10 Daily Lyric Writing Exercises

What is up you guys, it’s Emma and thank
you so much for being here. Today we are focused on lyric writing. I’m going to
run you through some intense writing exercises in this video, I’ll reveal some
helpful writing practices you can do at home and should be doing every day to
supercharge your imagination and to ultimately improve your lyric writing.
There are 10 exercises in total in this video – each are 3 minutes long and every
single one has been designed to put your imagination to the test and get your
creative clogs whirring. Remember these are daily exercises so make sure you
guys revisit this video every single day to see how your writing improves over
time. Challenge yourself by coming back to this video to run through each
exercise every day for a week and see how you get on. Each exercise will be
timed and I’ll give you instructions before the timer starts. Be strict with
yourself and stop when the timer ends. It’s a good idea to have a pen and paper
handy or you can even just take part in the comments below. I’ll be taking part
as we go along so if this is your very first time doing these exercises, feel
free to watch me first… but if you’re feeling confident just jump in. Get
comfortable open your mind and let’s get started with today’s first exercise – Word Association. I’m going to give you eight different words. Choose one of these words before we begin and note it down. This will be your master word. If
you’ve already done this exercise before choose a different word than the one you
used the first time. When the timer begins write down as many words associated with that one word as possible. Be open-minded here. There are no wrong answers… three
minutes on the clock… and go! …and time’s up guys. Count up how many
words you wrote down. If you’ve got 20 or over – great job. If you didn’t, don’t worry.
Aim for 20 on your next go. In Ghost Writer you have three minutes
to rewrite the lyrics to a chorus that already exists. Choose one of the choruses from these songs to rewrite or go with a random song of your own choice. Chosen one?… Great! Now display your chosen chorus somewhere where you can see it. Google the lyrics and open it up in a separate tab or even just write it down.
You’ll have three minutes on the clock to rewrite your chosen chorus in a new
and inventive way. If you can try and rewrite lyrics that will work with the
existing rhythm and melody of the original song. Again, keep an open mind
here and have fun with this. Write a parody if you really want! Three minutes
on the clock… and go and… done! Good job! Now try singing the melody of the original song with your new lyrics.
Does it fit rhythmically or are there lyrics that sound out of place? Memory Lane – for this exercise we’ll be digging up some old memories. Think of one memorable thing that has happened to you in the past year. In your mind take
yourself back to that moment and get prepared to write it all down. When the
timer begins write down descriptively as much information about that memory as
you can remember. Consider where you were, why you were there, how you felt, what you could see, hear, taste or smell… Have a memory in mind? Three minutes on the clock. Ready? And… go! …and finish up! Did you fill up your page?
Or did it spur on a passion to write something further around that memory? Stream-of-consciousness – for this exercise I won’t be giving you any writing prompts whatsoever. Instead… what you guys are going to do is write
down anything that comes to your mind. Now, you can format this as a story or
just a string of words that jump into your head. Now, what you’re writing here
doesn’t necessarily have to rhyme or connect in any way at all. Just let your
ideas spill out onto the page and remember… you only have three minutes so don’t overthink it. Let your creativity flow. You guys ready?
Three minutes on the clock… and go! Nice work! Don’t worry if you were a
little bit hesitant in places in that exercise it’s harder than it looks so
well done. Let’s move on to the next one. Exercise five is ‘Rhyme It’! It’s time to
stretch your brain muscles and test your rhyming vocabulary. Choose one of the
following words to work with in this exercise. Again, if you’re returning to this video choose a different word to the one you used the first time. Once the
timer begins write down as many words as you possibly can that rhyme with your
chosen word. When you can’t think of any more begin to write down some phrases
using the words you’ve already written down. Again, you’ll have three minutes on
the clock. Ready… and go! …and stop! Nice work guys! This one takes some practice. How many words and phrases did you manage to write down? Exercise number six – Writing Prompts I’m about to give you a series of
writing prompts. Choose one prompt and stick with it for this exercise. When the
timer begins jump straight in and try your best at writing a verse or chorus
with your chosen writing prompt as the focus. Try not to over think too much. The more you revisit this video and redo each exercise, the more precise you’ll
