Ab Isolation Exercises : Ab Workout Equipment Tips

Let’s familiarize ourselves with some of the
equipment that we are going to need for our ab-alicious ab workout. First let’s start
with the mat, because we need something that’s going to support our lower back. This is a
mat that you can get at any local gym store, and we’ll go over the stores later. If you
don’t have a mat or you don’t want to buy a mat, what you can actually use is just a
regular beach towel. Also, make sure that you have a towel in addition to the towel
that you’re using for your entire body, use a towel, double it up to support your vertebrae.
You want to make sure that you’re supporting your spine. Also what we’re going to need,
to add additional resistance for our abdominals, we’re going to use weights. You can get a
set of 5 lb. weights if you’re a beginner; a set of 8 lb. weights if you’re intermediate;
and last but not least, a set of 10 lb. weights. And just in case you don’t have a mat or you
don’t have the weights for the weights, a great substitution would be canned goods,
or you could also use an additional water bottle. You could use a gallon water bottle
or a half gallon water bottle. Pretty much those are the two substitutions that you can
use. Instead of a mat, use a towel. Instead of a weight, use water bottles or canned goods.
All of these items can be purchased at either Wal-Mart -it’s a great place to shop for fitness
items- Target is great as well, Big-5 Sporting Goods is a great place to shop if you have
that in your area. Make sure you get all of the equipment before you’re ready to start
your ab-alicious abdominal workout. Buy that equipment and get ready to have some great

Joseph Wolf

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