25 Min Bed Time Yoga Sequence Yoga for Better Sleep

– Hi, my name is Laura Myren,
and I’m here with GymRa. And we’re gonna do a bedtime yoga sequence that will help you wind down from the day and sleep better. So, starting in a seated position. If it’s available, you
can cross your legs. But I know this is actually
kind of challenging for most people, so if
you can stay here, do. But I’m gonna show you
just sitting on my shins, right, ’cause this is just
a little more available. Gentle twist, lift your chest, turn your ribcage to the right, bring your left hand to your thigh, and your right fingertips
on the ground behind you. So just take a deep breath
in, lift your chest, and exhale twist to the right. Do it again, inhale, lengthen out, and exhale, twist to the right. Now stay here, and look back forward. So look towards your front shoulder. Now just lean your left ear
towards your left shoulder. Get this nice stretch in
the whole side of your neck and shoulder, right, this is where we hold a lot of our stress and tension. If you sit at a computer or drive a lot, hopefully this will help
relieve some of that tension. And then lift your chin
and do the opposite, let your ear drop towards
the right shoulder, getting this stretch
here through the neck. Keep sitting up nice and tall. Slowly lift your chin, and
we’re just gonna switch sides. So if you’re crossing your legs, switch the cross of your legs. If you’re with me, stay here, okay. Inhale lift your chest, and exhale, twist turning
your right ribs to the left. Hand to thigh, fingertips
on the ground behind you. And again we’ll inhale to
lengthen, find those deep breaths, exhale, twist it over. One more time like that. Inhale to find length,
and exhale to twist. Right, so just breathing deeper helps the body relax and calm down. Look back to the front, tip your right ear towards
your right shoulder. Stretch this left side of the neck again. Start to lengthen out your exhale. So with every exhale, let all the breath come out of the body. And then lift your chin slowly, tip the ear over towards
the other shoulder. Stay really tall, keep
those shoulders moving back. And just let this open, relax, and soften. Slowly lift your chin, come
on back through center, and have a seat. Stretch your legs out in front of you. So just nice (mumbles) janu
sirsasana, you’re gonna. Janu sirsasana (laughs),
say that 20 times fast. Here we go. Bend your right knee back. And we’re not gonna do
the actual pose, right, I want it just to be a little
more relaxed and softening. So your right knee is bent back, stretch your left arm
out towards your foot. If it doesn’t touch
your foot, that’s okay. If you have like a pillow, even better, you can put your arm on the
pillow or something like that. Get yourself really comfortable. And then the right arm is
just gonna kind of come up at a diagonal through center. Okay, kind of settle yourself in here. And again, if you have a pillow or something to lay your
head on, really nice, right. A pile of blankets, your dog (laughs). Whatever you can cuddle
and snuggle up with here. And just start to lean it on forward. Let the head drop, a little hip opening, stretching the hamstring, forward fold, very calming, very relaxing. And just let your neck soften,
you can even take your hand and give yourself a little massage here. Okay, release the hand. A couple more breaths to just hang. Follow your hands back,
push down to lift up. Let’s switch sides. So bend your left knee back,
stretch your right leg forward. And just settle yourself in. Take your time, go slow. Reach the right arm towards the foot. Once again, you can have
a pillow or something. And then the left arm kind of
reaches forward at a diagonal. So we’re not doing the full pose, we’re just getting a little version of it to stretch the right
hamstring and the left hip and the back. So start to ease on down. And if you tune into the breath and just take deeper breaths, you start to find a release
as you hold these poses. So instead of kind of
just like nosediving in for a really big stretch,
ease your way in. And your body gets the signal it’s safe, and then it can relax and open, right. But if we really just
push and crank ourselves, your body’s gonna freak
out and protect itself. So just ease it on down. Take longer for the exhales. Again, you can stay here, you can give yourself
that little neck massage. And maybe someone else is
giving you a good neck massage, that’s even better (laughs). Final few exhales, just ease it on down. Okay, crawl your hands
