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– Hi everyone and
welcome to Dedicate, your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 6 and per tradition on Day 6 we’re spiraling all the way back inward
towards our core. Let’s get started. (bright music) Okay pals, let’s begin
today’s practice on all fours. So come on down to the ground. Right away start to take
some nice refreshing breaths. Set yourself up by
spreading the fingertips wide. Paying attention to
your toes, right? God is in the details
or the devil just depending on your mood. Just paying attention
to these details as we set up
for our session today. Feeling that
hand-earth connection. Feeling that foot
to earth connection. Giving thanks that you have made
this choice to spend some time with yourself, with your body,
with your breath. Let’s rock and roll. Inhale, drop the belly, open
the chest for your Cow Pose. Feel long puppy
belly here stretching as you breathe in and out.
Pause here. And then when you’re ready, use an exhale to
take it all the way up. Navel drawing all
the way up to the spine. I was gonna say driving. Drawing or
driving all the way up. Pause here, feel the
skin of the back stretch. And then with the breath,
here we go, inhale, open the chest. Upper arm bones rotate out here. Smile, and then exhale round
through massaging the internal organs as you draw
everything up and in. Squeeze, squeeze squeeze. Pressing into your foundation. One more, inhale. Soft bend in the elbows here. And exhale rounding through. Claw through your fingertips. Little to no pressure in the
base of the palm, the wrists. Sweet, then inhale
to a neutral spine, your tabletop and again, just a
reminder we keep a soft bend in the elbows here and we’re
honoring the natural curvature of the spine but the
feeling is of a straight line from the crown to the tail. And we’re to
support that by drawing, hugging the low ribs up and in
and it almost feels like you’re sucking in but we’re not
actually sucking and creating tension in the belly. Think you can think of it as
like hugging muscle to bone. We’re energetically
drawing up, up, up and in creating this
hollow body through the front. Or this feeling
of a hollow body. And as we draw the navel up and
in you might feel the low back begin to lengthen. So it’s pretty typical to kind
of find this tilt in the pelvis. See if you can find the low back
lengthen and when we get on our backs we’ll play with this too and you can feel
it a little bit better. Okey doke. So maintaining this nice
length in the back of the neck, you’ll send your gaze down
as you curl the toes under. So we’re gonna try
to move with breath. Today’s practice is nice and
swift so give it your best shot. Try to stay present and
think loving thoughts, right? Be kind to yourself. Here we go soft bend
in any elbows press away from your yoga mat. So everything’s
already turned on. Hey-o, (clicks tongue) right? So I’m not muscling really
into it but everything’s already turned on and I’m gonna lift
the knees and let them hover. My bones are stacked. I have this
rotation in my shoulder. I begin to work and as my body
is asked to work a little harder to support myself I’m gonna
use my breath to do just that. The breath
supports the movement. The movement is a response
to the breath working as one. We’re here for
three, two, feel that prana, that shake.
Ah, moving things around. Yes, and then slow release. Let’s send the hips back. Keep the toes curled under. A little yoga for the feet. You’re gonna walk the hands
all the way up under the thighs and we sit back. Stack head over heart, heart
over pelvis and I’d like to invite you to do your best to
really push down through your pinky toes if
you have pinky toes. Really reach down
towards the last toe and lift up through the heart. So chances are they may not
touch the ground but just the intention, the awareness. If you want you can take a
couple of moments here to do some wrist circles or
my favorite Thriller Arms. Breathe, breathe, breathe. If this is too much for you
just go a little bit at a time. I remember when I first did this
and I even had dance training, I couldn’t believe
how tight my feet were so, again, kind, loving thoughts. Just accept where you are today.
Do your best. Okay, here we go
diving in for more. Back to all fours. Let’s uncurl the toes this time. Find that
rotation in your shoulders. Connection to center, to core.
Navel draws up and in. Inhale in, exhale pressing into
the tops of the feet this time clawing through the fingertips,
lift the knees. Let them hover. Find a softness,
find that Sukha, that ease, that effortlessness. Effortlessness? Alright, you’re doing awesome.
You’re here for three. Keep breathing, two.
And on the one, slowly lower. Awesome. Bring the
two big toes together, knees as wide as the mat. Send it back.
Nice and easy. Reach the fingertips, nice
active arms here as you reach towards the
front edge of your mat. Feel the front body stretch
as you melt your heart down. We take three
nice full breaths here spiraling in towards
what matters most today. So in other words keep
your thinking mind a break. Let your body intelligence take the head seat at the table. Alright, inhale to look forward. Exhale to come all the way up. Back to our Tabletop Position.
You’re doing awesome. After this we’re going to come
on to our back so keep clawing into the fingertips if you need
to take a break on the wrist at any time, please do but
don’t write yourself off. A lot of times I hear,
“I have weak wrists.” Say that five times fast. Weak wrists.
