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Yeah! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! That’s it, that’s it,
come on! Come on! Come on! Hey Kajal, look,
your new neighbours have arrived. Get lost! Kiran, come in.
– Yes. Raj, your new house.
– Get the luggage. You’re hopeless, Kajal. I’ve been
shouting at you to save the goal! The moment she sights a plane,
she forgets everything else. That goal was entirely your fault.
– What goal? I won’t accept it. Didn’t I ask for time out?
– I didn’t hear that. Is it my fault if you were born deaf?
– None of us heard it. Get your ears cleaned up.
I’m not playing with cheats. But leave the ball behind. God! Look at this girl! Are hockey
and football games that girls play? There’s no longer any difference
between a girl and a boy, grandma. But where are Mummy and Papa?
– Gone to see the neighbours. A professor has moved in. They’ve
taken some tea and snacks for him. Give us the ball.
– Shut up! You have only one son?
– No, he’s my brother-in-law. What subjects do you
teach in college? I? I’m no professor, Rohit sahab.
The only connection… I have with the college is that I
run the cafeteria inside the campus. It’s like this, the students come to
you for classes and to me for snacks. In other words, we teachers
make the students tense… while you help them relax.
Correct? – That’s nice. This is my daughter, Kajal.
– Hello dear. Say hello to aunt, my child. Hello dear. Come to me.
So cute. Which class are you studying in?
– Class sixth. – Okay. Hi, I am Kajal. Do you have a name by any chance?
– Raj. Well… Okay, nice name.
Raj. Very good. Will you be my friend, Raj? What does that mean?
– My friendships don’t last. My friends usually desert me
in a matter of days. Why is that?
– I’m not like other boys. I can’t play,
I can’t run. Well, I’m not like others, either.
I’m your friend for keeps. I promise. Let me teach you to fly this plane.
– I wish I could get into this plane. It’s kind of small, isn’t it?
– You don’t know how to fly a plane? I’m small now. Wait till I grow up,
I will fly a big airplane some day. Will you let me sit in your plane then?
– Of course. Friend’s promise?
– Friend’s promise. I’ve cooked the food.
Eat it up and enjoy. It must have taken you ages
to prepare so much food. Big deal! Preparing food for
one’s dear ones is no trouble. Don’t I cook for my wife, too?
– You cook for your wife? If not me, will you cook for her?
– No. What I meant was… doesn’t she cook at all?
– She doesn’t. She’d much rather watch films.
She goes to the movies every Sunday. Don’t you go with her?
– I don’t. She prefers my neighbour Ramdas
for company. You must be kidding.
– Believe me, I have seen with my eyes. Yesterday…I saw it with my own eyes,
Ramdas was waiting around the corner. What did you do then?
– Why me? They had to do the things. They looked at each other
and smiled fondly. Then?
– I followed them at a distance. Then?
– They went straight to Moti theatre. Bought tickets in black
and went right in. Then?
– Why would I leave them? I bought a ticket in black, too,
and went and sat behind them. Then what happened?
– Then what? I was so upset. My mood was ruined.
– Why? It was the movie I’d seen on Friday. Boring movie. But I didn’t warn them.
I thought they deserved to watch it. Dear GI Joe, you’re amazing.
– What’s so amazing? It was a matter of three hours,
and life is short. What a wife God has given me. Ramdas-ji gets to go to
the movies with her… while I’m left at home,
to cook food. Strange man. What happened to Raj’s legs?
– Nothing serious, really. He met with an accident once
and hurt his knee. We gave him the best treatment,
but he’s psyched now. He thinks he might fall
if he tried to walk. That is why he doesn’t move
without the braces. Doctors say he has
only lost his confidence. The day he gets back
his confidence… he will be able to run and play
like other children. We still hope, although it’s now
two years since the accident. Don’t worry, everything will be
all right by God’s grace. Bye-bye.
– Bye-bye. Sleep tight. – Bye.
– Sweet dreams. You too. See you tomorrow.
– See you tomorrow. It was nice meeting you.
Now, please release your hands. Bye.
– Bye. – Bye-bye. Good night.
– Bye. – Bye. Switch off the signal,
the train has already left. Come on. Where are you going,
my express train? I’m going to teach Raj skating. How can he go skating with you?
– Why can’t he? Can a blind man watch a movie?
– No. Can the dumb sing?
– No. Can the deaf hear?
– No. Can I roam around
in a car like a hero? No.
– Then how can Raj skate? Raj can skate. Understood? Hey Ramdas! Good morning, uncle. Good morning, aunty.
Good morning. Good morning. Uncle, has Raj woken up?
– Yes, why? I want to teach the stupid skates.
– My child, you know he can’t skate. Why can’t he? I’ve just been
telling GI Joe that. Must I argue with you too? Give me
one good reason why he can’t skate? I can’t understand you people. I can’t do it, no. Look Kajal,
I don’t know how to skate. I’m going to teach you, am I not?
– But I will fall. Will you stop walking
for fear of falling? But Kajal..
– Come on, hold my hand Kajal, listen.
– What? lame horses do not win races. He already has a broken leg, now
the poor guy will break an arm too. Why, he may even break his head. You stupid! You just watch. Unless Raj beats all of you
at skating, I’m no Kajal. Come on, Raj. You can do it.
Come on, Raj, get up. Come on, Raj.
You have to beat them. Come on, Raj. Come on, Raj. You have to do it.
Come on, Raj, get up. Come on, Raj. You can do it.
Raj, you can do it. Raj. You have to do it, Raj.
Come on, Raj. Get up, get up. For the sake of our friendship,
come on Raj, get up! Raj, you have to do it.
Come on, get up for me. Raj, you can do it.
Come on, Raj. Get up. You have to run. Faster. Run fast, Raj. Run, Raj. Run.
Come on, Raj. You can do it, Raj. You have to run, Raj. You can do it!
– Raj, you can do it! Go, Raj! Come on, faster Raj. Come on. Run! Raj! Come on! Run! Yeah! It’s the inter-collegiate football
final and the scores are equal. They are on extra time. St John’s players are racing
towards Sprindales goal. Springdale’s Raj Malhotra stopped
the ball. Brilliant stop by Raj. Go for it, Raj! Come on, Raj. Do it for our friendship.
– Raj is racing ahead with the ball. Fast, fast. Pass it to me. It’s tough to stop the
players of the opponent team. Come on, Raj!
– Raj has passed the ball. Pass it, pass it. Tony’s aerial pass. Raj has jumped
and kicked the ball. Amazing shot. And it’s a goal! Raj and team win. Hey! Congratulations, Raj. Won’t you say something to
your friends? Please say something. Kajal. Can I have you on stage please? I’m not going. No.
– Raj? Friends, I’m able to stand
before you today… only because of this friend of mine. Else, I would still be struggling
to walk, leave alone run. She had faith in me and I in her. Even today I remember the day.. ..when she coaxed me into running. And from that day,
she’s been making me run… whether it is with her love
or with scolding. Keep quiet, stupid. So Kajal has more right to.. ..the trophy than I have. Kajal.
– Thank you, Raj. Hang on. This Raj is such a duffer. Know why? People generally
snatch away the rights of others… and here’s this stupid guy
who hands over his rights to others. Today’s victory entirely belongs to
him, yet he wants to share it with me. This is one thing
I hate about this man. And one thing I love about him. And that’s why he’s my best friend. May God give everyone such a friend.
I’m so proud of him. Let’s go. “Sha la la, baby.” “Baby, baby, go sha la la.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” I dream of him
over and over again And I know for sure… I dream of him
over and over again And I know for sure… my beloved shall come to me someday “He’ll come one day.” And I shall belong to him… Lost completely in his love “I’ll belong to him.” “I’ll lose myself in his love.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” I dream of her
over and over again And I know for sure… I dream of her
over and over again And I know for sure… my sweetheart
shall come to me someday “He’ll come on day.” And I shall belong to her… Lost completely in her love “I’ll belong to her.” “I’ll lose myself in her love.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” He robs me of my sleep He makes me sleepless all night Makes me more and more restless He torments me no end She’s different I need to tell her… that I’m crazy for her She taught me
what love is all about For her, I could die… I know for sure “My life will be for her.” “My heart knows.” My beloved will come someday And I shall belong to him… Lost completely in his love “I’ll belong to him.” “I’ll lose myself in his love.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” The one who I’ve
set my eyes upon… she is completely ignorant… though she is so close to me She is special He won’t find a girl like me For all his indifference… once he looks me in the eye… he’ll never turn back He has snatched my peace But I’m sure… She will come to me someday…
my sweetheart I’ll belong to her… Lost completely in her love “I’ll belong to him.” “I’ll lose myself in his love.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” “Sha la la baby, sha la la, baby.” Not 11,000 you have
to pay only 6,000. But please listen to me…
-Just listen to me. Go home and
check the accounts. Please go. Good morning, uncle.
– Good morning. Did you see Kajal?
– No. I’ve been wrapped up… with my own problems since morning.
GI Joe must have seen her around. G.I. Joe.
– Okay, uncle. A cutlet? What about my omelet?
– I will send it. G.I. Joe.