back, lift your chest. Unwind those legs. And we come onto all
fours, for a puppy twist. Lots of puppy and dog talk today. So, from all fours, you’ll
actually crawl your hands a little further forward, right. ‘Cause I want you to have space. What typically happens in this twist is people come underneath here, and they’re too close to their knees. So see how my back’s really rounded. And I’m not able to find
a nice long spine, right. So we’ve spent enough
time with a rounded back, so let’s get a nice long spine. So crawl those hands forward, take your left arm, and weave
it underneath you, okay. Now you’re gonna crawl, and pull this shoulder over to the right. Once you’re settled in, try not to let the hips kind of go crazy. That’s for the weekends (laughs). Let those hips stay nice and
even, right over your knees. Your cheeks just rest
down towards the ground. Close your eyes, relax. It can stay here, it might feel better
to stretch the arm out. If you’re pretty bendy, you can reach behind you with the hand, and find the inner edge
of the inner thigh. But if that’s gonna crank
your shoulders or your neck or make you tense up in any way, then just bring the hand back down. Maybe it’ll feel nice to
just be a little more relaxed in the twist. Every exhale, just soften
into it a little bit more. If you want, you can try
and ball that shoulder over for the last breath. Okay, push down through your hand, come on up through center. And we’ll just switch sides. So remember, start from all
fours, reset yourself up. Shoulders over wrists, hips over knees. Crawl those hands a
little further forward. Slide your right arm, weave
it underneath the left. Really get that shoulder over to the side, and then place your right
shoulder down on the ground. Let your right cheek be down. And then once you’re in, even out those hips so
they’re right over your knees. Chin off your chest, you
can breathe nice and full. Now again, you can stay here, you can extend the left arm up overhead. Or if it’s available, you reach behind you with your top arm. If not, no big deal, you might
just wanna stay nice and soft and relaxed and comfortable, and have that hand down on the ground. Right, so we’re not trying to create any more stress or tension. We’re just trying to be
really easy and relaxed. Last breath or two here. You might try crawling that shoulder over to the left a little bit more, twist. Alright, push out your hands. Lift it all the way up. Okay, come onto your stomach. Sphynx pose, aka sleepover pose. So from here, stack your
shoulders over your elbows. Most of the time I see
people back here, right, and it’s not quite so comfortable. So stack, like a pillar,
shoulders over elbows. Another neck stretch, so, let your left ear drop
towards the left shoulder. Now with your exhales, get a little heavier through
the hips, soften your glutes. Lift your chin, and just switch sides. Right ear toward the right shoulder, stretching the left side. Long, smooth exhales. Notice how your mind probably is like, thinking about to-do lists and checklists, and what’s gonna happen. See if you can just stay right here. Lift your chin, lower
yourself onto the ground. So make a pillow with your forearms. And just bend your knees
and take a windshield wiper, side to side, with those legs. So right, and left. Okay, now, the spine. This next one I call snuggle
pose, a snuggle variation. So, stretch your left arm out to the left, right in line with your shoulder. Right hand comes by your chest. Here’s the snuggle part. You’re gonna bend your
right knee in, and up. Lower your left cheek to the
ground, and nice and slow, go slow, roll it onto the left side. Okay, so you can stay in
the snuggle variation, this is nice. If it’s available, you can stack the legs, and you can make it a snuggle variation by bending both of your knees. And final variation is
bending the top knee, and putting your foot on
the ground behind you. We’re looking for some stretch through the hips, the shoulder, hopefully counteracting any
of that forward hunching we do all day. Opening up the front body. Just envision with every exhale, you’re letting go of anything
you don’t need from the day. So something someone said to you, the fact that he didn’t text you back, exhale, let it go, you don’t need it. Alright, second side. Come on through center. Nice and slow, okay. Stretch your right arm
straight out to the right. Look to the left, bring
your hand by your chest. Okay, bend that left knee
