Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda

Let’s begin
Oh Infinite spirit, recharge my body with thy cosmic energy, my mind with thy concentration, my soul with thy ever knew joy Oh eternal youth of body and mind abide within me forever and forever. Aum, amen We’ll begin with double breathing palms
touching. Double inhale tense up in a wave double exhale relax down in a wave full tension at the top complete
relaxation at the bottom one more. ok calf recharging I’ll be your mirror
image. down the right foot tense the left calf up relax the top. Squeeze down relax
the bottom. Two more times tensing as you move relaxing at the end of the movement. An angle rotation one direction with tension around the ankle and the other.
ok let’s do the other side calf tensing up relax the top squeeze down two more angle rotation and reverse now step the left foot forward right
back on the right tense the left calf and forearm low/medium vibrate and
slowly release line up room on the left side and
release calf and forearm release. Thigh and upper arm once more calf and forearm
vibrating and releasing. Thigh and upper arm and let’s do the other side right
calf and forearm squeeze and release thigh and upper arm release, Calf and forearm, thigh and upper arm. One more time Now both sides together calves and
forearms squeezed vibrate and release Thighs and upper arms and release. Calves and forearms, thighs and upper arms Once more Left buttock left side of the chest, squeeze
and release. Right side release Left. Right buttock and chest. One more time each side Okay, tense around the back now starting
the low back on the left side tense there squeeze it and release it right
side squeeze release. Left relax. And right one more time each side. Now the middle back on the left side. Right side tense with will, relax and feel. Left and
right and again Now the upper back on the left side.
Right side and left and right. One more Shoulder rotation fingertips on the
shoulders. Tension in the shoulders Rotating one way. The hand the other way Throat recharging squeeze in front of
the neck, tense inside to relax and again Relax. One more. Now just the left side of
the neck, just the right side and left and right. Left and right. Drop the chin
to chest double inhale tense up squeeze in the back of the neck. Double exhale
relax the head down. Two more. Tension throughout the neck. Circle one way and
the other. And without tension And reverse Spinal recharging. Step the feet apart a
bit I’m going to twist the hips one way the shoulders the other keep facing
straight ahead with your face. Spinal rotation hands at the waist, arch the spine so we have a backward bend in the spine keep the backward bend as you
circle one way with the upper body only and the other way and side to side
squeezing around the spine. Spinal adjustment hands at the base of the spine either side of the base of the spine bend forward and push up and in. Move the hands a little higher, do it again Just working your way up the spine as
high as you can reach. Okay upper spinal twist arms in front. Tense back relax
forward. Keep the hips facing directly forward and follow the hands with the
eyes. Okay skull tapping, briskly rap the skull all over. And scalp massage
loosening scalp from skull the top, the back the sides. Front all over. Medulla massage
first three fingers of each hand at the medulla oblongata, circling one direction
the other direction. Double inhale tense back against resistance. Double exhale
forward again circling one way and the other. Tense back. One more time. Circles
and tense Bicep recharging. Interlace fingers
overhead tense just the left bicep vibrate with energy and relax. Right
bicep squeeze, release. Left release. Rise side. Tense with will, relax and feel. Once more. Relax the arms down. Deep double inhalation hold tense the entire body Double exhale and relax. Tensing
relaxing the individual body parts start with the left foot squeeze, curl the
toes under a bit. Relax. Right foot and relax. Left calf relax and right. Left
thigh. Right side. Left buttock and right Lower abdomen below the navel tense it
in, relax. Upper abdomen squeeze it in, relax Left forearm, right. Left upper
arm, right side, left side of chest and right. Left side of neck and right.
Front of the neck, back of the neck This time holding the tension as you move quickly
up. Tense the left foot, right foot. Left calf, right. Left thigh, right. Left buttock, right. Lower abdomen, upper. Left forearm, right. Left upper arm, right, Left chest, right. Left neck, right. Front, back everything’s vibrating with energy.
Release the entire neck, chin to chest Right chest, left. Right upper arm, left. Right forearm, left. Upper abdomen, lower Right buttock, left. Right thigh, left. Right calf, left. Right foot, left. Deep double inhale hold and tense. Vibrate everything. Double exhale, relax and bring the head back up. Weight lifting at the
sides. Squeeze up relax. Squeeze down If you like you can double inhale up, double exhale down Double breathing with elbows together in
front. Double inhale. Double exhale. One more. Arms out to the sides. Pull in imaginary
weights squeezing in relaxed. Pushing out Optional double inhale. Double exhale and
again. Small circles of the arms. Tension throughout the arms, palms are facing up. And relax and reverse the circles And relax. Fist to the forehead, elbow is
pointing forward. Tense forward, relax Pull back, relax. If you like, you
can use a double breath here. Double inhale toward you, double exhale away. Finger recharging. Bring your arms down at your side. Lots of energy. Opening and closing the fists. Out to the sides, in front of you and overhead. And relax down for four part arm recharging. Hands up to the chest. Tense out Tense forward, tense up, relax down. Inhaling, exhaling. Double inhaling, double exhaling. One more. Left arm and shoulder. Double inhale squeeze up. Double exhale, relax down. Side to side. Left side, right side Walking in place. Lift the knees high.
Swing the arms. Lots of will. Get lots of energy going here Running in place. Keep lifting the knees
high, but also lift the heels up behind and relax. Fencing hands to the chest. Left foot right arm. Tense on the right side. Right
foot, left arm. Large circles. The arms double inhale, tense up. Relax down. Other way. Abdominal recharging. Expel the breath hold it out the entire time. Palms on
thighs, draw the abdomen strongly in Let’s do it again. One more time. This time pulling away in, pushing it away out all the time with the breath held
out Double breathing. Left calf recharging
three times squeeze up, release squeeze down release. Ankle rotation with the foot held up behind with tension around the ankle three times each way. Let’s do the right side. Calf first, three times. Ankle rotation either way. Hip recharging left leg first, circling the foot moving fairly low to the ground. Reverse and
right side. And the other way. Last of all double breathing without tension
hands to the chest. Relax double exhale in front. Relax double inhale as you bring the hands back to the chest. Close the eyes. Let’s flow with the breath Two more Relax the hands to your sides. Just stand
quietly eyes closed. The awareness internalized. Being aware of all the
energy you’ve drawn into the body Flowing smoothly, effortlessly
through the body