get at writing within a very short time frame. Think creatively here and have fun.
Chosen your prompt? You guys ready? And… go? …and finish off you guys! That’s definitely
the hardest exercise we’ve done so far. On to the next one: Exercise 7 is ‘Picture This’. With this exercise I’m going to give you a different kind of prompt. This
time we’re going to stimulate our minds with some imagery. Choose one of the
following images as your prompt for this exercise. Take a few moments to have a
good look at your chosen image. When the timer starts, try writing down as many
lyrical phrases as possible that are linked to that image. You don’t
necessarily have to rhyme here – this is more about the association between the
image and your lyrics. Each image will stimulate different ideas for each of
you so really try writing from the heart here. Aim for at least 15 phrases or go
ahead and write a short verse if you’re feeling confident. Ready? And… go! Time’s up! How did you do? Did you find that you are more stimulated working from a visual prompt? Rhyme scheme: in this exercise you guys will be writing a verse that uses a
particular rhyme scheme. Choose one of the following rhyme schemes to follow through this exercise. If you’re unsure what a rhyme scheme is, quickly head over here
for a 1-minute recap and come back to this exercise once you’re done. When the
timer begins try writing a short verse or chorus using your chosen rhyme scheme. The subject matter can be anything you choose as long as you follow the rhyme
scheme itself. If you finish before the timer runs out test yourself further and
write another one. Ready? And… go! … and you’re done! Did you find that
writing towards a particular rhyme scheme helped you to structure your lyrics better?
This is exercise number nine – ‘Another Point of View’: this exercise requires us to do a little bit of ghost writing again but this time there’s a twist. Choose one of the following songs to work with for this exercise. Either use a
verse or chorus in that song. If you can, open up your chosen verse or chorus in a
separate window or write it down somewhere where it’s in view. When the
timer starts rewrite the verse with a different point of view. Consider who the
original lyrics are addressing and switch it up. Is it written in first
person? Maybe the conditions within the lyrics
have changed? Be creative here – if you’re unsure, watch me first as an example or
if you’re feeling confident jump right in! Three minutes on the clock… ready and
go! Nice work people! Ghostwriting using a
different point of view with existing lyrics is an innovative exercise that
will really propel your imagination into new and exciting places. It’s great fun
to write fictionally around existing song concepts like this. Try it out sometime with one of your favorite songs. We’re almost there – this is exercise 10:
‘The Suitcase’: In this final exercise we’re going to be applying different
elements of what we’ve learned throughout our previous exercises. You’ll
be writing descriptively using a visual prompt again and the aim here is to
finish a verse or a chorus using a particular rhyme scheme in under three
minutes. The key here is to think outside of the box… or outside of the suitcase. Up
to the challenge? Let’s do it! Imagine you find a suitcase. Inside are eight
different items these will be your visual prompts to choose from for this
exercise. You may use as many or as little of these items as prompts for the
verse or chorus you’re about to write. This time I want you to choose your own
rhyme scheme. Chosen your items and rhyme scheme? Okay… three minutes on the clock.
Last exercise of the day you guys – make it count and max out your creativity! Ready… go! …and you’re done! Did you manage to finish a verse and chorus in time? Did you find you were rushed? Or did you find it easier
to collect and organize your ideas in the time frame? Again, great job today you guys – don’t worry if you fell short on a few of the exercises. You can always try
again tomorrow or right now after this video. Each of these exercises have been
designed to be fast paced and intense for a reason. The aim here is to heighten
your creativity and to break you into a new daily routine of lyric writing. Make
sure you return to this video tomorrow and redo every single exercise again – it
will only take you 30 minutes of your day and you’ll be giving your imagination the workout it deserves! If you’re enjoying my content here on
YouTube take a second to jump over to my Patreon page and help me reach my next
goal and a big shout out and lots of love to all of my existing patrons. Without them I wouldn’t be able to bring this content to you guys so thank you –
you guys are awesome. Thanks for watching, hit like, hit subscribe and come back
tomorrow to work on your lyric writing! again you

Joseph Wolf


  1. YEAH woman, that was fun!! 😀

    Thank you so much for this, it's certainly helped me learn a lot. I certainly write differently normally, as words usually just pour out for my lyrics, so writing about and given different topics, pictures and even rhyming schemes is all new to me.