for the snuggle variation. And just slow and steady, start to roll onto your right side. So you can stay in the snuggle variation, you can stack the feet, stack the legs. And maybe bend both the knees, the other kind of snuggling version. Or, the deepest version
would be bending the top leg and putting the foot on
the ground behind you. Now let your neck relax, so your head is resting
down on the ground. And again, exhale, let go. Let go of the day. Sleep is so important, so if
we just take a couple minutes before we go to bed, to
unwind, we get quality sleep. It can make a huge difference, right, in our energy, in our outlook, how we treat ourselves,
how we treat others. We might even drive better
in traffic (laughs). Come on back through center,
slow, slow, slow, slow, slow. One more time, come up for sphynx pose. Little movement here, so, left ear towards the left
shoulder, just like we did before. Now drop your chin down nice and slow, lift the chin all the way up, and second side. Tip the ear towards the
shoulder, drop the chin down, lift it all the way up,
come up through center. One more time on each side. Ear towards the shoulder, then chin down, lift it up, come through center. Last time, ear to shoulder, chin down, ear back to the shoulder,
and lift the head up. Okay, child’s pose. Crawl your hands back, press your hips back towards your heels. Have your knees nice and wide, right, ’cause I want you to be
able to get that forehead down to the ground. (relaxing music) Okay, crawl your hands
back, lift your chest. One of my favorites, pigeon pose. So this is one I
recommend we do every day, those hips get really tight. So from all fours, slide your right knee
towards your right wrist, shimmy that right foot a
little further forward, so your shin’s at an angle. And then slide that left leg back. Okay, now just take a moment and pause, even the weight out in your hips, settle yourself in. If you need a deeper stretch,
slide that right foot a little further forward. Okay, and then slowly ease your
way on down to your elbows. So it’s said that we hold
our emotions in our hips. So sometimes these hip
openers can feel intense. So what do we do, we focus on the breath, and we just take those longer exhales. Relax your jaw, relax your face. Now you can stay here
propped up on your elbows. If you have that pillow or that puppy, or whatever, your kitty
cat you wanna snuggle with, you can start to come on
down and rest your chest on your snuggle buddy
or your snuggle pillow. Or you might rest your chest
all the way to the ground. Take three more breaths here. Crawl your hands back,
come on all the way up. Now be really careful as we switch sides, so don’t just kind of flop out of it. Push down, use a little
abdominal strength to switch. So we wanna be careful with those knees. Left knee towards the left wrist, shimmy your left foot a
little further forward, and slide your right leg back. Now just pause and make sure
you’re set up optimally. In the hips, you can bring
the foot further back, or if you want a deeper stretch, you bring it further forward. And then stay here, or,
come on down to the elbows. Ease on down, remember. You’ve been probably moving
really fast all day, right. So it’s good to slow down. Sometimes it’s like, I’m moving so fast, and I don’t even know why. Like, sometimes I’m driving like a madman. I’m like, I’m not even in
a hurry right now (laughs). But I’m just used to
moving so fast, right. So slow it down. Now once again, you can stay here, or find that snuggle pillow,
snuggle cat, snuggle dog, rest onto them. Or come on all the way down. Another few breaths here. (relaxing music) Okay, that’s a good one. Follow your hands back, lift your chest. And we’re gonna come onto the back, so just spin the leg around, right. Lower yourself all the way down. So, knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Cross your right thigh
over your left thigh. So I think of this as like, the little girl who’s
gotta go potty (laughs). So cross the actual thigh
over, not just the ankle. Bring your arms out like a T. And to start, just take
the legs over to the right. So what’s happening is your right leg is weighing down your left, and hopefully getting a stretch
through this outer left hip. Try and keep the left shoulder down. Try and keep that left shoulder really glued into the
ground, but pretty relaxed. Relax your glutes, relax the abdominals, shoulders, neck, jaw. Alright, so I know for me, when
I get stressed and tension, I start to clench my jaw. And actually yoga is what
brought attention to that. And like, all the poses, my yoga teacher was saying
