Best Dumbbell Exercises You Can Do From Home

Joseph Wolf


  1. exelent Chris, i started to train after 6 years and i need a change in my life you inspired mi with your channel congratulations.

  2. Chris Heria, brother, I like your exercises a lot, so God bless you and always take care of you and your son Zen Heria … Greetings from Venezuela

  3. Amazing workout, I can only complete two rounds, hopefully I can do better next time. Thank you so much for this video 🙂

  4. Hola cris quisiera saber un poco mas sobre tu dieta ,podrías hacer otro vídeo relacionado a eso por favor

  5. Nice video keep it up and never give up bro u amazing workout trainer 👍

  6. hey I just found your channel and I really liked your content, keep it up, thanks for the subtitles, so I get fit and learn English

  7. Your videos and body are my inspiration to reach your shape. God bless man. Will keep at it till I look like you.

  8. Hi Chris, this is a fantastic dumbbell routine. Could you help put up a dumbbell workout plan for a week to target different body parts? Appreciate it 👍 Best, Keshav

  9. what to do when you are a total beginner? Like average body, just no muscle or stamina.

  10. How much weight have you got on your dumbbells? Thought of buying those but they are hella expensive the more weight you wanna have on em

  11. i did this yesterday without even knowing by using the app, got a sweat going quickly lmao

  12. 65 dislikes & counting
    Watching the video & eating junk food

  13. Hello Heria I want exercises to treat herniated disc herniation

    Motivation Generation BOOM

  15. I'm loving these home dumbell work-out. Thank you Chris. I'm a beginner. Anyone tell me how heavy these dumbbells should be?

  16. Hi! Wanna open calistenics school in Kazakhstan. Unfortunately there is no one. I wish to train myself and find a team of like-minded people to develop it in my city. How can I do it?

  17. Doing exercises shown by Chris for like a month. Yet I didn't lost much weight because of my terrible eating habits but boy the power my body started to generate is unreal. Yes it is hard at the start because trust me you can't do them as clean as he does but keep doing them! My first week was very hard, I was feeling tired and in general it is very hard mentally to train when your body feels kinda sore. I kept doing my rotations – push ups, some six pack training, dumbbell rotation, back training and it suddenly started to feel different. Visually I have minor difference but I am the reason for it but the power my arms are generating is just amazing. And the more you do it the more you say to yourself " Damn I wanna do more, this is fun!" Don't give up guys, just try keeping the right form while doing the exercises, make more breaks inbetween if you need to but don't stop! Thank you Chris Heria for all the motivation you give to people!

  18. This was a perfect dumbbell home workout, I really enjoyed it! Okay I lifted with you come move with me at Divinethreefold I would love it if you joined me! Thanks so much you got my sub!!!

  19. Where can I find all these beats? They would help with the exercises. Thanks.

  20. You're doing the dumbbell flyes wrong. 👎
    You should not hyperextend your arms brother.

  21. !Maestro Chris cada día tu físico es más impresionante , gracias por compartir tu conocimiento con nosotros! 👍🏽😎😎😎

  22. Bro when I do this shit I can’t even talk in between and you be explaining shit. You definitely in another level of fitness. Love from Brazil 🇧🇷

  23. I finally beat you… I used 30lb dumbbells 🤨. Hard as fuck and you did it WAY faster then I did. Just let me take this win Chris lol. I have been following your workouts for a Month now. I lost 15lbs of fat in the first 3 weeks. This is intense though, I only recently was able to finish your routines. I was getting a little depressed. Figured "This wasn't for me" but I kept with it. I can now finish your routines, My new eating habit is second nature now and to see the benefits of your workouts is a massive motivator. I'm glad I didn't quit like I usually do. Appreciate you Chris, you changed my life bro.

  24. how often would you (or anybody) recommend doing this workout if you are doing the other 7 min hiit workout everyday?

  25. Is this video the next step after "Workout at Home for Beginners (DUMBBELLS ONLY) video?

  26. You're ze best thank you for your osm videos they're really helpful! God bless you.

  27. you work outs are realy grate i was going to minchon leg preses i see you doing them whith the dump bells and was impressed with what looked like berpeys with dump bells would like you to look into tia blonko she dos yoga and realy watches her intacke health products to .what vidamens would you recamend ?body suplements from gnc .when i was in prison theres seat are round with the table we would put are foot on the binch and pres dow n lifteing the body up realy good for the thise tacke care have grate day

  28. Thanks, Chris! I’m combining your workouts with skateboarding and I’m getting great results! Keep these videos up super hyped on your channel

  29. Arent bench flies terrible for your rotator cuff having your arms floating in the air like that?

  30. Using this same home workout routine not only I burned 55lbs but was able to obtain muscle and lean mass with your disciplinary guidelines for food . Thank you Chris , because of you I feel fit but empowered too , love from India 🤗

  31. Some of these fitness guys have very avg bodies / looks like the avg 25 yr old body who works out occasionally and eat whatever – doesn’t look like someone who is fully in the life

  32. Hi I am 85kg 5.6 overweight 15 kg ..like your workout but really struggling with diet..pre n post workout already seen some improvement but only in my wrist n legs veins become visible not my tummy yet..but long way to go…

  33. I felt dumb af when he started using the couch as a bench, 14 years of life and I never thought of that

  34. Great video, however, What if I can't keep my legs straight out for the russian Twists?

  35. Lunges… 10 reps on each leg?? Forth and back 20 times each.. Totally 40???

  36. #chrisheria Good Morning☀🌝⏰☀ this is time for see to MY SENSEI and working my exercises!
    P. D My Christian where is my HEART 🤭🙏🏻👉🏻💪🏻🔥🥋🥊❤

  37. He picked up that 25 pounder threw it up a little and caught it like there was no weight:/ this man is a legend

  38. Great video! My man better be careful with those weights on that nice as floor lol

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