Exercise Of The Week – Resistance Band Pushup

Hi, my name’s Craig and this is Melissa. We both work at Elite Sports Club-River Glen
and today what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna show you a variation of a traditional push-up,
a good old-school push-up. Alright, so what Melissa’s gonna do is she’s
gonna come down to the mat first with her knees and then she’s gonna reach out in front
of her and get in this push-up position. She’s gonna pop her hips up, keep that core
nice and tight, she’s gonna do one push-up, and then she’s gonna try and move one of her
arms out slightly and alternate her arms. Okay, same thing happens. So you keep repeating that motion, keep that
core nice and tight. This is great for upper body, core, and a
lot of shoulder work as well. Okay, what we wanna do is try and regress
that exercise for some people that would find that tough so what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna go on the knees and do the same thing. You could use an easier band or you could even get rid of the band
and do the same exercise. That’s gonna be challenging as well. Melissa, that is perfect. I like that. If you wanted to make that exercise harder,
just pick up a heavier band. Okay so thank you very much and we’ll see
you next week!

Joseph Wolf

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