descend into comfort as they synchronise with
your lower body. The quality of peacefulness is signaled by
your breathing, with wider and deeper breaths, your chest and shoulders submit
and surrender. Your neck and head roll more into the exquisite
pillow, like a cradle, holding your head in the most relaxed state.
With every breath you inhale and exhale, it relaxes you further, sending a wave of relaxation
down your whole body. The fire will keep you warm as you sleep and
will go out on it’s own accord. when you awaken at the time of your choice,
you will feel invigerated and rested from a good night’s sleep.

Joseph Wolf

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