– Send it fast. I’m in tension, this man ordered an
omelet, and I sent him a cutlet… Have you seen Kajal?
– She left early this morning. Where did Kajal go?
– Not Kajal, I’m talking about my wife She went away early this morning,
and I know where she’s gone… to watch a movie with Ramdas.
– So early in the morning? For the morning show. My wife
makes me so tense, and you…? Why don’t you reason with your wife?
Why does she go to watch movies… with someone else?
Why doesn’t she go with you? You think I haven’t tried?
Do you think women understand? It’s not her fault though.
Films these days… aren’t the sort women would
want to see with their husbands. He is laughing when I’m
seriously stressed out. – Shut up. What do you want from me? I’m only asking you whether
you’ve seen Kajal around. If not, quit chewing my brains. Yes, I did see her in the campus.
She seemed to be quite tensed. She’s gone to the college. Correct.
– Which college is open on Sundays? For those who’re tensed
what’s a Sunday or Monday? If the college is closed
she may be in the library. One can sit and
read a book when he’s worried Strange. Look he’s tensed now.
So, you know what tension is? A tensed man can murder someone
or commit suicide. He can go to jail or hang himself.
You understand what I mean? Shut up! Get back to work.
– I can do it only after you get out. This is the misfortune of our country
…anybody can take another’s place. Where is my omelet?
– Oh my God! For an omelet you need to first
bring a hen and a cock together. Then you need to break it open, add.. ..spice to it and
pour it over the pan. Shall I do that to you? Get lost! What is this, man? One.
– He’ll come from here. Is today a day of tension?
Oh, this omelet! No! Let me go!
– I’ve been waiting for this day. You deceived me and called me here.
– Deceived you? Whatever. All’s fair in love and war. Who’ll save you? Hey!
– Hey! Stop! Raj! What are you doing? Raj! Raj! Stop it. Raj. Raj! Hey!
– Get up. How dare he touch you?
– Raj, stop it. Kajal, get aside.
– Raj. Raj! You’re trying to run away? Stop it, Raj! Hey! Raj! What are you doing? Leave him. Come on.
– Stop it. Raj, stop it! Raj, look. Stop it, Raj!
Are you crazy, Raj? Stop it! Saved!
– How dare he touch you? Stop it, will you? This isn’t right.
– This isn’t right? So what he was doing to you was right?
– But what was he doing? Where are you going?
– Listen to me. Oh! My God!
– You’re pulling my pants. – God! I won’t spare you!
– Stop it, or he’ll die. How dare he touch you?
You’re alone… I’m not alone. Everyone is here! Where is everyone? When did they arrive? They’ve been with me since morning.
When did they arrive, eh? Shit! He ruined the rehearsal
of our play. Hey, who is this? Who’s been killed? Kamal…?
– GI Joe! Are you all right?
– I’m fine. Are you all right?
– I’m fine! Fine, really? You aren’t even able
to say you’re fine properly. And you say you’re fine?
You’re not fine, neither am I. Nice makeup!
You act so well. Killed him!
– Papa! How’d I know it was only a rehearsal?
– Stupid. Shut up! You should’ve told me
it was only a rehearsal. Why are they fighting?
– You shut up! You! – Listen.
– Stop it! Listen to me, Kajal. You’ve gone mad. Hey!
– Calm down. Listen. – She’s hitting me.
– Look. She hit me. Is this fair? What happened? Did you find Kajal? Yes I did, at the rehearsal. Listen
– She beat me up. Why didn’t you tell me
she was rehearsing for a play? I told you she was under some tension.
– How’s tension related to rehearsal? The show is just four days away,
and they’re yet to perform well. You’ve beaten the
hero black and blue, so wouldn’t she be under tension? Now you’re under tension, too. Would you like to have a cold drink?
– Where’s the omlette, man? I rusticate you! Let’s do something. When she’s
under tension, she feels very hungry. Do one thing.
Eating will free you from tension. Take some samosas to her,
and some pastries too. Let me add some noodles, too.
Don’t tell her I sent them. She’ll only get angry.
You know her temper. Now what’s happened?
What’s the matter now? Just thinking. You can never
understand women’s moods. Some get tense when they’re hungry,
some get hungry under stress. Let me tell you about my wife…
– Quiet. Enough. – Shall I go?
– Serve these. Manish, say your lines. Whether you call it hoodwinking
or cheating, Madhu… What’s this you’re doing? Are you
dancing or speaking your lines? I’m speaking my lines.
– Get lost. Rascal. Tapan, you try it.
Give him the cue, Sweety. You hoodwinked me here.
– Whether you call it hoodwinking… or cheating, call it an apple or
grapes, call it whatever you wish… Tapan, is this line in the dialogue? No, this is my own. Original. Original, my foot. Your fury has lost its sting.
Eat something, you’ll be stronger… and your temper will flare up, too.
– Get lost. Sweety, cue, fast. You hoodwinked me here. But everything’s fair
in love and war, Madhu. Acting is not their cup of tea.
Give me a chance. I may not look like a hero, but I can
act so well.. .. that I can stun everyone. You’re laughing?
– When was I laughing? I saw you laughing.
– I didn’t. Are you sure?
– Sure. Did the snacks work? How’ll it work?
See this? And you’re asking me how it was?
Does it work this way? What should I do?
– If you want to save… your life, property and honour,
get the hell out of here, quick. I was thinking just that.
– Don’t think, run for your life. Get out of here before Kajal comes. I didn’t get the omelet. Do you
have anything else on your menu? Menu? Can’t you see? Salt and chilies…
now lick me. Lick me up, come on.
– Hey what do you think you’re doing? Does he think he can escape
hiding at home? I will not spare him. Bhabhi, where’s Raj?
(Bhabhi – Sister-in-law) He…? He’s fast asleep.
– Asleep, eh? Let me go and see. How dare you sleep now?
Get up! Why are you hitting me? Have you
gone mad? You hit me all the time. You ruined
my sleep! You hit my hero, remember? It was a mistake.
– Just wait. I’ll make a zero out of you.
– A bat…? It’ll hurt me. You like to hit people, don’t you?
Now you will do the acting. But none of my ancestors ever acted.
– Raj, I’m very angry. I’ve not worn any clothes underneath. Shame on you! I’ll put them on you! I got burnt. What are you guys doing?
– Bhabhi… Bhabhi, this girl is crazy.
– You stupid. Everything’s fair
in love and war, Madhu. By the way, tell me,
just who is this Rajiv? Raj, now don’t act
as if you don’t know. Sometimes you ask me to act,
sometimes you ask me not to. What am I to do?
– Acting. What I mean is, act in a way
that looks natural. Unity.
– Sweety, what are his last lines? Here, read this.
– And read it aloud! This is all because of you You were mine, you are mine,
and you will always be mine. Don’t scream! I mean, don’t be so loud.
Speak from within, please. You wanted me to speak aloud, and now
you’re telling me to speak from within You were mine, you are mine, and you will always be mine.
– Oh! God. Who’s this? Darling. Now what?
– Come out! Out! When I said speak from within,
I meant let it come from your heart. Sweety, give him a cue please.
– Take it! Promise me,
you’ll never break my heart. Why just my promise,
you can keep my heart, too. Now, why are you lying there?
Get up, will you? I don’t want to act.
– Come here. And this is one bad interior!
– Raj, I said, come here. Tell me.
– Hold my hand. Look deep into my eyes. I’m the one who is dearer to you
than life And for me, you’ll gladly
accept death. I’m the one. Feel it. Feel it, Raj. Come on, Raj. And say those lines now. You were mine… you are mine… and you’ll always be mine. O Angel of Love, how can
I forget such a noble sacrifice? Sacrifice? I don’t know.
It’s a huge honour… to be kissed by lips as silken
as these before one dies. Fie on those lips
that kill. “I have to say this today.” I must say it now… that I’ve fallen in love with you I can’t bear to stay away
from you anymore For, I’ve fallen in love with you I love you,
I love that attitude And that’s a secret
that I’ve hidden for years I love you,
I love your attitude And that’s a secret
that I’ve hidden for years You are the one I talk about You are the one
who makes me restless Every moment of mine
is now painted in hues of joy “I am in love with you.” “I am in love with you.” I can’t bear to stay away
from you anymore For, I’ve fallen in love with you I’m in love with you Let’s leave the world… somewhere far behind Come… let’s cross all limits today Let’s leave the world… somewhere far behind Come, let’s cross all limits today What’s this high of love? I know not where it has brought me Togetherness is incomplete
without you For, I’ve fallen in love with you “I have to say this today.” I must say it now… that I’ve fallen in love with you “I am in love with you.” “It’s very difficult to stay apart.” “It’s very difficult to stay apart.” “I am in love with you.” “I am in love with you.” “I am in love with you.” “I am in love with you.” Death is a prize
to be coveted, Madhu. It would have been a punishment
if I’d been condemned… to stay away
from your sweet lips. Now, it’s enough my love, It’s time for me to go.
Don’t stop me. So long then, my love.
– Don’t go… Goodbye, my love.
– No. Good bye! – No!
– Uncle! – Child. No!
– Good bye. – No! You can’t leave me all alone. You can’t… my love. Come on, have your milk. No uncle.