Joseph Wolf


  1. This is a great resource. Thank you the guidance and inspiration Gyandev

  2. Thank you soooo much, its my daily praxis Video, very helpfull

  3. I have been practising these set of exercises for the past 1 week, and I find tremendous change throughout the day.
    Thanhyou ji

  4. It's a shame you do not ship your DVD to Europe…
    Thank you very much for this video.
    Om Shanti Amen

  5. Nayaswami Gyandev – for your benefit read the Guru's energization exercise lessons as you do each action – or have someone read them to you and help you. For instance the forward and back adjustment starts at the bottom of the coccyx with 3 fingers of each hand placed next to the spine. keep at it. Love & Joy

  6. Also, during the energization exercises the eyes are lifted to the Christ Center and the attention is placed on the medulla.

  7. thanks for publishing this. these exercises do not seem to be deep ´spiritual truth`…Or secrets! I am nor Ananda nor SRF follower, just visited once a retreat workshop of Ananda and found it very helpful. For my opinion there is no such thing as a secret which can only be revealed to a certain group of people. Or ´permissions´. Sure that someone who wants to study deeply certain methods or scriptures has to learn them in a context of an entire system. But to show here a few exercises for people who maybe can use them – is, i am sure about that, really ok.

  8. Demonstration is nice, perfect, orderly, we do it in Ranchi Ashram. Jay Guru and thank you dear.

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  10. There Ananda foundation has permission to use these? I wonder do you thinking these exercises are as helpful without the written instructions also?

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  12. Thank you. Would be helpful to see the muscles contracting as he goes through the exercises. Great to have this video.

  13. Wish we could see muscles tensing and relaxing; it would really help. Why the T-shirt and long flabby trousers?

  14. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of us who use this video to practice these exercises, but we don’t comment. I want to say THANK YOU.

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  16. In the video, the demonstration shown is elbow rotation at 4:19 and not Shoulder rotation as taught by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda at SRF & YSS. The shoulders need to rotate and not the elbows. Please see this video https://youtu.be/Tr5pQxR5A5k?t=1147 for a correct demonstration.

  17. Paramahansa Yogananda states in the written lessons after the Stomach Exercise, "Never practice this exercise with a full stomach. Always wait two hours or more after eating, or practice before eating. Women should not practice this exercise during pregnancy." It would be good to state this before the video. =)

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