After Stroke: 3 Exercises for a Weak Leg. (Strengthening of Leg)

Joseph Wolf


  1. Love your videos y apply most of the principles that you demonstrate here for functionality. I have noticed that deep squats have improve my knees. Of course with proper alignment of knees and so on. 

  2.  thanks a lot
    can i use stair with support and supervision for weight bearing ?

  3. Awesome video, wrote a little abstract and I'll sure hoped that i got it right. 

    3 Exercises

    1. 2:20 Functional "Sit and Stand"
    2. 4:05  "Adjusted" Squad
    3. 5:08  Lunge

    Some Hints:
    -Put the focus / weight on the weak or affected leg. Feel free to mark it.
    -Exercises from easy to more advanced.(supreme discipline would be number 3, the lunge)
    -10 Repetitions
    -Posture. Feel free to train infront of a mirror.

  4. I love your videos, always giving me plenty of ideas to use with my patients. You guys rock! 

  5. what if I don't have a helper or a walker. I can't  really put weight on my weak leg because I will fall.

  6. i had stroke in 2010 but know i can't not used my arm and hand at all can you tell what sould i do so i can lif my hand and arm please thanks

  7. Very thoughtful video. I just experiencing stroke and still recovering. But great video

  8. hey guys. I had a stroke. Do you have any pointers on climbing stairs without a railing to hold onto. I'm finding more and more of stairs out there without hand railings  and I can't climb them because I don't have the balance or strength. Thanks. Steve

  9. I'm a stroke survivor, and have sought out your uploads for practical tips and advice.
    Thanks for your good intentions but, fellows, could you PLEASE re-do all your videos and get MIKED properly….your comments are barely intelligIble and thus, not very helpful.

  10. Thank you for posting your valuable videos online. My father in law recently had a stroke, and lives in an area of Canada where physiotherapists are not easily accessible. Your videos have helped us begin to improve his functional movement and mobility to improve his independence. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge. It has been a great asset.

  11. My left arm and hand were affected. Could I use a hemi walker on my right, and do these exercises? Or should I force my left hand to hold on to a regular walker?

  12. thank you for all of this it's very helpful. i have a few questions my father had a stroke 4 days ago his right arm and leg was affected he feel that they are very heavy, when can we start the physical therapy and how much should he practice in a day and what it the best exercises for him? please help me he feels so down he is not used to stay home.

  13. I've been going to an exercise class for older people but it's too generalised to do anything for my weak left leg. Thank you so much for these exercises which I'm confident will help. BTW what do you think of the visual imagining technique used by injured athletes? D'you reckon it would help in stroke recovery?

  14. What are your suggested exercises for completely paralyzed leg and hand. answer please.

  15. Mom is 85 and has trouble walking even with her roller walker. Would these exercises be too difficult for her?

  16. Thx for posting these videos. I had a stroke when I was 9 yrs old and people say they would of never even of guessed due to the previous P.T.'s and O.T.'s!! I am still working to strengthen my affected side so the videos really do help and encourage me. I do however have a question, over the years my hip has gotten stiff, will these exercises help to loosen that area also?

  17. I was taught not to use a standard Walker with a cva patient. only a hemi. when is this ok?

  18. My dad is 83 and recently had a light stroke which weakened his left leg.  How long should it take for these exercises to start making a difference and should the number ever go beyond 10 during one session?

  19. Would this work after chemotherapy I've had it for the last 8 months and I can't run,jog or jump anymore after laying in a hospital bed for a long time? If not what should I do?

  20. my dad just had a stroke on his right side but unfortunately he had his left leg amputated what can he do to walk again

  21. Quit messing with me Brad!!! I'm used to your same tie and I'm so distracted I can't pay attention now. You get a thumbs up anyway, cause I love real doctors that actually care about the art of healing. Keep those wonderful videos coming. WE NEED YOU TWO AS OUR POOR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES !!!

  22. this help me in physical therapy I wanna build back up my lower calf muscle

  23. My father had stroke about 4 years ago. Can he climb up and down the stairs for exercise?

  24. Hello. I'm PT at South Korea. You're using the belt stand-up exercise for weakenss side weight transfer/balance. There is question in that point,  I wondering how can i holding belt?waitng for your the respond and  it's great veido. 🙂

  25. i have stroke on my left side so i can't stand up and it very difficult getting a round

  26. So happy I found this. My mom had a stroke 5 years ago and lost quite a bit of mobility in her neck. In the last 6 months she has made tremendous progress in her recovery and has started speaking and walking better than ever. We are trying to help her and stimulate her all we can. I think her nurse can modify these exercises for balance and strength. My question is can anything be done to help her regain mobility in her neck? It seems frozen. Thanks again for doing this work. It is so helpful and appreciated.

  27. can you please do a Video especially for weak hips post stroke, my dad is unable to do sit to stand ,also transfer for obese patient? I'll be very grateful for your help.

