8 Best Weight Plate Exercises BRUTAL HOME FULL BODY WORKOUT!

Joseph Wolf


  1. Get a hardcore workout ANYWHERE only using a single WEIGHT PLATE ! Workouts like these are great for a full body burn and are convenient when traveling or training at home with limited equipment. How intense the workout gets is up to you. Keep the rest periods as short as possible and if you have multiple plates available try stacking them together when performing the exercises! Train hard Nation!!!

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  2. Really appreciate this workout, Scott. I’ve been sidelined for almost two weeks with the flu, so will do this routine at home to ease me back into training. Happy new year 💪🏻

  3. The exercise to the neck ist very dangerous for beginners or not? 🤔 greetz from Berlin.

  4. Very excited for the new program. I haven't posted on muscularstrength in awhile, but as soon as cheat/recover comes out I am going to be charting all my progress.

  5. Good video, I have noticed you wearing shorts over your other pants, You Tube complaining about showing too much. ?

  6. The Plate Press is really amazing if you press two plates together. Really forces you to keep the tension so they don't slip

  7. Cant wait to give these a try, still a bit sluggish after New Years 😂

  8. Look forward to your videos and I make sure to incorporate your exercises
    Happy new year Scott!

  9. Your amazing brother. Everytime your video comes out make my face glow!

  10. Bro Hope You And Your Family Had A Lovely Christmas And Great New Year! All The Best In Your Fitness Career For 2018. Take Care Love From Your Wee Buddy Kevin xxx

  11. Hey Scott, I’m sure I heard you say the other day that a push pill legs workout is much better than a bro split because you can work your muscles twice a week, so is the bro split considered useless in your eyes? I’m on a bro split atm and I’m wondering if a push pull legs workout would be better, thanks

  12. A short video on how to minimize the "love handles" would be great ..these fats are hard to get rid off especially for the ones who workout at their home 🏠😁

  13. Are those crunches also called Otis ups? I've seen those shown on another channel too with some supposedly forgotten exercises

  14. Not to be a stickler but wouldn't you be working the brachioradialis and brachialis more since Biceps are more utilized when in supination?

  15. hi could you post more fat burning workouts. also i liked this video because all i have at home is a barbell and 3 or 4 sets of plates

  16. I am going to repeat myself, but I really have to! AMAZING VIDEO Scott, thank you!

  17. looking good scott ur abs look aweosme u should do a abs today vs 9 yrs ago

  18. Happy New Year Brother!!!! I absolutely love this video and will consider doing these in the near future. I hope all's well on your end!

  19. Very useful. And kinda cute with you and the plate lol. There's no better partner for those who love working out.
    Happy new year.

  20. I just started working out a few months ago and my goal is to lose weight and build muscle. When I train I always increase weight slowly and last set is my max on weight. Should I start heavy and decrease it when I get fatigue? What is the difference for muscle grow anyways?

  21. Scott I was doing controlled cheat reps on dumbbel curls, and one of the gym employees told me I should swinging my back becaise it's bad for my lower back. Is this true? Btw I'm just 17 and have been lifting for a year

  22. I've not tried the plank one yet and I love plate workouts the bus driver is the most evil loving this thanks

  23. My dearest friend Scott, what a great way to start this year! Happy New Year to you and your family Scott! Keep on inspiring people with your awesome videos! Warm hugs from Mexico. Raul Lopez

  24. Hey Scott so I had a quick question, I would be what they call a “hardgainer” I’ve gained quite a substantial amount of muscle with the help of you and other fitness YouTubed but I think it’s time for me to lose some body fat, I don’t want to lose muscle mass. After doing some research I see a lot of people saying cut calories by 500. As of right now I eat 3,000 calories a day and a little bit over my body weight in protein, I don’t eat any junk food whatsoever. I’m not looking for some complicated eating program so would you say keeping the same protein intake but dropping my caloric intake to 2500 would help me reduce body fat?

  25. thank you scott! im going to subscribe as of 2018 only seen your vids from recomendations prior to today lol "mr bahbell"

  26. I have an ajustable bench some dumbells and a ez bar. Dumbells and ez bar use disk plates. Can anyone suggest me a workout? My goal is to gain muscle.

  27. Could you please do a video comparing the three lower chest workouts- Decline bench press or decline dumbbell press or dips and which would you recommend??? Thanks.

  28. Scott, great video as always! I wanted to ask you a question. Do you think it is ok to eat one or two Lean Cuisine meals daily to help reach your macros if you're somebody who can't cook, doesn't like to cook or doesn't have time to cook your own meals?

    In 5 months I won't be able to go to the gym on a regular basis, but I will be able to do some workout at home with my plates. Thanks for sharing Scott 🙂

  30. Love the messege man, you dont need a full gym to transform your body! Hard work , consistency , and a single weight plate will suffice!

  31. If it's hard for me 2 perform 15-20 reps per exercise…can I only perform 10 – 12 reps with mind nd muscle connection??

  32. hey Scott, I just registered to muscularfitness.com, and I wanted to train for a sport to become a Pro Wrestler in the future. Do you have any programs that offer strength, endurance, and aerobics training? If they have a lot in the platinum membership I'm willing to invest my money for it, thanks for the support.

  33. Man I only have 5kg plates max at my home (Im 14) By the way does this train whole upper body?

  34. Hey Scott I am pretty much muscular but my wrists and ankles are too skinny. Can you please tell me how to grow them?

  35. Doesn't doing chest press with a plate come with risk? It seems a lot easier to drop by mistake than a dumbbell or barbell.

  36. Found this a great workout only sticking point for me was the bus driver used a 10kg plate and even that killed my arms 😀😀💪💪💪

  37. Scott, l need help.
    Whenever l start going heavy doing deadlifts my back tends to round a little, l tried everything, weak traps maybe? any idea? help thanks!!

  38. Hi, how long do you think it would take for beginner (lets say 18% fat ratio) to transform, so people can see he is seriously working out?

  39. Did the workout but missed the part about only doing 1 minute of max weight for the plank. I did 15 minutes of planks 1 minute at a time. I was toasted after the planks. I'll correct for tomorrow.

  40. I had a friend tech me some of this stuff in Afghanistan. It works but you have to use TWO plates together. It is squeezing two 45s together and keeping that way that is hard.

  41. I tried this workout yesterday and loved it! The overhead squat was super challenging as was the weighted plank. Love the idea of using plates. So different.

  42. It is also acceptable to go steal a small child, around 4 years old. Have them sit on your back, hold them in the air and also works with crunches.

  43. Decided to start to work out at age 34 looks like a good starting platform as of tomorrow here comes the new me

  44. I’m sorry but you sound like a salesman and look like a salesmanXfitness guy with that ear piece. I can’t watch further

  45. Is this workout alone something I can do everyday to build muscles and lose some fat if I do it everyday?

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