– How will you become strong? No. – You keep troubling
sister-in-law. -Raj, when did you get this
call letter from the air force? Just this morning.
– Strange. When did you decide? When did you apply?
You didn’t even tell us. And why such a hasty decision?
– It was not sudden. You know very well I’ve always
been fond of the air force. Do you have any objections, brother?
– Why will I object? Keep in touch after you get there. You have to look after yourself.
– Thank you, brother. – Here. All the best. Take care.
– Okay, brother. I am going to the college. – Bye.
– Bye. Whose dream are you trying to
fulfill? Yours? Or somebody else’s? Who else’s, bhabhi?
– Kajal’s. Who else’s? Have you told her that you love her
and that you wish to marry her? Yes bhabhi, I did tell her once. Will you marry me, Kajal? Why not?
– Look at her. She’s so lucky. Her husband works in the air force. He can fly her
everyday in an airplane I’ll also fly you everyday
when I grow up. So proposition me
after you grow up, stupid. Raj? Raj? What did Kajal reply?
– About what, bhabhi? Gosh! Did you tell Kajal
about your love for her? There’s nothing about me
that she doesn’t know. She knows what I like, what I don’t,
when I get angry… when I am affectionate, when I go
to sleep… she knows everything. All I got to do is propose her?
– And when will you do that? I will, bhabhi. The very day
I become a pilot, I will. I’ll fly her in my plane.
At 30,000 feet altitude… amongst the clouds, I’ll propose her. Will you marry me, Kajal? Well, well!
What are you squealing? No squealing at all.
– You must’ve been talking about me. No, I was only telling her…
– Anyway, I don’t care. Come out fast, I want to talk to you.
– To me? Yes, to you. I want to tell you
something personal, stupid. Come on. Excuse me, sister-in-law. You. Uncle is great. He says something,
does something else… but it happens quite the opposite.
– Keep quiet. How dare you join the air force
without asking me? It was decided when we were kids.
– Still, you should’ve asked me. You asked me before joining the play? I didn’t have to go far away
to perform the play. When will you return? After a year and a half.
– A year and a half? No way. Come back in three months. I can’t learn to ride
a bicycle in 3 months. How will I learn to fly a plane?
– Okay, four months, not a day more.
– A year and a half, not a day less. What will I do here all alone?
– You will miss me… write letters, and maybe cry a little.
– Cry, my foot! Will you call me as soon as you’ve
learnt how to fly a plane? Promise? Promise.
– Fly the plane over our canteen… so I can see you and wave. Agreed? Kajal, it’s a plane I have to fly… not a kite that I can fly
over your terrace. Shut up! Promise? Okay, promise. Now let’s go, come. Listen…
– Tell me. Take care of yourself. Eat properly .. ..and don’t work so hard
that you become weak. And come back soon. Okay? I’m not even gone yet,
and you are crying already? Stupid. Hi, officer. – Hello.
– Can you check it please? Yeah. Raj Malhotra?
Raj Malhotra? Room number 18. Please sign here. Your phrases. Hey! New entrant?
– Yeah, that’s right. – Hi. Raj Malhotra.
– Raunak. – Mandeep. Raj. – Hi.
– Rocky. Raj.
– Room number? – 18. 18? Man, I am your room partner. What are you saying?
– I’ll show you. Come on. – Come. Maceta may be considered as
an extreme case of a call.. ..having an 80 angle or 0 degrees. To the value 1.. ..which may be considered
the other expedition. How was the flight?
– Yeah, it was okay. Here’s one more.
A boy asks his teacher… Will you punish me for what
I have not done? No dear, says the teacher.
What have you not done? I haven’t done the homework Raj! Hey, Raj!
– Raj! Look! That must be Raj
who’s flying the plane. There he goes. Very good. Wow!
– My friend is flying a plane. But how do you know it’s Raj? I asked him to fly over the canteen. Don’t wave! Take your hand inside.
Listen to me. Take your hand inside, my pilot! But GI Joe, it’s been only six months
since Raj joined the air force. He can’t fly a plane so soon.
– He’s been flying since childhood. Yes, he’s not scared of learning.
He’s very intelligent. Stick your hand out, Raj.
Now do a somersault, a back flip. Somersaults, eh? He won’t be allowed
to even go near an airplane so early. Hey! What do you mean?
What do you know about Raj? Not about Raj, but I know
the air force too well. My uncle is an air force officer.
– No wonder Raj beat you up. Take it from me now! How silly this heart is It leaves one in a quandary For no reasons
it lays its trust on someone For lovers… it makes life miserable “Whoever falls in love here,
makes life miserable.” None can reason with it Love is beyond reasoning What is love all about… only lovers know Obsessed lovers
drown themselves… in the depths of love They find restlessness… in solitude For him who is restless… life becomes a sore “Those who become restless..” ..”make life miserable.” For those in love… life gets miserable How can one touch… the stars in the sky How can one forget… his sweetheart’s words? Love offers… Loneliness and anxiety The moment
I remember something… my eyes flow One who waits for a tomorrow… he makes his own life miserable “Those who wait for tomorrow..” “..make life miserable.” He who is in love… makes his own life miserable How silly this heart is It leaves one in a quandary For no reasons
it lays its trust on someone “Those who fall in love..” “..make life miserable.” “Those who fall in love..” “..make life miserable.” Hey brother!- Raj!
– Brother! – Wow! – Raj! Slow, slow, slow. Wow! He looks nice, doesn’t he bhabhi? I’m not going to talk to you.
I’ve been trying to contact you… since the last two months!
– I’m wearing a uniform! But you didn’t send me a reply!
– How would I reply? I was not at the base.
– Where were you then? I was at the border, flying my plane.
– How exciting! Then? Exciting? I didn’t have the time
to eat or drink or do something. What about the important thing
I wanted to tell you about? Well, I got something to tell you too.
– Shoot! In everyone’s presence?
– That’s right, come on. Where are you taking him? He just
arrived. Let him change and eat… No, this is an emergency.
Come on. My uniform tie!
– Sit there. My badge… Now tell me, what have you to say?
– Your turn first. No, you go first.
– No you. I think we both have the same things
to tell each other. But ladies first. Come on.
– Okay. But it’s going to take time to finish.
– I’ll take a nap then. Raj?
– Okay. I can sleep later.
– This is so interesting… that you’ll have a tough time
believing it. It happened when we performed
in Simla two months ago. It so happened that
the show as a great success. After the show we danced
and enjoyed so much, you know. And then I slept so much that
I woke up to find everyone gone. Those in the van thought I was on
the bus … ..and those on the bus
thought I was in the van. And in
the confusion I’d been left behind. That very day we were to perform
at Manali. I didn’t know what to do. Just then, I saw a helicopter
land on the hotel lawn. Excuse me.
– Yes. Whose chopper is this?
– Mr. Karan Singhaniya’s. Why?
– Oh I was just curious, thank you. Hello captain. Yes. I’m Kajal. I am a friend
of your boss, Mr. Karan Singhaniya. Oh! Pleased to meet you, miss Kajal. Karan and I were supposed to go to
Manali together. I am doing a show. And he’s the chief guest.
You must be aware of all this. Yes, I am.
– So will you be here long? No, I am on my way to Delhi.
– Since Manali is on the way. Do you mind dropping me there?
– No, I can’t do that. If my boss gets to hear of it,
I could lose my job. What rubbish! Don’t worry about that,
I can explain things to Karan. But Miss Kajal…
– You ought to be delighted. I will talk to Karan about you, and
it can even fetch you a promotion. All right. Okay. So I’ll bring my luggage.
Wait here. Don’t run away. I won’t. My bluff worked. I was on my way
to Manali on the helicopter. But what did I see on the way?
The pilot was stealing glances at me. Soon, I could stand it no longer.
I snapped at him. Haven’t you seen a girl before? Sorry. Extremely sorry. What happened after that?
– As soon as I reached Manali… I slapped that Kamal.
– Kamal? Who? The same guy you beat up during
the rehearsal of the play. But the best part was something else. Guess who was the chief guest? Who was it?
– Karan Singhaniya. The owner of the helicopter?
– The owner was himself the pilot. What are you saying?
– Raj, I got such a shock… when the organizers invited him
on stage. There he was before me! Miss Kajal.
She directed this play. And this is our chief guest,
Mr. Karan Singhaniya. I hope you will talk
to my boss Mr. Eeshwar Singhaniya. This is not done. Absolute. You were having fun at my expense.
Couldn’t you tell me… you were Karan Singhaniya?
– You never gave me an opportunity. What do you mean? Did I stick
a tape round your mouth? Oh! My God. I thought you were doing me a favour, when you were pulling my leg. No, I wasn’t. On the contrary… Anyway. Forget it. I’m sorry I lied to you the other day.
– No, you didn’t lie. The fact is, you have become
Karan Singhaniya’s friend. May I ask you a favour?
Can I drop you back at Simla? No, I am not going back to Simla.
I’m headed home, Dehradun. Oh! It’s on the way. Really?
– Really. Karan dropped me right here.
When the copter landed… all the boys came running to
greet us. Manjit, Anurag, Raman… Hey!
