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Hello, I’m Christina and welcome to yoga with Christina, ChriskaYoga! Today, I’ll be sharing a five-minute yoga Break something that you can do during the lunch break Maybe perhaps you’ve been sitting at a computer All day and you need just a little bit of a stretch you can do this anytime thing. It’s just a quick little Yoga sequence. So I hope you enjoy it Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more if the notification vows you don’t miss out on any upcoming free yoga videos And if you’re ready Let’s get started begin standing up tall in Mountain Pose with your big toes together in your heels slightly apart inhale Raise your arms up palms facing each other and looking up taking some side tilts take hold of your right wrist in your left hand tilt over to the left Next inhale come back up to standing and switch wrists Take a left wrist in your right hand tilt over to the right and look up Slowly come back to Center bring your hands down and then clasp your hands together at the small of your back Come to an arch looking up open your chest and on an exhale bend your knees And come to a forward fold keeping your hands clasped Bring your hands down and take hold of opposite elbows in both of your hands And we’ll take a twist bring your left hand down bend your left knee twist your upper body to the right and reach your right arm up looking up and Then come back through the center and switch sides bend the right leg place the right hand down reach the left arm up Come back to the center And taking inhale come up to standing reach your arms up look up exhale forward fold Inhale hands to your shins look up halfway exhale Forward fold, and he’ll conduct the standing reaching up Exhale bring hands down Inhale reach your arms up looking up exhale forward fold Inhale hands your shins look up halfway exhale forward fold Inhale come all the way up to standing Exhale bring your hands down once more inhale rotate your arms around raise them up Exhale forward fold and now bring your hands to your shins look up half way exhale Forward fold and now come up just standing and reach your arms up exhale bring your hands down Briefly bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest close your eyes take a deep breath and then bring your hands down Inhale, raise your arms up exhale forward fold to plant your palms flat onto the floor and step your left foot back into a low lunge Bring your left knee down onto the floor and on tucking the toe Keep your hands down on the floor. Keep length in your spine and remain in your low lunge for several deep breaths On your following exhale shift your weight back on to the left leg straightening the right leg briefly for a runner’s stretch And then shift your weight back into the low lunge Bring the right leg underneath your body and switch sides stepping the left foot forward Coming to low lunge on the left with your back knee down Hold here and breathe Shift your weight onto your right knee straightening the left for a runner’s stretch briefly Before you bring your body weight back into the lunge forward And then bring your left leg underneath you touch your big toes together Separate your knees apart and relax over in a child’s pose Breathe here And slowly come up to a seated position Come to a cross-legged seated position on the ground bring your hands to your legs and Bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest bow your head to your fingertips namaste Thank you so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it please hit the thumbs up He would really help to support the channel also Don’t forget to leave me a comment in any future yoga class requests You would like to say from the time the earth along with any questions wink and they mentioned before don’t forget to subscribe to this Channel hit the notification bell so you don’t miss out on an upcoming free yoga classes on here You can find me on other social media platforms Instagram Facebook @chriskayoga and my website chriskayoga.com Thank you so much for watching! See you next time!

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  1. You're looking great hun 🤗💕that's the first part of my YTT come in the post I just need to get my arse in gear and get a better sleep pattern, more so get up at a better time, I've started cutting down my tramadol then I'll cut down my morphine, if I can because I'm fed up always being tired! I look forward to doing this quick practice, though it'll probably take me longer getting up and down! 🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️

  2. Love the studio . Thanks for this video I plan to use on my lunch hour !! Great way to do my practice . You are the best 💜❤️

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