    100% Awesome! 🙂

  2. Hey Emma, thanks for these great exercises! I happen to do the "ghost writing" and "another point of view" ones quite a lot (and realise how bad i am at writing catchy lyrics). Keep up the great content!

  3. Thank you so much for these exercises !!! This is really very helpful and rare stuff !!! Hats off !!!

  4. Thank you very much!! Will try!! Cheers! G ☺🎸🎤🎼🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  5. I wrote a song called I don't want you anymore and I really want to get into songwriting so feel free to give comments I can take it ;). Easily. That's how you broke my heart yesterday..
    Oh yeah
    And now I know
    That you don't deserve me anyway
    I'm better off without you
    And I mean what I say
    So just get going Baby (Boy or Girl) and keep drifting away

    I'm glad that I don't have you now
    I'm so good
    I'm so free
    I can be anyone I wanna be
    (Boy or Girl) You kept me in captivity
    So let's go let me out
    Cause I don't want you anymore

    Verse 2:
    You came up to me
    And u said
    That u don't wanna be
    By my side but that's fine
    Cause I don't want u anymore

    I'm glad that I don't have you now
    I'm so good
    I'm so free
    I can be anyone I wanna be
    (Boy or Girl) U kept me in captivity
    So let's go let me out
    Cause I don't anymore

    Maybe I was wrong
    Just overreacting
    I tend to bitch sometimes
    But still we lost our magic
    Just find someone new
    That u can call ur friend
    You really broke the trust
    And broke my heart instead

    I'm glad that I don't have u now
    I'm so good
    I'm so free
    I can be anyone I wanna be
    (Boy or girl) u kept in captivity
    So let's go let me out
    Cause I don't want you anymore

    Thank you 4 reading 🙂

  6. Here's my verse. I hope you like it:
    I'm different in the best way
    There’s nothing gettin' in my way
    I've got so much to express
    I'm breaking down these walls
    And you're not gonna make me fall
    I'm not your perfect little princess

  7. Many thanks for this Emma! I didn't realise how helpful something like this could be to get ideas flowing and to charge the creative process. I've already got an almost finished song from trying the rhyming exercise the first time yesterday. Great stuff 😀👍

  8. This is called "Melancholia"

    (Verse 1)
    You hide yourself away
    Only to come another day
    So won't you stay the night?
    Cause only you know who I am inside
    You are the nights decay
    Decorating the hollow space
    That is in my mind
    Wrapped and intertwined

    I can't stay awake
    The weight on my eyes
    Are the thoughts that I create
    I can't stay awake
    Even with the world watching me
    I just want to sleep the night away

    (Verse 2)
    Patiently waiting for you to start attacking me
    And to start ripping my heart into threes
    If you're not here to help me, then why are you bothering?
    Will you finally let me sleep so I can fight you inside of my dreams?
    Your eyes disguise something deep
    Is it my fate or your dark fantasies?
    I'm not pleased
    Your quiet yelling gives me no peace
    I want to be awake but for gods sake
    All of these thoughts that I seemed to have create
    They demonstrate a world that is so fake
    My mind is not for yours to take
    I need to be awake

  9. I like you all, i can't stop to see you, you're like a sunset.

  10. Really loved it, it made me sweat, i felt stuck in my writing i reallt hope it helps me to improve, thank you you are really good, wish you my best!!