– Everyone was stunned. When I thanked Karan, he said,
Won’t you at least… offer me a cup of coffee
for dropping you here? I borrowed Manjit’s cycle
to take him home. You seem to be the boss around here.
– They’re all my friends. Is there a special friend among them? I do, but he’s away
undergoing training… .. with the air force.
His name is Raj. Raj. He is my best friend. We’ve been
friends since childhood. He’s a great guy.
So simple and so unassuming. He’s very fond of me.
He could die for me. When we reached home, my parents
were so surprised at seeing Karan. But he won over everybody’s heart. He touched the elders’ feet… even GI Joe’s. Embrace me. He suggested some ayurvedic remedies
for grandma’s pain in the knees. Gave father some Italian recipes
for his canteen. He even helped mummy
fry some pakoras. Here, sir.
– Wow son, in so many years… we didn’t realize we could use
the leaves from own backyard… ..to make pakoras.
– No, it’s pathodas. Yes, pakoras.
– No aunt, it’s pathodas. You know it’s made of leaves.
(Patta – Leaf) Here you go.
– Absolutely right. You.
– Wow! Yes.
– Wow! On Karan’s invitation,
Papa visited his house once. He couldn’t stop talking about them
when he returned. He said… They are so rich,
and yet so humble. Then, one day, Karan took me
to the flying club. Where, all his choppers
were lined up. Wow! Tell me, which chopper
would you like to sit in? What do you call that red one?
– Cessna 172. That’s the one.
– Hop right in, then. In that big chopper he flew me across
the clouds. What a sight it was! Really Raj, I had never seen
such clouds before. Then he said… Kajal? Will you marry me? What did you tell him? What could I say?
My heart was pounding. I missed you so much that moment.
I thought… if only you had been there,
I’d have asked you for an answer. I told Karan just that.
– What did you say? That I can’t say yes or no
without consulting Raj. If I forbid you from marrying him,
you won’t marry Karan? I won’t. Promise.
But at least meet him once. He is so nice that
you won’t forbid me, believe me. Now that I have told you about
my wedding, you tell me what
did you want to tell me? About your wedding, of course. When can I meet him?
– You mean it? I love you, Raj. I love you.
– Me too. Then we’ll meet him right away.
Let’s go. Come on. What happened?
– I’ll go and freshen up. Mr. Raj. Karan?
– Yes. Nice to meet you. Nice meeting you.
– Come have a seat. Thank you so much. Kajal talks a lot about you.
She’s very fond of you. She respects you a lot.
– Yes, I know. My life is in your hands now, sir.
Only you can help me. I’m a nice guy, and I come from
a very good family. I promise you… I will not let Kajal down. Never. My folks and I will always
take good care of Kajal. I promise, sir. Honestly, I dearly love Kajal, sir. She loves me too.
As for me, I can’t live without her. Honest. If I don’t have Kajal,
I will die. So please put in a kind word for me,
or Kajal will not marry me. For Kajal, I can. It’s you Karan! I hope you aren’t bribing Raj?
– He doesn’t need to. You can’t get a better
life-partner than Karan. Oh sir, thank you so much. Raj! Chant. Chant. Chant. Chant. Chant. Chant. If you love someone… say it… before it’s too late If you trust someone… say it… before it’s too late That’s the secret to steal a heart “If you love someone.” “Express your love.” “You shouldn’t delay.” The pain love inflicts… the more it hurts,
the more you seek But it’s beyond one’s comprehension My beloved… is a trifle merciless She takes pleasure in tormenting me Yet, my heart is proud
of my beloved If you love someone… express it… before it’s too late It’s a time to celebrate A joyous occasion, indeed It’s the sign
of joyous events to come It shows in the eyes That’s the wonder of love Love can never be hidden Love is a secret
that only the eyes reveal If you love someone… express it… before it’s too late If you trust someone… say it… before it’s too late That’s the secret to steal a heart Bhabhi, why did Raj quit the party? Why don’t you answer me?
Tell me, for my sake please. What do I say?
Raj madly loves you. He wanted to marry you. Raj. Tears of joy,
you know I’m so happy that. Shut up. Just shut up Why didn’t you tell me before? Tell what?
– That you love me. I never felt the need to tell you. I thought it was plain enough
for you to see. – Oh! God. It is rightly said that… a book that is too
close to your eyes.. ..cannot be read. I’m so stupid. Kajal. Would you tell me something?
– What? Had I proposed you first, would your reply have been yes? Why do you ask me now Raj? I won’t be at peace till I know. Neither will you after you know. The truth is, I myself don’t know.
I never thought about it before. And it’d be a sin to think of it now. But don’t think that
I’d be spared once I’m away. If you hurt yourself, I’ll be
hurt, too. Remember this much. Raj. The world does not come to an end
if a loved one leaves you. And if that makes for an excuse
to ruin your own life… that’d be an insult to your love
and to the one who has left you. I’m sure you won’t ever insult me. Take care of yourself. Get a hold on yourself. Good bye. Good bye. There’s joy in my eyes… yet my heart weeps Oh, what crossroads
has love brought me to? Yes, it’s a secret to endure pain And as you see.
You just cut off the parachute. Raj, your brother and bhabhi
are here. I’ll just come.
– Okay. Hi.
– Hi, Raj. – Hey, brother! Good to see you.
Bless you, bless you. How are you? Fine brother. What brings you here? We’re on our way back from a seminar We thought we’d drop in.
Tell me something, officer… have you sworn not to come home?
– Not at all, brother. There is so much work here…
– Cut the crap. You will come home
during the next vacation. Otherwise. We don’t like it without you there. Hey! Come on, brother. Kiran, where are the sweets? In the car.
– I’ll get them. Left my favorite stuff in the car?
– Take him to task, Kiran. – Yes. Take a seat, bhabhi. You know Raj, why your brother got
himself transferred to Nainital? So that you don’t have to travel
all the way to Dehradun. I know, bhabhi. He doesn’t want you to be reminded
of the past and hurt yourself. Yet you make him sad. You neither
come home .. ..nor reply to my letters. Bhabhi, all you do in the letters
is ask me to marry. I don’t want to marry. All right, I will do just as you say, but please stop weeping. Wipe your tears.
My friends are watching. You won’t change your mind,
will you, Raj? No more turning back in life. Here are the sweets. Tell me, have
you fixed the date for coming home? I’ll be in Europe for 6 to 8 weeks
on a Sea-Harrier training, brother. As soon as I return,
I’ll come home. Promise?
– Officer’s promise. That’s all for today.
Have a nice weekend. No good being in a foreign land
all these days. What do you mean?
– We haven’t gone sightseeing. I mean, no women and wine…
– He’s right. Come on, let’s go. It’s New Year’s Eve. Must celebrate.
– All right, let’s go to the disco. Wow, that’s a great idea.
– Even the toughest one has ideas! Busted! His little secret
has been discovered. In the car.
– Look, dear. Alright, people. Move your body. Jiya. Hey! You want to dance?
– No, thank you. Monty, let go. What are you doing? Welcome, Jiya. Let’s dance.
– Get off me. Leave me. I’ll just freshen up and come.
– Okay. Same for him, please.
What are you staring at? Haven’t you seen a girl booze? Actually, I don’t usually drink.
– Thank you. But today is New Year’s Eve. So I thought I’d live it up.
I’d try something new. By the way. Happy new.. I am so sorry. You see, tonight. I am so sorry. What are you doing? I am sorry. You see.
– What the hell are you doing? I’m slightly drunk. When I drink,
it hits me very fast. Aren’t you stoned? A torn pocket!
– Excuse you. I suppose you don’t know this
is in fashion these days. Excuse me. It’s an Armani jacket.
– It’s now a typical Sindhi jacket! Hey! Come on.
– Listen. Listen, please give me your residence
number, telephone number, everything. Never mind.
– Let’s go. Mr. Never Mind, give me your address.
I will send you a jacket. Lay off, Monty. Monty your dad may
be my father’s business partner… but that doesn’t give you
the right over me. Let me go! Get off me. Or I’ll smash your head.
– Try hitting me. What are you doing? Hey! Hey! Leave her. Leave her! Go away. Please. You! – Calm down.
– Stop it. Stop it! Come on, get the hell out of here!
– Where are you taking me? Listen to me…
what are you doing? What’s next? You got a car?
– Yup. Yup. Where’s the car?
– Yup. Where’s the car?
I don’t know. Where’s the car? Where’s the key? Keys? Are you drunk?
I think you’re drunk. Why?
– Because when there is no car… what will you do with the keys?
– All right. Just give me the keys
and I’ll find your car. How boring. Take this. But I am not. Yay! Got it. Come on. Wow! I must say you are intelligent. Both, brave and intelligent. You’re not drunk either. Unlike others, who get drunk easily and lose their senses. Excuse me, where do you think
you’re taking my girlfriend? I’m not your girlfriend.
I am going with him. What? Hey you, Torn-Pocket! The winner takes Jiya with him. Come on. You win. Take the girl. Hey! Fight, fight, fight.
– Hey! Come on. Fight.
– Fight like a man. Come on. Who’s this soiled-shorts?
