BOSSA NOVA JAZZ Instrumental Relaxing Background Music Instrumentals Mix Bossanova Bosa Nova Video

BOSSA NOVA JAZZ Relaxing Smooth Playlist Instrumental Lounge Music Bossanova Songs Bosa Nova Mix #1

Joseph Wolf


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  4. Thanks for making homework feel like a vacation! Love the wave sound with the music.

  5. My husband and I put this on almost every weekend on  the big TV screen, install the beach chairs in the living room, drinks in hand, watch the videos, open our ears and ENJOY!!! Thanks so much. Regards from Caracas !

  6. I just slept for 2 hours with this playing in the background at a low volume… good stuff

  7. Excelente música de fondo para dormir….Saludos desde Panamá

  8. I feel a strange feeling of deja vu, like I'm waiting on hold for a customer service representative…

  9. Thank you so much for this public service.  I listen to it as I work.

  10. I have enjoyed every 3:31 mins of this music. Sounds of the water in the background give me the desire to getaway or just wishful thinking of a designated place.I thank you for allowing me to enjoy good sounding music.

  11. I believe I was exposed to Bossa Nova music in the film, "A Man and a Woman". It was an earth shattering event, and I have been addicted to this style of music ever since. This is a great compendium of wonderful relaxing music you can imagine yourself listening to on a (clean) beach in Brazil.

  12. Where are these beaches? Why aren't I snorkeling? Why am I dealing with traffic in Orange Country? Obviously some of the images are looping, but wow. . .let's go!
    (With sunscreen of course!)

  13. Three and a half hours of stunningly gorgeous beaches and smooth, elegant Bossa Nova music? What more could you want.

  14. Prima gesorteerde muziek keuse.Goede achtergrond voor rustige avond.Met goed glas wijn.

  15. I love this music so much, it makes me feel so good, it rises my spirit….I love the Marimba and the piano combination is just heavenly!….I love every thing about it, video too. Thank you so much!… May I add, the wave sound is beautiful, the jazz and video…Heaven!

  16. Sorry; the artificial beach and the artificial sounds kill the whole thing. Thanks anyway…

  17. me encanta ésta música, es exelente para la tranquilidad, m uchas gracias WavesDVDcom. Un saludo desde Santiago de Chile.

  18. What a pleasure to listen to this music….aaaaahhhhh!!!! While studying for my finals, it makes me feel like in Aruba or Brazil….so enjoyable and relaxing!

  19. muy buena coleccion musical el sonido del mar, ideal para combinarla con algo de weed good trip 😉

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