That might be the case. Totally cool but they don’t
have to stay that way. We can work mindfully,
a little bit, day by day to explore
what’s going on in the wrist, the forearms and the connection
to the rest of the body and take some of the pressure off your
wrists so that one day you can say, “My wrists feel good.” Thank you angels. Okay. So here we are on all fours. Let’s meet back here. You’re like, “I’ve been here,
dude. I’m ready.” Okay, we’re gonna
curl the toes under. Keep the left toes curled under. You’re gonna kick
the right foot out long. Okay, breathe in here. Check it out. Inhale in.
Press away from your yoga mat. This is a challenge.
Exhale, lift your left knee. Let it hover. Whoa. We’re here for three. We’re here for two and
on the one slowly release. That just happened. Let’s do the other side. Tabletop Position,
curl both toes under. Nice wide base for your arms. So if we’re here, this is gonna
put some pressure on the wrist. Get your wrists right
underneath your shoulder. Claw through the fingertips,
you got this. Really engage
index finger and thumb. Inhale in. Exhale, press
away from the yoga mat. Send your left foot out long. Engage the belly. We got it. Stay positive, playful. Inhale in. Exhale, lift the right knee. Let it hover. Full body strengthener. Lengthening through the crown. Keep the forehead soft. Beautiful,
three, two, one lower. Awesome! Awesome work! Come on off the wrists.
Come on to your heels. You can take a second
to rotate the wrists one way and the other. Alright, once more
and we’re gonna flip it. So this time I’m going
to invite you to come to the front edge of your mat. So bring your hands all the
way to the top of your mat. Upper arm bones rotate out. We go through our checklist. Curl the toes under. And if this is too much for
you, you can work on any of the stages that we did thus far. So you can do both knees
hovering you can maybe just do the one leg.
Engaging the belly here. Plenty, plenty. When you’re ready
let’s kick the right leg out, dial the right toes down. Engage lower belly and upper
abdominals coming into kiss in the center of your being. Right in that
third chakra point. This is the like I am chakra. This is, I always say
it’s like the Beyonce chakra. It’s just all about self-confidence, self worth, self care. So here we go. Inhale in, let’s be brave. Exhale, lift the left knee.
Let it hover. You’re here for three.
Nice long beautiful neck. Hold onto that dunda. Two and on the one,
check it out, you’re going to ground through
the left heel and slowly lift up to a Three-Legged Dog. No need to kick the
right leg really high. Keep the hips nice and square. Wowza. Inhale in. Exhale, lower
the right foot down. Downward Facing Dog. Pedal it out. And then slow descend of the
knees back down to the earth right into the next side. Try to control your breath. You’re doing great.
Curl the toes under. Reset. When you’re ready, inhale in. Press away from the yoga mat. Exhale and let’s
kick that left leg out. Find your alignment.
Engage through your center. So we’re not just doing this to
test you or throw you off your groove or to get you frustrated but so that you
can really practice. Remember this is
all about the practice. Practice really
engaging your center. We can do one hundred crunches
but if we don’t have the practice of
integrating then it’s kind of, oh it’s just maybe working on
the surface instead of peeling back different
layers of the onion. Here we go, inhale. As you’re ready, exhale,
lift the right knee, let it hover. Hold on to your focus.
You’ve got this. Breathe. Beautiful. Now here we go. grounding
through the right heel, slowly lifting it up. Moving from your center,
Three-Legged Dog. Whoo. Change of perspective. Inhale. Exhale, slowly
lower the left foot down. Downward Facing Dog. Take a breath here in. Soft bend in the knees
as you take your sternum towards your feet. Breathe out. Good, slow descent
of the knees down. Swing your legs to one side. Any side. Come on through to a seat. Awesome work. Okay, so I meant what
I said about the wrists. You have to be kind. You know and I speak
from my own experience, when I first
started yoga I was like, “I love the yoga practice but
you know I really weak wrists,” and if you do you know you’re in
the process of healing an injury I don’t want to stomp on that or
take away any truth from anyone who has weak wrists but just
wanting to sprinkle a little light and love on the fact that
maybe the wrists just need some tending to and they’re not used
to carrying all this weight. So, yeah, of course, they’re
going to feel pretty weak if we start putting a bunch of
weight on them so stick with me. Okey doke. So here we go we’re gonna
interlace the fingertips behind the thighs or you can also just
grab your thighs here or maybe even maybe a bind,
a clasping opposite wrist. We’re going to
loop the shoulders. We’re gonna slowly
come on to the toes and just lean back just a bit. Don’t panic. Forget what you think
you know about yoga here. Just focus on
going on a little ride, on the experience. Don’t worry about Boat Pose,
any of that. Just trust. Breathing, moving from center. From here we’re going to just lift the shins
parallel to the ceiling. Just test it out. And if you’re like,
“You know what, Adriene? “That’s just a
little bit too much.” I might bring the toes down. So we’re here breathing deep. Breathing into the belly. And then there’s an
option here to fix your bun. No, there’s an option here to
send your fingertips out or you can keep with the
fingertips interlaced behind. So either here or here. Let’s go palm face up so
you can find a nice opening and we’re breathing. We’re starting to
cultivate a little warmth, a little tapas. We’re here for three, two and on
the one option to straighten the legs but it’s just an option. One. Great, come back. Give yourself a big hug. This is one of my
favorite yoga postures. really advanced
ancient yoga posture. You’re just going to give
yourself a hug by bringing your hands behind your thighs and allowing your head
to round over. I love this shape. Close your eyes.
