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Hi, guys. It’s Bex here, and I am back with
another meditation video for you. This time it’s meditation for anxiety, and it comes
by request. Many of you needed meditation to just calm down.
I’m here in the beautiful Katonah Yoga studio in Chelsea, New York City. I thank them so
much for letting me use this space. I’m going to bring you through a couple of different
techniques to help you focus when your mind is just swimming with chaos. Let’s get started!
I want you to find your easy seat. You could have one foot in front of the other, if that
feels comfortable for you. I’m going to cross over into half lotus because that’s where
I like to be for meditation. We’re going to begin by sitting up nice and tall.
With your first inhale, go ahead and lift your shoulders up to your ears…and roll
your shoulder blades down your spine. We’re lifting up through the pelvic floor and bringing
our belly button back to spine and up towards our chest. This is going to give us a very
strong foundation for this meditation. With just a couple of easy breaths, I want
you to ease your way into a quiet space. Don’t focus on breathing in and out too long or
taking big, deep breaths. I just want everything nice and easy at this point.
When we’re feeling anxious, it’s usually about something that’s going on in the future. Think
about that for a moment. If you’re living in the moment, if you’re being here now, then
you’ll rid yourself of all anxiety. It’s only future events, to-do lists, things that may
be happening in an hour, tomorrow, or next week that gets us all riled up.
Let’s just focus on our breathing right now…the next inhale and exhale…and let those icky
to-do lists fall away. Now, during meditation you may choose to have
your eyes closed. Or another way to meditate and focus on the moment is to open your eyes
and just pick a spot across the room or maybe a candle flame. We’re focusing, and then softening.
We don’t want laser beams burning holes into the wall across from us. We don’t want to
focus too hard on that flame because then it becomes obsessive. Then we’re worried about
“Are we looking not hard enough or is it flickering too much?” Then our mind starts swimming.
So, focus and soften. Sound helps me to meditate. It helps me to
relax even while I’m lying in bed at night. Sometimes I’ll just hum to myself. It could
be a chant with words. You could say something like, “I am in perfect health. I am strong.
I am peace. I am water.” Or you could just simply hum a tune. Let’s try that together.
Inhale…hummmmmm. As you exhale, your belly button will come into spine. Inhale, you release
the muscles in your abdomen. Hummmmm….. Don’t worry if you have perfect pitch. I certainly
don’t. Everything is good and easy here. Everything sounds beautiful. Examine if your pitch is
high or low. If it’s high, maybe bring it down a notch to get you in a calmer place.
Send your breath to your seat. Inhale through your nose. Imagine that sound traveling down
through your body to your seat, to the floor, and to the core of the earth.
One last thing I’d like to show you is using a meditation bowl. It’s a Tibetan singing
bowl to bring that tune, that vibration, that sound into your meditation practice. You can
use the mallet here to create a sound with the bowl. I’m not great at it, so I just gong
the bowl and I get a sound that I can hum to or just listen to. Let’s try that. Hummmmm…
Let’s just take a few more breaths together — inhales and exhales — to settle more deeply
into our seat. Relishing this moment… feeling radiant in our bodies. Thanking ourselves
for taking the time to treat ourselves well, to allow ourselves to breathe, to allow ourselves
to forget our tasks, our chores, our responsibilities. Acknowledging the responsibility we have to
our hearts and our bodies to just let go. With our next inhale, let’s open our eyes.
That’s it. Meditating to relieve anxiety is that easy. You just have to take the time
to be here now. Make that your mantra for the day. Thank you so much for joining me.
If you have any other requests about meditation or for meditation or questions about meditation,
you can leave them in the comments below. I will see you for the next video next week.
Love you guys. This workout is made up of two rounds, each
performed three times. Each round has four exercises performed for 45 seconds on and
15 seconds off. The first exercise is push-ups, so we’re going to get down on the ground.
We’re going to set our Gymboss timers and we’re going to get started right now.

Joseph Wolf


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  41. I meditate to address clinical anxiety and to a lesser degree, depression. I'll just throw a few things out there concerning my views. One; it is not necessary to sit in any kind of position, or for that matter, sit at all. A person can mediate lying down, standing, and even walking. The walking meditation can take a little doing. I would not, and probably could not meditate while walking on a busy city sidewalk. I usually mediate sitting at my pc, or sitting on my sofa in the quiet. I don't sit in a rigid position. The basic objective in meditation is to release your thoughts. Soothing music will relax me but it will also make me think, which will defeat the reason for the meditation. I usually meditate with my eyes closed, but not always. If my eyes are opened, I won't focus my eyes, nor will I turn my eyes to anything that has motion (except for perhaps wind-blown trees or something similar) because the motion will trigger thoughts, interfering with the meditation. I will meditate anywhere from six or eight minutes, to an hour. However when I go for more than an hour it is often because the meditation period has had interruptions or has otherwise been of poor quality.  

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