Dan Bailey: Workout of the Day for February 8, 2016

Joseph Wolf


  1. Jajjjj solo le hacen
    ala mamáda es famoso y cualquier cosa vende en realidad el no entrena hasi

  2. Great workout. I'm old school when in comes to the pull up. This workout will definitely fry you.

  3. dan baily should ehhh hmm … do a strict pullups then shoulder/delt workout with the dumbbell for the 1st set go for a short run and repeat untill fatiguing. i consider that workout mine. except skipping the run, and of course im poor so I don't got a chest at all ps. 10lb dubbell

  4. I'm spent after 1st round definitely a great workout…..what's this exercise called by name? exp like "cindy"

  5. 16:57 the dudes standing around watching is….creepy. Waiting around to kill and deep-fry the guy?

  6. This by far one of the best workouts I’ve seen. Did you come up with this one yourself?

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