Feel your breath. So just as important as working
your core is doing the work to feel centered. Spiral inward. More on the daily email.
Let’s get back to practice. Here we go.
Blossoming open. We’re gonna come onto our backs we’re gonna
finish this puppy out. We’re gonna come
all the way to back. Give yourself a big hug on your
back to start so you can feel your low back
really flush with the mat. Mhmmm, mhmmm. Maybe claw your
shoulder blades down just a bit. I like the image of a bear like
massaging their back on a tree. Great, then from here,
I’m gonna bring my knees just over the hip points. Shins again parallel to the sky. Now if we haven’t been working
with the core on a regular basis, I’m going to invite you
to actually bring your knees a little bit further up. So you’re going to be the one
in charge of tending to the low back here and that
really is your priority. So keeping low back flush, you
can bring your hands to your belly to even feel how the
muscles of the abdominal wall automatically turn on and engage
when you bring the lower back flush to the mat. Scoop the tailbone up towards
the sky and then in time to challenge yourself once you
start to turn on these muscles more, more and more and more. Which we’ll do together as well. You’ll be able to slowly find
more space here and engage which turn on lower belly muscles. Okay, but let’s
protect the back. Let’s start by being mindful
so you can bring the knees in a little bit more if you need. Just test this out
while I chat here. (chuckles) You can just find what
feels good for you today. And then when you feel
like you have your spot, that’s when you’ll
interlace the fingertips, bring them behind the head. Elbows nice and wide here. We’re gonna avoid the elbows
coming in and the crunch today. In fact, we’re gonna
maintain this beautiful dunda, this stick or this image of a
staff from the crown to the tail as we inhale in. And exhale, lift up. So you can peek at me if you
need to but notice I’m not crunching in here.
I’m not creating any tension. I’m staying nice and long and
my gaze is up and back kind of towards my third eye. Elbows nice and wide. Lighting a little fire,
a little candle. Bringing on that inner fire. I’m really refraining
from singing like ten songs that involve the word “fire.” Tell us your favorite
fire song down below in the comments after class. ‘Kay, we’re here for three. Keep scooping the tailbone up, belly engaged by
drawing the navel down. Protecting that low back. We’re here for three, two and
on the one lower and release. Take your hands to your knees. You’re going to draw big
circles but check it out, we’re gonna go in, around,
opening the hips and then back. Again, in and out. Around and back. Cool, second set. We’ll bring it back.
Find your setup. Interlace the fingertips,
bring them behind the head. Now we’re going to
move with the breath. Integrating the flow. Just like yesterday synchronizing breath
with movement. Marrying the
movement with the breath. So inhale in here.
Elbows wide. Exhale to lift. Inhale the lower. Exhale to lift. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Inhale to lower. Exhale to lift. Now keep it going. Each time you exhale
we feel that contraction in the center of our being. Of course engaging
the upper abdominals and the lower abdominals. Kissing together in the center. And to challenge yourself you
can try to keep the elbows wide as can be while lifting more of
your shoulder up off the ground. Find your breath. Keep it going. Soft in the skin on the face. Do three more. And then lower and release. Same thing, palms
come to the kneecaps. We send the knees all the way
out and then around and then in. Big circles. Soft in the feet. Soft in the ankles. Cool, then bring
it all the way in. Set up once again. Interlace the finger tips,
bring it behind the head. Lower back’s nice and flush. So you’re working
hard here already. Inhale in. Exhale, lift. Inhale in again. Check it out,
exhale right elbow over towards the left
side of your mat. So you gonna try to lift your
right shoulder up to center. So we’re not trying to touch
elbow to knee yet but rather thinking of lifting
this right shoulder right to your heart center. Yes, then inhale to come back. Back to center,
exhale over to the right. Inhale to center. Exhale, twist. Keep it going. And then if you want to add
extension of opposite leg, let’s go ahead and do it. Extending opposite leg. Still finding that
center moment though. And twisting as you breathe out. Stick with it. You got this. Focus on synchronizing
with your breath. Keep it going.
You’re doing awesome. If you’ve taken a break,
come back, come on back in
for this last round. Evening it out. We got this. One more round on each side. Awesome work.
