Grounding Exercise: Anxiety Skills #5

In this little nugget of therapy we’re
going to teach you how to trigger the parasympathetic response by using a
grounding exercise. In a previous episode we talked about the importance
of our nervous system in managing our emotions there’s both the sympathetic or
the alerting, activating response in our bodies and the parasympathetic reaction
which is the calming, restoring part of our nervous system. And if we want to be
healthy you need to have a parasympathetically dominant nervous
system. One of the ways we create that is by intentionally grounding the body in
our senses. So here’s a quick exercise on how to do that. Start to pay attention to
the present moment and the circumstances around you. Go ahead and take a deep
breath and let it out slowly. Now you’re going to start by grounding our body in
our senses so the five senses that we have are essential to managing our
emotions. So let’s start with our sense of touch so go ahead and touch three
things in your environment and as you touch them describe them in your mind so
for example you might touch the desk and say this is smooth and cold. Do that with
three objects. The next sense that we’re going to
activate is our sense of sight. So go ahead and notice three things in your
environment that you can see. Describe them in your mind as well. the last sense that we’re going to use
in this grounding exercise is our sense of hearing so try to notice three
different sources of sound in your environment and in your mind describe
what they sound like. Notice this sensory input- your body
should become more grounded in the present moment, this is important because
in order for our bodies to feel safe and for our minds to relax we need to send
the message that they are safe. And in general the present moment that we are
in is actually safe, so by grounding ourself in our senses we can send a
message to our body and our brains that we are safe. Pay attention to the
difference you’re feeling in your body as you become centered in this moment. By
becoming more grounded you have impacted your nervous system. This is a little
activity you can do throughout your day to feel a little bit calmer and to
trigger that parasympathetic response the more frequently you do it the
stronger your parasympathetic reaction will be and your nervous system will
become dominated by a calm resolve. I hope this was helpful thanks for
watching and take care

Joseph Wolf


  1. You have informative videos! Yes, grounding exercise is great in dealing with anxiety.

  2. I've found that I did breathing exercises once and my stomach started spasming and then my whole body felt like it was re-alligning and then afterwards I felt really grounded, at peace, happy, lightweight and very aware of my surroundings. It was surreal. And I want to do it again so bad. I feel like Morty when he went into that machine that Rick made.

  3. I just started this grounding thing a few days ago. It's helped me with PTSD. Thanks so very much.

  4. You are my little island of safety tonight. I’ve been struggling with a particularly intense anxiety freeze for over a week and I can’t tell you how comforting your videos were for me. Thank you thank you thank you for making these ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. I did this exercise and my palms started to sweat . Yes I do have hyperhidrosis but not when I'm relaxed and definitely not at night. This is odd. Need to deep dive and understand why.

  6. How much time we have to give suppose touching , 1 minute or not more , please tell

  7. Thank you for this video! 🙂 Easy way to use mindfulness when struggling with anxiety. It's great that you make it simple and present in a clear way psychological knowledge about why is important to learn them 🙂

  8. Great video! You are really good at breaking things down! I found this very helpful. You should write a book.

  9. This was indeed helpful I did notice a difference in my perspective and body did relax slightly. That's a good beginning. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for this video! This really helped me understand grounding and techniques I can use to stay present and grounded.

  11. You deserve to be viewed by many. Simple and practical methods. Thank you

  12. Can you help me please? I lost very contact with reality around me. Thats scares me. Helps this grounding technique to say to my body 'its safe'? How long do i have to do this tools? Do you know another grounding tool to let me body know its safe?

  13. Im saying this from experience! i really think you all have the grounding thing completly wrong! let me explain, Think of grounding as an electrical term! after all we are electrical beings, everything you see, touch, smell, and even think, is an electrical signal. next think about the different frequencies of the brain. what if i told you, and you can go and read about this, it's well documented, that the Earth has a frequency! 7.83Hz the same as Theta brain waves! coincedence, perhaps! but we were all born on this planet!… while the brain is in Theta it releases certain chemicals and boosts the immnune system. and also calms the mind!.. it is as simple as taking your shoes off and connecting with the Earth! Grounding! your electrical system, and calming the mind. it helps with inflamation and is used in the Tour De france to speed up recovery!,, and in my experience stops the shakes instantly! think about it, how good, do you feel when your at the beach?… there are more and more scientific studies being done on this, and with the amount of electro magnetic frequencies in the modern world is more important to understand this… it has been practiced in yoga for thousands of years! and it works, so rather than distracting your mind with other thoughts jsut take your shoes off! and electrically connect with the earth… i have learned this through experience! and anyone reading this should watch this film. to get a full understanding of what im saying. love peace and happiness to all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44ddtR0XDVU

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