ASMR 30 Triggers for Sleep 💤, Relaxation and Tingles

Hi everyone! Good morning. Good evening. How are YOU today? Good? Not good? Don’t worry 🙂 For today’s video, I would like to make different sounds. The first part will be for tingles. The second part is made for relaxation. And the third part to sleep. Sure, you might get some tingles in the second or in the third part. I don’t know. Everyone is different 🙂 OK, let’s go to the first part.

Joseph Wolf


  1. Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well! Timestamp for this video:
    00:00 intro
    01:02 PART 1: TINGLES
    01:04 Whispering & repeating TINGLE
    02:06 Inaudible whispering
    03:18 Ear to Ear Deep breathing
    04:39 Face touching with inaudible whispering
    05:58 Whispering & repeating SLEEP
    07:00 Mic brushing
    08:21 Ear to Ear blowing with a plastic bottle(Yes! I like this one :D)
    09:43 Crushing the mic, a classic.
    10:47 Brushing YOU. Another classic.
    12:05 PART 2: RELAX
    12:11 Hands & fingers rubbing
    12:55 Hand tapping
    13:49 Gloves Rubbing
    14:59 Hand tapping with gloves
    15:08 Gloves scratching
    15:55 Orange tapping (I know some of you love this)
    17:26 Hair tie scratching (I just learned how this is called in English)
    18:53 Wooden box tapping
    20:08 Wooden box scratching
    20:49 Cork mat scratching
    22:11 Cork mat slow tapping
    23:45 Cardboard scratching
    25:00 Beard sounds
    26:29 Scissors sounds
    27:27 PART 3: SLEEP
    27:45 Hair curler nice sounds
    29:02 Electronic dictionary keyboard sounds
    30:11 Book pages turning and some inaudible reading
    31:52 Toothbrush nice sounds
    33:14 Lid Opening and closing sounds
    34:24 Little wood cube gentle tapping and touching
    35:41 Plastic crinkle
    36:49 Sesame Oil Bottle Glass gentle Tapping (Important to say it's sesame!)
    38:28 Opening & closing sesame oil cap
    39:03 Slightly sticky/oily tapping on sesame oil cap
    39:51 Foam touching
    41:29 Good night & inaudible

  2. Roses are read 🌹
    Violet are blue 🌷
    The title was in Swedish 🇸🇪
    So I thought the video was to ):

    Yes I know the flower not is blue

  3. 将来テーマパークスタッフになりたいと思ってるのでこれ聞いてると英語に慣れるかなぁなんて思ってチャンネル登録しました😀

  4. А можно как-то инвертировать картинку и звук так, чтобы когда ты перемещаешься слева направо(и в обратной последовательности), казалось что ты перед лицом, а не перед затылком?

  5. Je suis peut être bizarre mais au début, j'entends un sorte de mouche très irritante qui m'en pêche de me relaxer… Je suis certainement le seul mąis bon.

  6. Я один слышу как кто то ходит этажом выше?

  7. PierreG
    Relax – расслабление
    Релакс – no
    Расслабление – yes

  8. God, that's beautiful! ASMR and BlackPink, awesome! 😀


  10. 何だか下ネタに聞こえるのは僕たまけかなぁ?Chinko

  11. I hate my mom so much because she hits me with a stick and she smacks me on my face and mouth

  12. chiếu thuong lâu uống hết cái chữ gì mỏng là người cũng được luôn á mà nhạc cụ là không làm được không làm gì cái gì mà lại vãi không thể tin được không thể biết được cái gì tôi không tải luôn cái gì tôi cũng lên video của tôi đều nói như vậy không thể tán được luôn cái gì đâu mà toàn mấy cái đồ khác làm như cũ không

  13. why only this video is translated to my language and others are not?

  14. いつもいい音ありがとうございます

  15. 한국어변역ㅜㅜ피에르님천사갔으세요ㅜ구독,좋아요만으론부족한딩ㅠㅠ

  16. Thanos can snap and make half the world go bye bye

    But PierreG can snap and make the WHOLE WORLD fall asleep

  17. Я начинаю верить в Бога 😀 (кто понял, тот понял)

  18. Your my intruduction to asmr and I love keep doing the great job

  19. 1:a frågan. Är du från Sverige o andra. HUR FAN SOMNAR JA TILL VARENDA VIDEO DU GÖR

  20. I'm trying to relax and I'm watching the video and oUT of nowhere this popped into my head "you are the Bob Ross of ASMR"

  21. Страницы страниц страниц 😂

  22. Ты большой молодец. Thank you for this video. Your Russian language not bad) правда есть моменты,где ты неправильно пишешь свои мысли. I so love you

  23. 제목이랑 설명보고 깜짝놀랬네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  24. Мой комментарий сейчас читает какой то уебок

  25. За первые 5 минут, столько мурашек…

  26. еба Иисус, я думал ты чем-то дельным занимаешься, а ты оказывается людям уши заговариваешь чорт

  27. Witam serdecznie mam pytanie do Pana mógłby Pan dodawać do każdego filmiku również napisy Polskie bardzo proszę

  28. Je ne sais comment on dit il n’y pas l’arabe en sous titre en arabe

  29. Speake in Potuguese please!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  30. You really are amazing. I am sat listening with headphones (Bluetooth) chilled.
    I have to say whilst playing your video through the speakers whilst watching. MY PARROT 🦜 is fast asleep. I know how to keep him entertained too.
    Thank you so much I’m just on the second part. I have been considering doing this and adding to my videos.
    Please would you Take a look and listen to my voice I would appreciate any input
    Love Light & Peace to you & all😇🥰😝

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