Exercise to Prepare for Individual Obstacles in SSB l SSB STROKES #ssb

Hello friends welcome to your own channel
SSB strokes today I am here to discuss about some ground tasks and how we can prepare our
stamina to perform well in individual obstacles and other ground tasks which are performed
during the stay of five days in SSB as you all know that we need stamina to perform individual
obstacles within 3 minutes they only give three minutes friends so in 3 minutes we have
to run a lot as now the individual obstacles are kept too far so that’s why we should have
stamina to run that particular distance in minimum time so that we can complete those
obstacles within 3 minutes and those obstacles contain Burma bridge monkey crawl Rope climbing
and screen jump etc etc so you need stamina and for stamina let’s come with me in the
ground and we will perform some activities which you have to do daily to keep your stamina
perfect so come with me friends first activity which you have to perform is running following
points should be kept in mind before burning it is beneficial to run early in the morning
this will not only build your stamina but also improve intake of oxygen in body as air
during morning is fresh initially to build stamina run slowly and later on after 5 to
10 days depending upon your capacity increase the speed of running during running keep in
mind that you have to inhale through nostrils avoid taking air through mouth this will
boost your run try to improve your speed within the limit that you can run 1600 metre in 6
to 6.5 minutes after running to avoid cramps you need proper cooling down exercises which
will not only avoid cramps but will make your body fit and flexible
this first exercise includes jumps with the use of Arms in this you need to stretch your
legs and then in combination move your arm in up and down direction while contracting
and expanding your legs during jumps at least do 30 times next one is also stretching exercise in this
you need to stretch your legs and then do as per tutorial in video.At least do 30 times. Next one is also stretching exercise linked
to backbone movement try to do as per your capacity
next exercise is related to Static leg Movement in upward direction touching chest by folding
the leg try to do 15 times next is little advanced version of previous
in this you need to do same activity but this includes jumping
further you need to do back movement as depicted in video, this will help to build flexibility
in backbone and other abdominal muscles next one includes neck movements and arm and
shoulder movements. Next exercises related to stretching just
try to do these 10 to 15 times each this will help in flexible movements of body
next is crunches this will help in building strong abdominal this exercise you can perform
well by making one person stand on your feet initially do 10 to 15 times later on increase
to 30 times next one is sarvangasan this will boost circulation
of blood flow in your brain hold this position as per your capacity do this for five times
next one is push ups try to do 10 to 20 pushups as this will improve your shoulder and ARM
strength along with other body parts and muscles next one is also important to build stamina
and endurance and improve muscle strength friends try to do all the above discussed
exercises and I know that the facility of these machines are not present everywhere
in our country as government is still making efforts to provide it to all so if in your
locality this kind of facility is available then try to take advantage of it else the
previous discussed exercises are also enough to perform well in the ground tasks of SSB
especially individual obstacles I am sure that this will not only improve your stamina
but also build your endurance speed and ability to take proper decision as this will activate
your body in positive direction . best of luck for friends. So friends if you perform these activities
on regular basis this will not only help you in performing better in SSB at the individual
obstacles and other tasks but also makes you fit in regular routine so perform these activities
with regularity , Regularity is the key to success and friends in SSB you not only needs
physical fitness but also needs mental fitness which you can watch in my previous video of
yoga the importance of yoga in SSB so friends stay in touch with me through this channel
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Joseph Wolf


  1. Very useful information, very informative for those preparing for Armed forces.

  2. Important tips and tricks to perform well in IO round.
    Must watch video for every ssb aspirants

  3. Nice bro.
    I have doubt regarding running and other exercise.
    3 km in 15min required for me right now, how to increase speed. And can we performe other exercise in evening..

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