– It’s spoilsport! Spoilsport! That’s right!
Never mind, darling. – Okay. I’m off. Jiya, take it back. – What to do?
– Get back. – Jiya. Jiya, take it back. Bye, Monty. Bye. Be my hero, baby. Yay. Madam, where do you have to go?
– Wherever you take me. Tell me your address. Oh yes. Go straight, straight… Jiya! Drive straight. I’ll get you. Monty! My brother is here! What are you up to? Stay down.
– Let go. I am flying.
Let’s race. Come on, come on. Jiya. Brother Monty!
– Stay down. You’ll fall. Faster. Faster. Hey! That’s my girlfriend.
– Come on. Come on.
– Sit down. Brother Monty is here! Brother Monty!
– Jiya! What fun? New years eve. Yay! Stop the car. Where did he go? Crap! Hey! Speed up, brother Monty. You, here! Damn you! Hey! What are you doing, man?
– Sorry, sorry. – Man, you bumped into my car. Stop it!
– You! Brother Monty is punctured! Where do you want to go from here,
Madame? – Wrong side. Straight. Yay! Left. We’re here. Madam, listen to me. You’ll fall. Where’s your house?
– It was right here this morning. Here?
– The flood might’ve drowned it. Goodbye. You’re not only brave .. ..and
intelligent, you’re handsome too. Oh! God. Too much drinking is bad for health. You didn’t seem to remember the way
to your house, so I brought you home. Your clothes were wet,
so I helped you get into mine. Or you could’ve caught pneumonia. I washed your clothes
in the washing machine, ironed them, and there they are…
hanging to your left. Take a look. There’s milk, bread and butter in the
refrigerator in case you’re hungry. Don’t use the toaster,
you might get an electric shock. Your car is parked outside,
and the keys are near the computer. Goodbye. Raj. The handwriting suggests
he’s very intelligent. Hey, girl. Look at the size of the shirt.
He seems so tall. Tell me, how does he look?
– Very handsome. Oh! My God. We came in the nick of time.
Otherwise you. – Hey! Tell us, what else did he do?
– Nothing at all. Must’ve kissed you.
– No, he isn’t that type. How can that be? He changed your
clothes, yet he didn’t do a thing? Nothing. – How would you know?
Completely wasted. – Oh! Shut up. Such boys are rare these days.
– I’d have married him. Why not me? By the way,
thank you for your suggestion. Jiya, you must thank him. – Yeah. Good morning, sir. – Yeah.
– Bouquet for Mr. Raj. Thank you. After coming to, at home,
I realized that… I’d forgotten something very
valuable at your place. If you find it, please call me
on this number… 6399400 Jiya. Now what has she forgotten? Hello. I’m sorry, there’s no jewellery
of yours here. There could be something
much more precious. What do you mean?
– I couldn’t even thank you properly. I want to meet you to
express my gratitude. Not necessary. You’ve already
sent me a bouquet. You’ve expressed your gratitude.
So forget it. Okay? It takes one last rendezvous
to forget things. Will you please come home?
– Look, I have no time. Bye. Hello. No problem. I’ll get you, baby. Hi, boys.
– Hi! Please carry on.
– Carry on. Hey! Hey!
– What’s your problem? What’s your problem, man?
Are you dumb? Shortsighted? Wait a minute. Excuse me.
– Yes. – What do I look like? You’re so beautiful.
– Thank you. Hear that? And you don’t believe it? Excuse me.
What do you think I look like? Very sexy. You lucky bugger. Hey! Whom did you call a lucky?
– Hey! Some call me sexy,
others call me beautiful. How come you don’t see it in me?
Are you blind? Or, do you have a problem…? Listen. I don’t have time for you. But I can wait.
– Then keep on waiting. Hi.
– Hi. Ask me how pretty you are, how sexy you are.
How’d that moron know? He’s not a player, after all.
– It’s connoisseur! I know, it’s something like that. The geometric conic can
be mathematically modified ..by placing the parellel.. ..using the orthomorphic formulae. Instead of placing them
at a constant distance. This should produce a
quick automotive injection. But as you all know, that in our training we
are primarily interested in. God. – As I was saying,
that in our training.. ..we are primarily interested.. ..in the day … …on the 2 standard parallels. Pay attention, boys. As I say. On the 2 standard parallel. Raj?
– Yes, sir. Go and solve the problem.
– Right, sir. Hi. What do you want?
– Just one date. Why?
– It’s my birthday today. Won’t you come home for dinner? Please. You will come, won’t you?
– Okay. My place!
– No touching. – Sorry. All right, I will come.
– Oh thank you… Enough.
– Sorry, sorry. Happy birthday.
– Thank you. It’s my birthday. Yes! Hi. I hope I didn’t keep you waiting. I wouldn’t mind waiting forever
to catch one glimpse of you. I hope you have no more complaints? I wouldn’t dare complain about you. If you wish to betray me,
go ahead and do it. But I’ve put my heart and soul
at your feet. Be my God of Love. It’s a power cut.
I’d better leave. – Never mind. The electricity will be back. Do not grieve over the lights
that are put out. My eyes shall burn all night. Why do you wish to play with fire? You will burn. I’m but a lump of wax. Consume me, turn me into a fireball. Let the warmth of your breath spread
all over me. Burn me to my soul. Shower on me…
let my thirst of years be quenched. Tonight, the showers will be fun Our sweet meeting will be fun “The rains are going to be fun.” This sweet meeting of ours
will be fun I had been holding myself back “I had treasured.” The moment you gazed at me,
I lost my composure “When our eyes met.” robbed my very being,
O stranger Amazing is a beauty
drenched all over Her body,
bedazzling Amazing is the monsoon And the showers make you sweat…
it dazes me The passionate urge
on my lips… is to quench your thirst,
my love When the clouds burst
to shower down heavy drops… my beloved, an urge
to embrace you overcomes me Your ways, O cruel one… “Your killer attitude.” makes me lose my patience You set your eyes upon mine… and robbed my very being,
O stranger Hold me in your eyes…
wait no more Bridge this gap…
wait no more Give me a place in your heart…
wait no more Embrace me…
wait no more Of late I’ve been very restless But I’ve been waiting
for this day since years If you try to stop me,
I shall cross all limits If you make me pine any longer,
I’d die “We’ll remain thirsty.” We shall thirst forever… should this season pass “I had treasured.” I had been holding myself back The moment you gazed at me,
I lost my composure “Our eyes met.” You set my eyes upon mine… and robbed my very being,
O stranger “Our eyes met.” Did he come finally?
– Yes, he did… but only in my dreams. You girls scared him off.
– I don’t think he’s interested. Forget him. I’m not the one to forget. I’ll get you, baby. Hi, everyone. How are you? Where’s Raj? Why’s everyone so quiet? Where’s Raj?
Where’s he? Do you expect us to reveal
our friend’s secrets? What do you mean?
– You want his friends to save him? Let him down, Rounaq!
– I know. Kind of busy. Where did she go?
– Raj. If you insist, I’ll tell you.
Raj has gone to India. He’s gone to India.
– India? Why? Had some work there. But if I can
help you in any way, do tell me. At your service.
– Shut up. Raj. Has she left?
– The disaster you couldn’t avert… for days, I staved it off at one go.
This week’s training will be no sore. It takes an ass like me only one
shot to hit the target. Very good, dear. For the first time
you got the idiom right. This is London’s Buckingham palace,
and this is… Papa, uncle is here!
– Shelly! Shelly! Hey, Raj! How are you? Hello, brother. – Wow!
– Uncle, what have you got for me? Won’t you come to me? How are you? See Mummy, what
a nice doll uncle has bought for me. It’s beautiful.
– I’m famished. I’ll take a bath… Serve food quickly. Okay?
– I’ll serve it right away. Raj.
– Yes. Don’t go upstairs,
you take this room, here. What have you done to my room?
– You know we’ve kept a paying guest. A paying guest? Why my room?
– Raj, that room is always locked. Your brother goes to college,
while I give tuitions. Shelly used to feel bored at home.
But now she has got good company. She isn’t just good, she’s great.
You’ll be stunned. Good, Shelly has got company… Greetings. It was only an expression. That
doesn’t mean you keep gaping at her. Raj? How did you reach here?
– I first took a flight… then a train, a bus
and an auto rickshaw. I can’t tell you, but it
was quite a bumpy ride. So you know her?
– Yes brother. I know this girl very well.
– Very well, my foot. You returned to India even before
you could get to know me, didn’t you? Hardly matters. Now that
you’ll be living together… you will get to know each other well.
– Right, brother. She calls you brother?
– So what? God bless you. She’s a very nice girl, Raj. Despite staying abroad… for so many years, she hasn’t
forgotten our culture and traditions. She has won us over. Culture! She could
sell this country off! Why have you come to my house?
– I came to meet you… on the pretext of returning
your shirt. I lied to your brother… Oh! Shut up! Just shut up! I don’t like
these tricks of yours. Understand? But bhabhi likes not only
my behavior, she also likes me. That’s because she’s yet to meet
the real you. Shall I tell her… in what condition I found you
at the disco? Stoned! Sure, tell them. Also tell them
that you carried me to your room… took off all my clothes,
laid me down on your bed… and God knows what all you did to me!