Then we’ll release. This time bring
the feet to the ground. Feet as wide as your yoga mat. You’re going to allow the knees
to fall into center and then take your hands to your ability
to do a clockwise circle. (sighs) And just notice the thoughts
that come up here particularly when we tend to work
on the muscles of the center of our being, this area of the body that
we’re constantly sucking in, zipping up, hiding or perhaps just not nurturing in the way that I believe
this part of body deserves. The stomach does
so much for us and we kind of
treat it like crap so I know this can be a
little vulnerable but just take a second as you feel
your hands on your belly, feel the warmth of your hands. Close your eyes
and inhale lots of love in and exhale lots of love out. Sweet. Almost done.
You’re doing great. Let’s kick the
legs up towards the sky. You’re doing awesome. If the legs don’t straighten.
Who cares? Just bend the knees, all good.
Scoop the tailbone up. Then this time we’re gonna reach
the fingertips towards the outer edges of the feet. Thumbs back, pinkies forward. Inhale in, smile. Exhale to lift,
not crunching here but keeping the neck nice and long. Baby pulses. You got it. Flex your toes toward your face. You’re doing awesome. Now take both hands
over towards the left. Hold Simba over a cliff here. You got it. Scooping the tailbone up.
Baby pulses. Soft in the skin of the face. Now take Simba all
the way up through center over towards the right. Now all the way to center. Check it out, try to reach up
touch your toes and then slowly release bend the knees. Happy Baby, grab the
outer edges of the feet. Kick the soles of the
feet up towards the sky. Now there is point, there’s
opportunity here for a little point of contact with
the elbows to the shins or to the inner shin. Relax the shoulders. Lengthen tailbone towards
the front edge of your mat. Kick the feet up high. Yes. One more breath. Exhale to release.
Awesome work. Okay, send the legs up. Fingertips reach up and behind. Inhale in. Exhale, slowly reach
up towards your toes. Flex your feet
towards your face. Inhale, point the toes,
reach the fingertips back. Exhale, flex and reach. Keep it going. Once you find your groove,
find your flow, you can experiment with a
lowering the legs as you reach the fingertips behind
but protect the lower back. You got it. Wherever you are, do three more. Release. Send the feet to the
outer edge of your mat again. Knees come in and we do a little
clockwise circle on the belly. Awesome work.
Really nice. Beautiful, let your
hands rest gently on the belly. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Then slowly walk the feet in. Soles of the feet come together. Knees as wide as the mat. Supta Baddha Konasana. Okay, if you’ve met your
appropriate edge today already, stay here.
Restore, enjoy. Let gravity do the work. Start to dream and drool as
one of my friends likes to say. And if you think you
have one more in you but really listen
to your body, okay? That’s the most important thing. That’s the yoga. So stay here. Hands on the belly or
maybe one hand on the heart, one hand on the belly. Otherwise we’ll inhale in. Exhale, we’re
going to lift the head, the neck, the shoulders
and the fingertips to the outer edges of the legs. Inhale in. Exhale you’re going
to tilt to one side. Back and forth. Engaging the abdominal wall. Keeping the low
back flush with the mat. Back and forth for the obliques. Breathing deep, back and forth. Low abdominals and
upper abdominals coming to kiss in the middle. Stick with it. Then maybe send your
gaze up towards the ceiling. Then before you release,
keep it going. We’re here for three, two. On the one bring
the palms together, Namaste and
just reaching towards the front edge of your mat. Keep your eyes all the
way up towards the sky. Baby pulses. You got it. Find your breath. This is our last bit.
You got it! We’re here for three, two and on the one
release everything. Bring your hands to your belly. Feel the warmth that your body
created here and then let’s join our friends with one hand on
the heart one hand on the belly. Snuggle your shoulder blades
underneath your heart space, let everything go. Start to reach the
tailbone towards your heels. Let your low back
come up off the mat. Once again, allow everything to
soften as you breathe in and breathe out. Inhaling lots of love in. Exhaling lots of love out. Then when you’re ready,
take your fingertips. You’ll bring ’em to the
outer edges of the legs, close the legs. Bringing the knees together. Hug the knees to the chest. Give yourself a big hug. Option to peel the nose up
toward the knees if that feels right in your body. Otherwise, just soft,
easy movement here. And then come on to your side. Any side. Just pause here for a
moment and feel loved. The love you have for yourself. Feel the love that
you have for others. We’re getting strong and implementing more
core into our practice so that we can be available for ourselves and for others. Sweet, press on
up when you’re ready. Come to a nice
comfortable seat of your choice. Hey Buddy. Bring the hands
together at the heart. And when you’re ready, inhale. Thumbs to third eye. And we’ll seal it by
bowing and whispering Namaste. (bright music)

Joseph Wolf

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