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Hi, I’m Christina and welcome to my channel, ChriskaYoga! In today’s video we will be doing day 16 of the 30 day yoga recent Challenge yesterday we worked on building on strength And today we’re going to work on releasing tension from the upper body when you build muscle You might be creating some tension like stress in this area And today we’re going to be focusing on Releasing that stress out and releasing the tension from the muscles and the upper body before we get started if you are not subscribed yet To this channel, please subscribe The button is down below the video and put the notification bell right next to it. It is free to subscribe I’d love to have you as a part of this community if you would like access to all 30 days all 30 classes for this 30 day yoga reset challenge without intros and outros Without YouTube ads and with the ability to practice without needing an internet connection By watching on your phone on your tablet or your TV… Then definitely check out my membership site called my yoga habit It’s a great way to build a yoga habit in your life and you can practice an entire 30 day challenge For free because I’m offering throughout the month of September a 30 day free trial So anytime you’re joining throughout the month You can get 30 days from that date completely free to try out any of the content that’s available on that site So if you would like to try it out join my yoga habit and click the link provided in the description Box below and on the screen in the card section of this video So if you’re ready to grab your yoga mat and let’s get started Come to sitting on the ground Cross your shins flex your feet under your knees sit up tall. Bring your hands to your legs. Close your eyes Take a deep breath in And a deep breath out through your nose releasing it all out Slowly come to open your eyes We’re going to roll our head and neck around to the right So to begin drop your chin to your chest Roll your head around to the right bring your right ear towards your right shoulder Looking up left ear towards the left shoulder Complete the circle by dropping the chin to the chest Continue to rotate your head around to the right slowly and smoothly Gentle movements keeping the rest of your body stable and continue with these neck rolls to the right Drop your chin to your chest We’ll do the circles in the opposite direction left ear to left shoulder looking up right here to right shoulder drop the chin to the chest and You need to rotate the head around to the left Very slowly and gently being kind to yourself keep the rest of the body stable and Continue these circles Complete the final circle drop the chin to the chest and slowly lift your head up Well now do some shoulder rolls. We’ll go backwards first. So lift the shoulders up towards the ears and roll them back Bring them down and around again Up and back down and around Once again keep the rest of your body where it is. Just rolling the shoulders back slow gentle and continuous movements Remember to breathe And Complete your final circle and we’ll take that rotation in the opposite direction. So we’ll bring them back around up and forward Keeping the body where it is just rotating the shoulders feeling Stretch in the muscles surrounding the shoulders. So in the front of the chest around the shoulder blades And just continue to move in this way And slowly come to stillness well uncross the legs and switch the crossing So put the opposite leg in front for symmetry in your body and from here We’re going to stretch our neck a little bit So tilt your head over to the left take hold of the top of the head with the left arm Tilting it over to the side keep your shoulders even and Flynn another feeling a stretch in the right side of your neck Hold here. Do not tug on your head too. Forcefully be very gentle and just remain here for a moment Place your hand from your head switch sides tilt your head over to the right Hold on around the top of your head with your right arm feeling a stretch here in the left side of your neck don’t pull on your head too forcefully be very very careful and gentle with yourself and Remain here Blinks your hand from your head and bring your head back up right take your right arm and cross it in front of your body hook it in with the left arm and Feel a stretch in the outer shoulder on the right arm hugging it in towards the chest breathing here Release your arm and do the exact same thing on the other side breathing into the outer shoulder on the left arm Release your arms down Take a deep breath in expand the ribcage wide and feel your shoulders Releasing away from your ears and spreading wide apart away from each other exhale Release all the breath out through your nose One more time take a deep breath in And a really deep releasing breath out From here, we’ll come up to standing Bring your legs wide apart Parallel your feet are parallel to one another Bring your hands to your hips for a moment and bend your knees Send your ups back behind you and then we’ll come to a wide leg forward fold Bring your hands to the floor for now Release your neck over completely Feeling your spine and your neck draping over and release control from your head from here You can leave your hands on the floor if you’re more comfortable that way or for a deeper stretch here for your glutes Hamstrings and low back you can hold on to opposite elbows with your hands and allow your head to completely release over From here. We’re going to release our neck muscles a little bit further by just nodding your head Yes, and allowing the weight of your head To really release those muscles around your neck We’re going to shake our head no Same concept go not to control it too much. Just releasing the muscles And slowly come to stillness here just allow yourself to hang over your legs a bit Release your arms down And instead of standing back up. You can come down onto your knees And we’ll take a melting heart stretch for the chest the upper body And we’ll come into a twist there as well. So your knees are right underneath your hips Bring your hands out in front of you and slide your hands forward to bring your forehead to the floor Once you’re settled here open your chest towards the ground open your armpits towards the ground Pin your back your upper back coming into a large Just relax here for a moment Lift your hand up slightly We’ll take a twist in this post around the left arm underneath the right bring the left side of your head to the ground Relax nearing your twist Lift your head up and twist in the opposite direction Starting the right underneath the left bringing the right side of your head to the ground Keep your hips even and hold here So I come up out of your twist into lying on your back From here walk your feet out to the width of your yoga mat and then bring your knees in towards each other So your legs are bent Bottoms of the feet are on the floor, of course, and your knees are resting on each other for a constructive rest position From here. I’m going to rest here with my arms crossed in front of my chest. So I’m crossing my arms So I’m crossing my arms in front of my chest allowing the arms to kind of drape over my body Stretching the outer shoulders It should release out the muscles that we were working yesterday a lot in the arm workout class that we did and once you’re settled here just as we were doing in shavasana and At the beginning of the class as well. Just focus on the breath focus on your breathing Come inward close your eyes and remain here Bring some slight motion back into your body and release your arms from your chests Bring your feet in towards each other when you’re ready roll onto the right side rest there with your knees bent No wonder he needs your head for support And use your hands to help you come up to a seated cross-legged position Cross your shins, flex your feet under your knees. Once again sit up tall bring your hands to your legs Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose And bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest bow your head to your fingertips namaste, thank You so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed this class If you liked it Please take two seconds and hit that like button down below the video giving it a thumbs up It really would help to support the channel by telling YouTube to share it with more people So it would mean a lot to me if you gave it a thumbs up share it with your friends Commented below the video letting you know how you’re doing how you’re liking everything so far you’re liking this challenge I always love to hear from you. I always reply to your comments So leave me a comment below as well If you’re not yet subscribed to this YouTube channel Click that subscribe button and the notification bell down below the video It is free to subscribe here on YouTube and I would love to have you as a part of this growing community So please join us for even more yoga resources for me. Check out my website chriskayoga.com and don’t forget to also follow me over on instagram @chriskayoga for yoga motivation and inspiration behind the scenes of this channel so much more all of the links everything that And more are listed in the description box below. Thank you so much. See you next time!

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