– Shut up! I was drunk. All you gave me was
this shirt to cover my body. I can prove it!
Bhabhi! Aren’t you ashamed? Don’t you care
even a wee bit about your honour? Kid, my honour lies in yours. Airport. If I lose it, you will lose it too.
– Lose what, eh? Give me my shirt.
– Raj? Raj…? What’s going on here?
– Nothing, I was… Excuse me. You’re leaving
your shirt behind once again. Excuse me. How about leaving my dress behind? Insolence! Take that. Come on, let’s have tea together. The potato and cabbage dish
is great, Raj. Bhabhi, give me some more. Else,
he’ll lose his temper for no reason. Here you go. – I just love this
rumaali roti. I really missed it. Why don’t you get married? You can
have rumaali rotis everyday. Listen, you were supposed to find
a girl for him. What progress? I’d find a girl for him today itself. But will he marry the girl I choose? Why won’t he? Won’t I break
the moron’s legs? I will, on one condition. She
should be a great cook like bhabhi. Raj. For your kind information. Jiya was the one who cooked today. So you are out uncle, clean bowled?
– Eat quietly. Children don’t talk while eating.
Bhabhi, is this some lentil curry? There’s no salt in it. Why don’t you
check it out for yourself? Miss Jiya. It seems there’s no one. where’s my book? The rains are going to be fun.
Our romantic meeting. Hey you! You were peeping on me,
weren’t you? Say yes or no. I didn’t see a thing.
– You did. I saw nothing. Okay, I’m sorry.
– Sorry won’t work, mister. Well…?
– Say that you like me. But I didn’t see anything.
– No? Then see now. Miss Jiya, what are you doing?
– Raj. Bhabhi is coming. Shall I tell her
that you were watching me bathe? What?
– I didn’t see anything. I even apologized.
– Nothing doing. Say you like me. No.
– No? I do, I do. Yes? Or no?
– Yes. If yes, say lovingly
that I like you. Yes, I like you.
– Raj, where are you? Bhabhi is coming here.
– Where do I hide? Here.
– How can I hide there? Come on!
Hold the towel. Jiya…
– Yes bhabhi? Have you seen Raj anywhere?
– No bhabhi. Isn’t he in his room? He’s not there, he’s not
even downstairs. Then, he may be behind the towel…
I mean, he may be in the bathroom. All right, I’ll check.
– Okay. What happened?
– I couldn’t even breathe. Finally you accept that you like me,
don’t you? So, did you enjoy that? No.
– No? Then try again. Insolence! It was because of bhabhi
that I came under pressure. Under pressure, or under threat,
at least you accepted? Insolent girl! I’ll get you, baby. One minute.
– I want to eat Roshan’s ice-cream. Let’s go. You Towel Girl, get off!
You’re not going with us. Get off!
– I’m not dying to go with you. But bhabhi asked me to fetch some
things for the Karva Chauth festival. Well, if I don’t,
it won’t rent the skies. But bhabhi won’t complete her fast,
she’ll remain hungry… she’ll lose her temper,
and take it out on her husband. And they are going to brawl. So what? Why do I bother? Bye.
– Get lost Jiya, you guys haven’t gone yet?
– Bhabhi, Raj doesn’t want… Come, sit.
– What did you say? Come madam, sit. Let’s go
and do some shopping. – So sweet. Bye. What are you doing?
– What am I doing? Take your hands off!
– What shall I hold then? Hold your hips. If I don’t hold on to you,
I may fall down. So fall then.
– If I fall, we won’t buy anything. Bhabhi won’t be able to complete
her fast, which may result in a brawl. And if husband and wife quarrel…
– For heavens’ sake, quit blabbering. Always rambling.
Just shut up. Get off.
These types don’t get off easily. Lay off. Go, do the shopping.
Move it. Ouch! What are you doing? Hey! Come out. Come on. Hey! You’re eyeing our target?
Go away. Madam, they are gone.
– Thank you so much, brother. Shall we…?
– Where to? We were going to Delhi, but you
stopped us. Come on, let’s enjoy. How dare you touch me? You dog. What? Dog? – Stupid man.
– Stupid? Take her! Come on. Raj. – Put her inside the car. Uncle, sister… They’re abducting me. Raj! Let go! Let go, I say! – No.
– I say, leave me. What’s your problem?
– You think you are a hero? Get lost!
Come on take her, guys. Yes. Hit him. Sorry. Sorry. Please. Very good, uncle Very good. Wasn’t it great? Uncle… – Hey You misbehaved with her? Why did you misbehave with her? Rascal! Stop your uncle.
Or my friend will be a dead man soon. If you want to hit,
hit me. Leave him.
– You love to tease girls, don’t you? Uncle, he’ll die. Stop it. Pick him up! Take your father away.
– Lift him quickly. I know you love me, or why
would you fight for me like this? Tell me, yes or no?
– Shut up. Just shut up.
It’s not funny any more. Because of your disgusting behavior
that guy hit Shelly. Anyway, no good telling you.
You’re not the sort who’d understand. You care not for your own honour
nor for that of others. Go, get your shopping done.
Do something worthwhile for a change. What nonsense! There’s
a limit to everything. Get lost. Out. Why did you do this, Raj?
– It was right, bhabhi. She was making fun of traditions.
– Not she, you made fun of it. But bhabhi, she…
– She was observing the fast, too… hungry and thirsty since morning.
And you flung her plate of worship? Married women observe these fasts
for their husbands, bhabhi. Yes. Also, women observe these fasts
for the men they accept as husbands. Jiya asked me before
observing the fasts. Bhabhi, you don’t know this girl. She
has been after me for sometime now She’s an eccentric.
– Enough Raj, enough. We know everything.
She has told us everything. You lied to her
that you left for India. She traveled halfway around
the world only to see you. She’s not eccentric, Raj.
She loves you madly. But brother, I…
– No buts, Raj. You promised to marry the girl
of my choice. Jiya is my choice. No, this can’t be. Raj, why not? I agree you didn’t get the girl
you loved. But that doesn’t mean
you should spurn other’s love. What’s wrong with Jiya?
She’s madly in love with you. Mummy, sister… I’m leaving, bhabhi.
– Jiya? Bye, brother. Jiya. – No brother, I don’t want
this home to break up because of me. The few days I spent with you were
just great. I can never forget them. Please forgive me if I committed
any mistake unknowingly. I suppose I was trying to achieve
what wasn’t destined for me. Bye, bhabhi. Bye, Shelly. Take care.
– You too. Papa. Your uncle is hopeless, my dear. Sister. – There’s lot of poison
in his mind. – Stop my sister. It is said that those with broken
hearts don’t break others’ hearts. That isn’t true at all. Jiya. Raj, please don’t tell me any such
thing that I won’t be able to bear. Stop. Will you marry me? Say yes or no. Here, drink some water Love is an illusion, they say So I held my feelings back Love is an illusion, they say So I held my feelings back I wanted the one whom I love
to love me The thought of it rendered me
sleepless for nights together Allah forbid!
May no one fall in love Allah forbid!
May no one fall in love He is naive and so innocent My lover is different He’s indifferent now… but I know my love will succeed I’m excited,
an ecstasy overwhelms me Hold me,
I’m staggering How do I tell you?
Your touch… spreads a fragrance all over me Love is a passing breeze, they say So I held my feelings back Love is a passing breeze, they say So I held my feelings back I wanted the one whom I love
to love me The thought of it rendered me
sleepless for nights together Allah forbid!
May no one fall in love Allah forbid!
May no one fall in love Amidst a lovely course,
in your eyes… I shall make my world
that I dream about Strings of love,
few lovely moments… I shall rob of life Adorn my hair,
steal my fragrance… hide me in your embrace, my love In the Eden of love,
take me in your arms… make love to me, my love In love, I was condemned So I held my feelings back In love, I was condemned So I held my feelings back I wanted the one whom I love
to love me The thought of it rendered me
sleepless for nights together Allah forbid!
May no one fall in love “Allah forbid.
No one should fall in love.” “Allah forbid.
No one should fall in love.” My Mummy is very traditional. She’s
going to give you a religious welcome She’s so excited.
I can’t even tell you. Here we go. Oh! God. Where is everyone?
Ram Singh, what happened? Madam, daughter-in-law…
– What…? Oh! My God. Hold her. Come on. No.
– Hold her tight. Kajal.
– Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, control yourself. No!
Hold her. Come on. Get me the injection. Now.
Yes. Just one second. Just hold her. I want to die. Doctor Sharma. You go with her.
The treatment will continue. Mr. Singhaniya, this is the
third time your daughter-in-law… has tried to kill herself. Had the nurse on duty… not seen her on time,
we would’ve lost her this time. What are you saying?
– I’m sorry Mr. Singhaniya… if things go on like this, we will
have to send her to the mental asylum Asylum? For the moment we will keep her
in the ICU, under observation. Pray that she becomes well enough
to take care of herself… and that she doesn’t do this again. Kajal, your sister-in-law has been my friend since childhood. My best friend. Never even in my worst nightmares
did I foresee her in this condition. I met Karan. I met Karan once. Nice guy. She loved him very much,
madly. Yes, my brother loved her, too.