  28. another great video guys! should these exercises be performed every day or have a rest day in between?

  29. I love this, I have a spinal cord injury that is very similar to a stroke. I find only way to get better is to do your exercises at home. Thank you so much!!

  30. My leg and foot have nerve damage from a herniated disk (surgery 5 yrs ago, full feeling didn't return) anyways…. can weakness from nerve damage be strengthened?? Its not too, too bad… most don't notice that one foot "lags" a bit….but I feel it, and when I am tired or not wearing shoes I limp a little. I sorta of just make myself walk without limping..well more of a waddle…which is even worse. No Dr has recommended PT for it…they just shake their heads and say …"Thats too bad" . Anyhoo…Thanks for the videos, been watching them a bunch for my back, and knees. Very helpful.

  31. thank you so much for yr videos. it really helped my mom who is in this situation. She's also having problems with gases (since shes not walking yet), is there any practice to help her get rid of gasses? thanks a lot

  32. My daughter is very obese and she hasn't walk in over a year. Can someone recommend a good rehab place she could go to that takes Medicare?

  33. I am 45 years old with mild cerebral palsy on my left side. I also broke my left knee cap 11 years ago. The older I get I feel like my weakness is more pronounced and my balance is not what it used to ( I get very nervous climbing up bleachers) I think these exercises should help. My mobility is not an issue. Any ideas to help me gain balance and strength? I can climb stairs but have trouble stepping up on anything higher than 6inches. I feel too young to act this old.


  35. Taoist tai chi helps with leg strength. I'm only using my cane in ice and snow now that I've been doing tai chi

  36. I have a question. The left side of my left foot is struggling to normalize as I seem to pull towards my right leg . What would you suggest to fix that issue. You just showed a toryu which you do during tai chi.

  37. Thank you si much for your videos, I had a stroke last year and I'm doing better now , just some problems lifting my left foot, but I'm encouraged with your videos and today I started to do many exercises, to get my left leg strong, I can walk without a can o Walker but I know it need ti get more strong, thank you guys for all your help. God bless you both.

  38. My knee goes into an uncontrollable shake when I apply weight to it. What can I do to help with this?

  39. This video is not good.. because hemi patient have both upper limb and lower limb problem they are unable to use affected side hand…. so please correct your information

  40. Calcination form in hip joint so high pain in hip joint.i can't walk so which excercise i will take or any other solution to release hip pain.

  41. My right leg weak with so attak strok 9 mnths back plz tell me my probelm salvo

  42. Hi i was In a accident and my muscles dont stop my knee from hyper extending is there a brace for my problem

  43. Im dealing with a stroke at age 28 im doing 2 sets of 90 pound leg press squats ndi do 2 set's of 50 squat machine squat one leg squats witj my bad leg bit the tone is so bad in my leg in arm that it makes every thing so hard to do like when i walk my leg hyper extends very bad nd my hand nd arm stays tigjt i have to stretch it out on the hr onone stop nd when i walk my tors bald up so tight i walk on top of then nd my ankle want turn over nd lay flat i have a lul movment in it to wher i cn pump ir up nd down slowly nothing strong just rrally light ..nd its just the first yr of my stroke how do i brat this tone if it wadnt for that i know id b bck to my self but the tone is so anoying nd pain fulf it makes this strome so hard nd stress ful nd sem like its nver going aezy.

  44. You guys should invest in clip -on mics so it doesn't sound like you're recording from the other side of the room.

  45. Very helpful video. I used this and now can walk and run and play tennis. But I cannot dash, so anytime a drop shot comes I cannot reach. Any tips for how to get that.

  46. Hi, I have been bedridden for a long time due to Chronic Fatigue. Can you do a video or recommend a set of exercises that will help me get some muscle tone, strength and cardo fitness? It has to be very gradual. Thanks.

  47. thank you. had a stroke with minor weakness in left leg. I can walk but slowed down and careful. I have begun to put your instructions in practice.

  48. I can't walk in balnce after THR wich exercise is best for me plz guide me ??i am 26 year

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  50. What if someone has scoliosis and the hip and thier pelvic bone on the left has sucked inwards, making standing up straight very difficult and thus upper part of the body leaning forward and the back pointing out backwards also have had stroke and the left side is weak?

  51. Why should the knee not pass beyond the toes? If dorsiflexion is adequate, why constrain the movement at the knee? It makes no sense.

  52. What if there is no movement on Right lower leg….How can we teach them to stand and wAlk? Can you help us or teach us…Thankx for this video.

  53. What kind of hand exercises do you recommend from a stroke. FYI I’m a drummer too.

  54. How do I get my knee to bend? It is been 8 months since my stroke and My left kneewill not bend on its own.

  55. You are incomprehensible, stupid, who has a stroke, has no hand, so not all the trivialities with which you speak

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