  11. My boyfriend is an established musician… although im a decent writer with a pretty good voice, my songwriting skills suck shit! lol no joke. Anyways, your videos are like a blessing in disguise <3 I honestly cannot say more about these exercises…they have helped me tremendously… so simple, yet effective. Keep them coming luv 🙂

  12. this is called "Stars Above"

    Your destiny cannot be programmed; God won't give you a helping hand, life is never dictated by a letter on a page, you learn more as you age on.
    The stars above are never in your favour no matter what you do.
    Work it out or get the harder end of the shoe.

    People may leave,
    People may come
    Sometimes those hardships will make you come undone…

    Just go and take it;
    No need to go and fake it;
    Every goal is a goal worth breaking;
    Luck will not be your virtue;
    It will go and forsake you,
    Your life is a life worth loving.
    Don't rely on the stars above.

    Not everyone will become a heir of fame and gold,
    That's a common lie that's been once too many told,
    Go choreograph your dance through the fire and thunder,
    Sex n' love is fun to plunder, but time is not a concept to take for granted.
    Advantages to attain goals come and go;
    Try not to berieve yourself of those chances.

    Fly away rocket ship,
    Find a way among the stars,
    Bye and wave to what your former self mistook.
    It's for your benefit alright.

    Stars Above!…
    (Final Chorus)
    Stars Above.

  13. I'm only 10 years old, but your videos help me a lot with learning songwriting. Thank youuu!!!

  14. Question —why do u speak like that like u speak English a bit weird

  15. IDK
    Welcome to the sea side
    Where we hide from our fears, run away in tears
    Where we get soaked in the moonlight

  16. the rhyme scheme went very quick but it's a really mean lyric wow… I have a lot of hidden hate apparently lol

  17. because of you I was able to grow up to who I am right now
    because of you I learned to never ever let myself down
    because of you and what you did to me
    it made me strong, you made me bleed
    because of you I learned to heal

  18. Dude this came out on my birthday!!
    I currently have a song in the works, here's what it's about:
    What I've noticed about love is that, while it is something pretty much everyone chases after at some time in their life, it is also one of the most fucking confusing things in the universe. One moment you're walking on sunshine, the next you're down in the dumps. The heart wants what it wants, and oftentimes you genuinely love a person who's a total asshat, or on the contrary you meet a lovely person whose company you really enjoy and just aren't in love with them. Go figure.

  19. Sleep paralasys
    Night mares
    Dreaming about love
    Being a ruler of a kingdom
    Dreaming about sadness
    Away from reality

  20. Thanks for the exercises. I've been doing stuff like this quite some time now, daily routines are the best.

  21. i hope you know i have to do these exercises for my band class every day and they drive me absolutely insane

  22. wow these are very helpful exercises, thank you so much for taking your time!

  23. When I wake up I’m in a state of mind where you’re sucha dream to me
    My heart starts to race and my eyes start to twitch baby you’re sucha dream to me
    Ik it’s sucks

  24. Rain, Sky, Darkness, Blur, Clouds, Heartbeat, Lightning, Battleground, Posidon, Cold, Night, Flood, Destruction, Outcries… These came from Thunder, don't mind the messenger.

  25. First Attempt :
    When Did You Loose Track Of Time.. Saying We’d Be Friends “Forever”.. Did You Loose Hope? Or just Grow away..? I remember when we met.. First time seeing each other.. I knew ( I Did I did I did..) That We’d Be Friends.. But I Guess I was Not in the right mind to think we’d Be Friends.. You broke my heart a couple times.. Gave You To Many Chances To Apologize.. I know we all make Mistakes But You Made Them To Many Times.. You Always ( High Note ) Leave me out! Shoo Me Away Like I’m A Fly… But I’m not! I’m Human Just like You (Yououou) I Guess I should say thank You for Makin’ Me Realize That Baby Your not like the rest! You just wanna Break my heart! You made me feel like A bag.. Blowing Away In The Wind.. Where did the old you Gooo? The You Now Isn’t Who You Are.. And You Know Who You are! Your just a stranger! A stranger to me at heart! You don’t deserve My Love! So just get in your car and Go! (Go go go!) You Made Me Cry… Made Me Feel Like Nothing.. Do You Actually Care..? You were like a sibling to me.. Where did everything about you Go.. Did That new Friend Of yours Take It..? But You Were Mine.. I Miss You.. With You I was A beautiful mess.. Made me feel So Special! But now.. You Just Threw Me And Our memories Away.. I hope your happy with her.. I remember all the times we sat on the beach. Stayed up on the phone listening too all your drama! Remember when you said I was your numba 1? Well I guess not anymore.. You Have her.. And I’ll Be Here If you come back.. One day.. You will (You Will…) ( Soft voice) Come Back…