They made such a beautiful couple. I guess someone’s
cast an evil eye on them. What had happened?
– Two months after their marriage… Karan and Kajal were going
to our farmhouse in Rishikesh… when their helicopter crashed
into River Ganges. My brother died on the spot.
But sister-in-law survived… only to live a life
worse than death. She was in coma for four months.
When she came around… and learnt that Karan was dead
she was petrified. Ever since, she has been like this. All she wants to do is end her life. She feels she is responsible
for my brother’s death… because it was she who forced him
to fly the helicopter in bad weather. We did try to explain things to her,
but she’s been inconsolable. She will listen, she will definitely listen, now that I am here. And I promise you, I will
bring her back to her senses. She’s resting. Let’s go. Bhabhi, look who is here to see you. Hi. Is this any way to meet
your friends? No hi, no hello, no stupid. Hey come on, talk to me, buddy. Kajal, say something please. Talk to me… come on. Raj. Why doesn’t she talk, Jiya?
She will die if she doesn’t talk. The pain has hardened her heart.
We must melt it somehow. Enough, I don’t want more.
– Monty, you are here? Jiya, you’ve come all alone?
Where’s Raj? He’s in the hospital
with Kajal, Mummy. Alright – With Kajal, why?
– Uncle, he’s Kajal childhood friend. Is that so?
And I thought he’s your friend. Monty, he is my fiancé,
and Kajal’s friend. Oh yes, I remember him, singing
and dancing at Karan’s marriage. You were in the US
preparing for your exams. Karan introduced him to me
as Kajal’s best friend. Remember what you said to me once? The world does not end
when a loved one goes away. You also said that if somebody.. ..uses that excuse
to ruin his life… he not only insults his love
but also the person he loves. Now here you are Kajal, doing
that very thing, insulting Karan. Think. If Karan were around, would he be
happy seeing you in such a state? Kajal? Kajal. Kajal, you wanted me
to become a pilot. I have become a pilot now.
Look at me. Do you remember I had promised you
to fly you across the clouds? So come on, let’s go.
Let’s get ready. Let’s catch the bloody plane. Let’s touch the sky. We’ll take our plane up into the sky,
where visibility is almost zero. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! And we’ll perform aerobatics. After the strapping,
we’ll speed up and climb higher. We’ll slowly climb,
10,000 feet… 20,000… 30,000 and 40,000 feet!
Then we’ll plunge down! We plunge down,
splitting the clouds… as our hearts .. ..begin to race. We leave the sky behind… as the earth looms larger
and larger before us. Our speed suddenly shoots up. We try to control the lever… but the machine
springs out of control. Mayday! Mayday!
Roger. Roger, mayday! Mayday! Our plane is out of control and we
continue to plunge towards the earth. And in a flash,
our plane hits the ground! Kajal! The plane shatters. Everything
comes to an abrupt end. No Karan!
– Everything comes to an end. No!
– Kajal! Control yourself. Listen to me, Kajal.
– My Karan will die. Kajal, listen to me!
– Karan! Control yourself, Kajal.
Control yourself. – No! Kajal. Kajal, look at me.
Kajal, control yourself. Look at me. Look at me. I say, wake up. Kajal, be brave. My Karan! My Karan! Kajal, easy. Be brave. No. Let me cry, Raj. Until now
I did not have a shoulder to cry on. Enough. Why did you come, Raj?
To save me? But my life isn’t that precious. To me, my friend’s life
means more. Control yourself. Everything will be all right.
I’ll take you out. – Madame, juice. Thank you. So now, I assume, you will
take care of yourself. You will, won’t you? You’re a wise and clever girl, Kajal. You know that those who die
never return. It’s wiser to forget them,
don’t you agree? We can’t guard or check
our memories, Raj. Tell me, were you able
to forget me even once? Yes, doctor. – Check the records
and meet me in the operation theatre. Okay, doctor. Hello, jiya. – Oh! Hi.
– Good news. She’s much better now. Though physically, she’s still weak,
but she will pick up. Thank you, doctor.
– By the way, she is not in her room. She is in the garden down there. Thank you. Hi, Kajal.
– Hi, Raj. For you. You don’t look good
on this chair at all. Do you remember our childhood days,
when I needed braces to walk around? And you used to say, get up Raj,
come on, run for my sake. And I ran so fast. Remember? Come on, I tell you, hold my hand. You know I won’t let you fall.
Come on, hold my hand. Come on. How did you come to know about me?
Your brother must have told you. No. Who then? Call it coincidence if you like. I’d come to meet Jiya’s parents. I’m going to marry Jiya, you know?
– What…? Then what are you standing there for,
stupid? Come into my arms. You have really
pleased me today, Raj. I’m very happy,
our Jiya is very lucky. Hey Kiran, where are you?
– Coming. What’s up?
– C for Cat. There’s an excellent news for you. Mr. Singhaniya called to say that soon
he will get Raj and Jiya engaged. That’s great news. Know what, Kiran? Jiya is
our Kajal’s sister-in-law. How does such a big world.. ..become so small sometimes? Destiny.
– Madame, your medicine. What medicine are you giving her?
– She needs sleep badly. And without these pills,
she doesn’t sleep a wink. Why won’t she sleep?
She will now. And she will sleep tight without
these wretched pills, all right? Yes, sir.
– Okay? Go. – Okay, sir. Come on, I will help you to sleep,
come on, get up. Slowly. Very good. Can’t sleep? So you can’t sleep, eh?
Want me to sing a lullaby? Sing, Raj. From the bottom of my heart… I pray… may I be kept awake… while you be given sleep May your lips smile forever May God bless you with happiness May not sorrows
ever touch you What breaks and then joins again
brings music into one’s life So? Do you see what I see, Jiya? I see more than what you see, Monty. Well, you’ve probably heard the tale
of the tortoise and the rabbit. The tortoise wins only
when the rabbit goes to sleep. Of course, it’ll do me good. Don’t worry Monty,
I won’t go to sleep. So? Ms Beena, enough. Thank God,
our child is better now. That’s one thing to be happy for,
and not sad. Yes Mr. Sahay,
for our child’s healing, we really owe God our gratitude. We must also thank our
to-be son-in-law. Mr. Singhaniya, he may be
a son-in-law to you… but to us, he has always been
like our own son. Uncle, I think we should take
Kajal somewhere out… to Dehradun, perhaps. The change of atmosphere
may do her a world of good. My word. Since there’s still some time left
before Jiya’s engagement… do allow us to take my daughter
Kajal with me, for a few days. But we need to consult the doctor. The doctor himself suggested to Jiya
that we take her out somewhere. Right, Jiya?
– That’s right, papa. In that case, I don’t have
any objection. Thank you, Mr. Singhaniya. Where’s GI Joe? I have lost my sleep,
my peace of mind In your love,
look what’s happened to me What’s happened? Shall I tell you? There’s great news. Last night, there was
a lion’s wedding in the jungle. Lions and lionesses came from
everywhere to attend the party. There was a mouse too, and he was
lying in a corner, stoned. A lion hollered at
him and ordered him.. ..to step out of the cozy corner. And the mouse replied,
Hey, quit shouting at me. I was a lion once…
before I married. But GI Joe, tell me,
why have you come so late? Yeah, why am I late?
You won’t believe me. My wife locked me up inside. She
warned me with dire consequences… if I attempted to step out
of the house for two hours. Why?
– She said the municipality van… had been roaming the town
to catch stray dogs. You’re laughing?
Tell me, am I a dog? I learnt afterwards that she had
gone to the circus with Ramdas. Help me prepare my will, please.
– Talk something auspicious. No good. One day I have to die.
Do promise me that after my death… you’ll get my wife married to Ramdas. But why Ramdas, and not someone else?
– Because I want revenge. And the best revenge, they say, is
to get one’s foe married to his wife. There’s a world of difference
between a girlfriend and a wife. When she locks him up for a couple
of hours, then he’ll realize! Ramdas! GI Joe…
– Yes? I know, you don’t have a wife,
neither is there a Ramdas. GI Joe… Sir, all this while I’ve been making
the whole world laugh with one lie… that I have a wife. But today
I failed to amuse that child. Unless I bring back happiness
into her life… I’m no Girdhar Inder Jaunpurwala. Pinky? Stupid. Not you. Stupid. I am here and you’re talking on phone.
– This Rohit. He’s troubling me. You know? Here you are. Your favourite
coffee and your chocolate biscuits. Have them.
– Thank you, papa. God bless you, my child.
Your friends are here. Hi.
– Kajal, how are you? After such a long time.
– Hey! Hi. How are you, Kajal?
– What are you doing here? We’re here to meet you. How are you? Don’t you get food in your house? You come here for
free tea and snacks. I don’t know who informed
you about Kajal’s arrival. Why are you staring at me?
I didn’t call them. Did I call you? Did I call you?
– Yes. We’ll meet after a short break. Kajal, you’ve come
at the right time. Our college has organized
a golden jubilee festival. Yes, Kajal.
It’s going to be a grand function. And we’ll be enacting the old play.