you know, relax your jaw. I’m thinking, how do they know? So it’s like, we’re not alone. So a lot of that clenching
can create headaches, right. It creates tension through your neck. So simple awareness, I wasn’t
even realizing I was doing it. So just awareness of it, now
I can, I just relax my jaw. Okay, come up through center, we’re gonna take the legs
over to the other side. So scoot your hips a little
bit over to the right, and lower the legs to the left. Now this is a twist, so I’m
gonna use my left arm to assist. Try and keep my right shoulder down. Twisting is great to relieve
tension, relieve stress. Just think of this as like, twisting out any of the stuff you don’t need from the day. So just like a wet towel, you’re
just like wringing it out. So whatever you need to wring out here, you’ve got two more breaths. Let it go. Alright, all the way up through center. Uncross the legs, and we’re gonna switch. So left thigh over right, and we’re gonna go right back
to the left side this time. So arms out, and tip those
legs over to the left. The left leg is weighing down the right, and this kind of stretch through here, you might feel a little bit in your back, it’s different for all of us. Now once again, relax the glutes, get soft through the stomach, let the back of your head be heavy. And use your body to focus
your attention, right. So our mind is usually
just like ping-ponging from to-do lists, to picking up the kids, to planning a meeting and a
presentation, or whatever it is. So it’s very healthy to take
a little break from that. You know, you gotta like reset a computer, you gotta reset the computer. We all know when a computer is running for days and days and days and
days and we don’t restart it, it starts to act a little funny (laughs). Get a little slower, shuts down on its own. Come on through center,
keep this same cross, you’re just gonna switch
the legs over to the right. And use your right hand to assist. Okay, here we go. Twist it out. So whether it’s something
your boss said to you, or your mother-in-law said to you, it’s not gonna serve you
if you hold onto it, right. So just let it go, twist it out. Okay, final breath,
exhale, release completely. And back up through center. Last pose here before I let you
crawl into bed and get cozy. Bottoms of the feet
together, knees out wide. This is one of my favorites, it’s called supta baddha konasana. Alright so, it’s just a
really gentle hip opener. And if you have pillows, you could actually take some pillows and put them underneath your thighs here, and that will support your legs. But if it’s okay, you’re just
letting gravity do the work. Now any arms you’d like. A nice one is left hand on your heart, right hand on your belly. If you want a little bit of opening through the front of the body, you can do those cactus arms. Or it could feel kind
of good to interlace, or bring hands to opposite elbows, and bring the arms overhead. I’m kind of feeling this one right now, so I’m gonna stay here. Now every exhale, relax your glutes,
relax your inner thighs. Remember, think of this
as a little exercise, like you’re strengthening. Like we strengthen our biceps, you’re strengthening your focus, your awareness of your body. So next few exhales, bring
your focus, your attention, into your back. And let that get a little heavier. And next few exhales, into
the shoulders, and the neck. And final few exhales here, soften your eyes. So notice if your eyes are
kind of fluttering about, or if you’re really tightly
gripping your eyes closed. Have the eyes closed, but just softly be gazing
at the back of your eyelids. Have the jaw relaxed, have the forehead relaxed, the space between your eyebrows soften. And continue staying here
as long as you need to, doing that body scan. And if you ever can’t sleep at night, it’s great to just scan your
body from top to bottom, and relax each muscle at a time. That’ll help take you away from all the distracting thoughts, and it relaxes and softens the body. But, until next time, I
will see you guys very soon. I hope you sleep amazing
and have beautiful dreams. Have a great night. Namaste.

Joseph Wolf


  1. What a pity – this is the last video in this playlist(
    Thank you so much for healhy and inspirating yoga-month!!!

  2. I know this was uploaded about three years ago but I have been doing this for the past few nights and I have been sleeping a lot better. Thank GOD I found this when I did. Thank you Gymra for uploading this and Laura for making it.

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