Acne – One Minute To Stress Relief

hi doctor Robert Urban here and I want to give you and actionable
acne item called one acne one minute to stress relief now I’ll get right to it right away this is
a gift I received the information from doctor
Al Sears MD a Christmas gift Dr Sears calls it a stimulating breath but I
think it’s better called one minute to stress relief acne one
minute to stress relief and here’s how you do it I like to lie down in a chair with my
hands on my stomach so I can feel my stomach
go in and out, because you want abdominal breathing with your abdomen expanding when you
take a breath in and then contracting when you take a breath out
if your shoulders rise then and that’s not a abdomiunal breathing
to the extent that you raise your shoulders you need to close your
mouth and put your tongue to the top part of my mouth so I’m sure I’ll be
breathing through my nose find a quiet place and then listen to
your breathing the breathing is will be shallow as you want to
do about four breaths per second start at fifteen seconds and go up to a
minute I can’t demonstrate the sound I tried However, it’s like the
little engine that could its chug chug chug chug chug
chug chug chug chug chug jejejejejejejeje now notice that this pace picks up but there are two components there’s a
sound when you inspire and a sound when you expire put your fingers in your ears and listen you’ll see what I mean if you hear
the same sound now there is that that that that that
that that you are probably just inspiring short breaths without expiring so give it a try why do we do this
because Acme is exacerbated or made worse by cortisol the stress hormone so
cutting down on your stress will help your acne this is great stress reliever for stress of all kinds so I believe you should get to work on your acne by working on your stress so have a go at it let me know how it
works out and lots of luck it does take practice but
practice helps I noticed right away that I felt
better I felt relaxed I couldn’t believe it it will
take a little getting used to and you build up to it but try it good luck

Joseph Wolf


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