Butterfly posture in Yogasana for beginners

Hello! Everyone Today let me share something about “Trust” A short story Once along the banks of Ganges, a pandit was narrating the greatness of the river Ganges As how whoever bathes in the river Ganges, all their sins will disappear and they can reach Heaven. Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvathi was over-hearing this from above. Goddess Parvathi asked Lord Shiva, “If everyone takes a dip in the river Ganges and atone their sins so easily then how will we accommodate everyone here in Heaven?” Lord Shiva replied. Not all who bathes in the river ,does it with full trust. Even that Pandit who narrates the greatness of the river might not have that trust. So actually only for those who bathes in the river with full trust, their sins disappear.” Hearing this, Goddess Parvathi asked, ” How to find who takes a dip in the river with trust and who does it without trust?” So Lord Shiva asked Goddess Parvathi to follow him to the river, so that he can show her in person. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi changed their appearance and disguised themselves as an old couple and went down to the Ganges river bank. Pandit was as usual narrating the story. They heard it and went to take a dip in the river. Lord Shiva who was disguised as an old man was dragged by the water Goddess Parvathi who was disguised as an old woman, started shouting for help. Pandit immediately came forward to save the old man. At that moment, the old lady told the Pandit that her husband can be saved only by someone who has not sinned at all. Upon hearing that, the Pandit was remembered of his past sins. So he was ashamed of himself and could not help the old lady. Few others also came forward to help, but backed out after hearing the old lady. At that moment a guy who is a rowdy comes there. He readily offers to save the old man. Immediately the old lady asks him whether he heard what she said. The rowdy replies that he heard what she said. I also heard what the Pandit was narrating about the River. He said that if one bathes in the river, one’s sins will disappear. I have sinned a lot all my life. But if I take a dip in the river, all my sins will disappear. After that I can save your husband. After telling this, he immediately jumped into the river and pulled the old man to the bank. After that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi appeared before him. And told him that he was the only person to have full trust in the river. No one else had that trust. That’s why all your sins have disappeared. After blessing him the gods disappeared. From this story, what is to be learnt is that Whatever small the work you do, if we do it with full trust, we can succeed. When there’s trust, self-confidence also follows. Along with full trust and confidence, if we try, we can succeed. Did you like the story? Now we can see the next two sitting postures This is also supposed to be done in the sitting position. Fold your right leg and place it on the left leg such that the right foot is on the left thigh. Place your right palm on your right knee bounce the right leg up and down no need to bounce fast You can bounce slowly when we do this, the hip muscles become flexible. Repeat the same procedure with your left leg. Do the same number of bounces with both the legs. This is a good exercise for women. Men can also practice. Especially for women, if they do this everyday, tight hip muscles will become flexible. This posture is called,”Half butterfly posture” Next posture is “Baddha Konasana” This is also called “Full Butterfly” You need to fold both the legs. Hold both the feet together with your palms. so that the feet are in position Sit upright with a straight spine. Start bouncing both the legs slowly up and down. This is a very good exercise for pregnant women. Pregnant women must do this for about 50 times slowly and carefully They can have a normal delivery. The most important thing to be noted while doing this posture is sitting upright Close your eyes, sit upright and hold the feet such that they are in position imagining ourselves like a butterfly, we can bounce our legs up and down everyday for about 50 times. It is a very effective exercise. You have been watching exercises in my last three videos. I hope and wish you practice them daily. Please look forward to more exercises in the forthcoming videos. Thank You

Joseph Wolf

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