Remember? And you’re going to direct this play.
– Yes. No. Don’t drag me into this. Please.
– Who’s dragging you? Look. Kajal doesn’t have time.
Don’t talk of any play. What play? The same play.. ..where he was beaten up like a dog.
What was the name of the play? Love and God.
– Kajal, you have to do it. Be a sport. Please, Kajal. Yeah! – Please.
– Do it. Come on, Kajal. Do it.
– Please, Kajal. Yay! Fie on those lips that kill. Death is a prize to be won Madhu.
Punishment is what… How does the line go, Sweety?
– What are you doing, Kamal? When Raj used to say these lines,
it used to rent our hearts. Remember? If only Raj was with us today…
– Really? Here I am. Raj. – Hi, Raj. – Hi.
– Welcome Raj, you? How come you are here? You too tell her I called you over.
– You did, of course. I called you? – Raj,
please do that last scene for us. Now, I’m so tired. Quit acting pricey.
Kajal will have company, too. Come on, please. Please do it, Raj. Okay, fine. Come. Wow, that’s more like it.
Come on, start. Action! O Angel of Love, how can
I forget such a noble sacrifice? Sacrifice? I don’t know.
It’s a huge honour… to be kissed by lips
as silken as these, before one dies. Fie on those lips
that kill. Death is a prize
to be coveted, Madhu. It would have been a punishment.. ..if I’d been condemned to live… and live far away from
these sweet lips. I can’t hold back anymore. I can’t.
– These lines are out of the script. Death comes .. ..but once,
so does life. So, why are we ruining our lives? Why are we living separately? Why are we tormenting each other? I can’t live without you. I can’t, Kajal. I love you very much, Kajal. I love you dearly. Lord! Love is what… none can avoid In love, some ruin others… some ruin themselves Love, love I reasoned with myself,
but to no good I reasoned again,
but to no good Let none covet bed of roses,
or bed of thorns Let none lose his peace Lord! May no one fall in love Lord! May no one fall in love “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Love.” Putting love to test is hard Love is a promise hard to keep The world is against love It gets tougher on you
when you fall in love Why don’t lovers come
to terms with it? I don’t know why lovers
don’t understand.” Why do they weep everyone moment
in torment? Lord! May no one fall in love. Lord! May no one fall in love “Love.” At times love finds itself
bound by customs At times it finds itself
caught in promises Yet, none can stop it Love takes on every sorrow Love belittles you in public Love belittles you in public May no one weave this dream Lord! May no one fall in love “Lord! May no one fall in love”. Lord “Lord!” “Lord!” Love, love No force can rein in love Love is a season that never passes It’s passion.
You have to give in You can’t hold back “I am intoxicated.
Don’t ask what it is.” Don’t ask me, it’s pure ecstasy where fire sates flower Lord! May no one fall in love “Lord! May no one fall in love”. I reasoned with myself,
but to no good I reasoned again,
but to no good Let none covet bed of roses,
or bed of thorns Let none lose his peace Lord! May no one fall in love “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. “Lord! May no one fall in love”. I love you, Kajal. Kajal. Kajal… stop. How long will you avoid the truth?
– Your vision has changed. Your outlook has changed.
You’re crossing your limits. This is a sin, Raj.
– No sin, Kajal. It’s love. Raj. – I love you dearly, Kajal,
and I wish to marry you. Stop it, Raj. You don’t care about my honour? How dare you utter things
that are impossible? Why is it impossible Kajal, why? Because I’m the daughter-in-law
of the Singhaniya family. I shall not bring them to disrepute. So far, I felt they lost
their son because of me. Do you want me to ruin their
daughter’s life too? Kajal, I’m talking about my life.
– Raj, you are being selfish. But get this clear. If you refuse to marry Jiya, you’ll see me dead. Remember. Kajal. Jiya… – Jiya… Hi. When did you come?
– Why? Shouldn’t I come? I didn’t mean that. Kajal
and I were just talking about you… Only four days to go
for our engagement. So I thought I’d come and take
sister-in-law along with me. When I phoned Nainital,
they told me you were here, too. And when I reached here, I was told
a big drama was being staged. I didn’t do anything wrong
by coming here, did I? No, you did the
right thing, my sister. You’ve come at the right moment.
– But bhabhi, your hands are so cold. Are you all right? If you say so,
I’ll even postpone my engagement. No. The engagement will go on
as planned. And it’ll be grand.
Let’s go, Jiya. Kajal’s state rents my heart. But none of us can help it. There’s no solution for sadness. There is, uncle. If you don’t mind,
may I suggest something? Yes, go on. Why don’t you get her married again? What are you saying, dear? Our society is yet to recognize
a widow’s remarriage. Besides, it’s hard to find a match for a widow. Leave that to me. I’ll find a boy
from a very good family. Tell me, do you have any objections?
– But… Dear, if it’s happiness you’re
going to bring our daughter… why would we object?
– All right. Leave the rest to me. In fact, I already have
a suitable boy for her in mind. Hello.
– hello. Hi Jiya. How come
you remembered me, suddenly? Monty, you told me once your wedding
suit has been stitched, remember? Yes, of course.
– It’s time to get it dry-cleaned. You’re going to be wearing it soon.
– Really? Is that true? Don’t get too excited.
Just do as I told you. Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Bhabhi.
– Jiya? How does this wedding dress look? Very beautiful, just like our Jiya.
– You talk so sweetly. Sweet words come to me
at the very sight of you. Same here. Anyway, wear this sari
and get ready quickly. What are you saying?
Are you out of your mind? I’m a widow, Jiya.
How can I wear a bridal dress? Which century do you live in?
That practice is dated now. Whatever. Our society will
never allow this. Are you concerned about
my happiness or society’s? I’d do anything for
your happiness, Jiya. All right then, you will
definitely wear this sari. And what’s more, it’s from your hands
that I shall accept my engagement ring No! Don’t force me.
– Not a word shall I hear. Wear this sari and get ready quickly.
Or I shall simply refuse to marry. You know me well, bhabhi. Ramsingh. Take it away. What evil times we live in!
– Isn’t she ashamed? Good Lord! It’s apocalypse!
– It’s true, aunt. Look how she is decked up. No one cares for good and evil
these days! That’s Karan’s widow, isn’t she?
– What’s her name? Kajal. And yes, she is the one. What was it you were saying?
Tell me frankly. My child, it’s not right for her
to adorn herself like this. It hasn’t been that long
since her husband died. You’re right. But didn’t
your son die last year? Kavita, you lost your sister. And
Mrs. Khanna, you lost your father. But you’ve all dressed up to the do.
– The rules for a widow are different That’s our culture. Rules? Dual standards! If you lose
a father, son, or brother… you don’t grieve. But if you lose
a husband you should wear white. Why? I ask, why are these rules
only for women, and not for men? Why don’t widowers
wear white dresses? Great are the traditions of my
country. If that’s how things are… Kajal will soon cease to be a widow.
We’ll get her married again. Monty, come with me. Put the engagements rings
on each other. What are you doing, Jiya?
You and Raj are going to be engaged. Sure, but first the elder daughter
should be engaged, right Papa? Of course. Kajal, we consider you
our daughter, not a daughter-in-law. And we took a decision
in the best of your interests. Yes my child, you have
a whole life ahead of you. And we’re thankful to Mr. Singhaniya
for his noble thought. What are you saying? Did anyone
ask me if I’m willing to marry? Bhabhi, does Monty lack something?
– Jiya! Or are you in love with someone else?
– What nonsense! It’s the truth!
You’re in love with my fiancé, Raj. Enough Jiya, please!
– It’s true, Kajal. May I ask you what right you had
to threaten Raj with suicide… if he didn’t marry me? Tell me,
why did Raj agree to marry me? I know everything,
I’ve heard everything. It isn’t acceptable to me that he
weds me and continues to love you. Stop it, Jaya!
There’s nothing of the sort. Look, if you wish, I’m ready
for this marriage. Monty, come on,
put the ring on my finger. Stop! Enough is enough. Come to your senses, Kajal.
You can’t ruin your life… for somebody else’s happiness.
– Why? Why? Does marrying again ruin one’s life? Why are you stopping
her from marrying? What does she mean to you? What
relationship do you share with her? Do you want a wife and a mistress
together…? – Jiya! Do you wish to know what
she means to me? Do you? Chant. Chant. Raj?
Chant. That’s what she means to me.
She is my wife. Any objections? Anybody has problems? Want to say something, aunt? Tell me!
– Raj…. it’s just what I wanted. I staged this mock engagement
with Monty… so that you would openly declare
your love for her. Not a burden, I want
to become your wings… so that you can fly high,
very high. Jiya… you’re grown up, really. I was mistaken about you, really. I am sorry.
– I ought to apologize to you, Raj. Though involuntarily,
I have hurt Kajal no end. Forgive me, Kajal. These traps of traditions. these shackles of promises. I could never break
even if I wish to What kind of helplessness is this? What kind of a life is this? I could never break free
from old ties This is what life is all about,
it is said If you love someone… express it… before it is too late If you trust someone… say it… before it is too late. That’s the secret to steal hearts.

Joseph Wolf


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