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Hi, I’m Christina and welcome to ChriskaYoga! Today. I will be sharing with you a 15 minute Supine stretch also known as laying down flat on your back supine means laying down flat on your back with your face and your front the front of your body facing upward a Stretch will take place entirely in this position. So I hope you enjoy this one. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell So you don’t miss out on any of these free weekly yoga videos? So if you’re ready grab your yoga mat and let’s get started start by laying on the ground Cross your right ankle over your left thigh flex both of your feet and hug your legs in Towards your chest holding onto your hamstrings on the left leg with both of your hands This is thread the needle also known as supine pigeon pose once you’re settled here hold breathe deeply through your nose and relax Set your left foot down take both of your legs in that position twist them over to the left side of your body Take your right arm reach it out to the right or bend it up as I’m doing here Look over to the right Keep your left arm on your right leg to help keep the knee in line with the ankle rest here in your twist Bring yourself back to the center uncross your ankle and switch sides take the left ankle cross it over the right thigh Bend both of your legs flex both of your feet and hug your legs in hold on to the right hamstrings with both hands Relax here feeling a stretch in the outer thigh on the left side the low back the glutes the hamstrings And remain here Set the foot down the right foot keep your legs in that shape and cross the legs over twist them over to the right Bring the bottom of your left foot to the floor your right hand on your left knee to help keep it in line with your ankle Twist your upper body to the left. Look over to the left as well hold here Bring everything back to the center uncross your ankles and hug your legs in towards your chest Flexing both of your feet hold here softening the hip sockets breathing deeply Take both of your legs and drop them over to the left twist the upper body to the right Either bend to the arm up or straighten it out all the way Relax here in your twist and breathe Come back through the center switch sides take both of your legs over to the right keep them bent Keep your right hand on your legs to help keep them over Look over to the left reaching the left arm out to the side Relax here in your twist Come back to the center place both of your feet on the floor and Bend both of your knees pointing your knees up Towards the ceiling Take the right leg in your hand and then begin to manipulate your leg just using your hands moving the leg forward and backwards Just moving it from the hip joint Allow your hands to control your leg completely and then when you’re ready come to stillness and we’ll take a half happy baby on the right side Taking hold of your right foot in your right hand bring your knee in towards your armpit You can keep the left hand on the left hip to help keep it down Keeping your hips even hold here and breathe And set the right foot down lift the left leg up and complete that sequence on the left side Moving the left leg forward and backwards from the hips from the hip socket Relax here. And you just using your hands to move your leg forward and backwards And when you’re ready take hold of your foot the pinky toe side of your left foot in your left hand Bringing the knee in towards the armpit. Keep your right hand on your right hip jab keep it in line and even Coming into half happy baby on the left And from here release your foot and bring both legs up Bringing the pinky toe sides of both of your feet into your hands knees in towards the armpits Feet facing the bottoms of your feet are facing the ceiling for happy baby full happy baby pose holding here Release your hands from your feet set your feet down take hold of your yoga strap Unravel it if it’s wrapped up and then place the strap on the ball of your right foot Keeping the right foot flexed. You can keep the left leg bent and knee pointed up towards the ceiling Stretching the hamstrings on the right the calf muscle hold evenly on both sides of the strap and breathe here Release your foot from the strap and set the foot down Switching sides take hold of the left foot with the strap reaching the foot up towards the ceiling holding Evenly on both sides of your strap Stretching the entire back of your left leg Hold here And you can release your foot from the strap setting the strap off to the side Straighten both of your legs here and then we’ll take a banana stretch. This is again yoga pose stretching both our legs out in front of you on the ground and Then shifting your hips over to the right cross the right leg over the left Bring your head shoulders and arms over to the left as well and take hold of your right wrist with your left hand Feeling a stretch in the entire right side of your body from your arm all the way down your body to your legs Hold here breathing through the nose And Release coming back through the center to switch sides shift your hips over to the left bring your feet in your hands over to the right – crossing the Left leg over the right length taking hold of the left wrist with your right hand Feeling a stretch in the entire left side of your body Breathing deeply through the nose And slowly come back to the center we’ll take our final pose shavasana Separate your legs and relax them take your hands down by your sides and turn your palms up towards the ceiling Close your eyes and deepen your breath breathing through the nose Relax here, focusing your attention on your inhales and your exhales Bring some slow gentle motion back into your body moving your hands and your feet your arms and your legs When you’re ready bend both of your legs and roll to the right side of your body Resting there with your arm under your head for support Pressing yourself up to a seated position using your hands cross your shins Flex your feet under your knees. Bring your hands to your legs sit up tall close your eyes and breathe deeply through the nose Bring your hands to meet at the center of your chest bow your head to your fingertips namaste, thank You so much for watching. I really hope you enjoyed this class if you liked it hit the thumbs up Leave me a comment letting me know how it went for you also Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for free weekly yoga videos for me Thank you so much again for watching and I will see you next time

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  1. Now I am completely relaxed and ready for bed. Thank you!! And I think I am going to challenge myself on my next day off and try your new Billie Ellish routine!

  2. That was quick and it felt so good 😊. Thank you sharing this sequence. 🙏 Loved it 💕

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