    The End 😛 Was It Good Sorry If Not xP Called “ Come Back..”

  26. fuuuuuck i cant do exercise 2 i cant imagine those songs with other lyrics
    except from that i loved the excercises

  27. Thanks ms. Emma for that Word Association exercise you got there
    because I'm not only doing that exercise right now for the songs I'm gonna write but I'm also doing that for my left hand 'cause like I've said on my 1st comment on 1 of the songwriting tips I can't write well because of my disability
    known as Cerebral Palsy that's why I'm writing my songs on the computer so thank you for suggesting that exercise 🙂

  28. Castle.


  29. Stiches.

    Got a feeling that im going under
    But i know that ill make it out alive if i quit calling you my lover and move on you watch me bleed until u cant breath shaking falling onto ny knees and now that im without you kisses ill be needin stiches tripin over myself aching begging you to cone help and now that im without your kisses ill be needing stiches.

  30. I’m doing this for 7 days straight today, it was a good creative week, thanks for your effort of putting this together!

  31. Here is my verse

    The heat is rising
    Up through the roof
    We ride to the moon
    Fire escapes
    The moment we’ve waited for’s arrived
    A memory lasting a lifetime

  32. Castle –
    heir to the throne.
    jewel room.
    the royal family's home.
    has a dungeon.
    "Off with their head!"

  33. You know what ms. Emma?….
    When I was taking a bath awhile ago… I was thinking about my song in titled "Laro Tayo (Larong Pinoy)"
    then later I've thought about what you've said after playing "Another Point of View"
    then it made me realized that hey…. since it has the same tone of "Time In by Yeng Constantino"
    maybe I was just trying to use a different meaning for my song though I'm using that tone as well right?
    so thank you for saying that 🙂

  34. I got a dream
    That I wanna fulfil
    Not something I wanna leave behind
    It all abt mysef
    I dnt wanna go back anymore
    I dnt wanna dream in my sleep
    I wanna it to b true

  35. Dream Reality Nightmare Wish Paranoia Sleep Waking Up in the middle of the night fantasy bed Hopes dreams coming true stories problems in reality lying awake at night crazy

    Fill In the Blank
    You have no right to be depressed,
    You haven't tried hard enough to like it
    Haven't seen enough of this world yet
    But it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts

    I really hate to be around you
    I wish you would just go away forever
    Your presence is really unbearable
    Go away, away, away, away

    I was in my friends backyard on their bench. It was their 18th birthday and all the guests had left, so it was just me and my twin friends. It was late at night and bit windy, all three of us where cuddled up in blankets and their cat was sitting on my lap. she was so warm. The full moon was lurking through the trees and there were fairy lights in the tree. we were listening to teen suicide and drinking lemonade. I felt so happy cause I hadn't seen them in a while. I was at piece.

    Rain falling from the sky making noises dark clouds monotony being inside and warm Sundays Depression feeling gloomy lying in bed dreading the following week not wanting to finish school being stressed out getting out of bed equals growing up not wanting to let go new week equals new part of life regret missing childhood

    Flight sight right might light write fight alright bite

    Taking a huge bite
    it's dark at night turn on the light
    I don't want to fight
    There's no hope in sight
    I hope I'm right
    I'll never be alright

    Being sick seeing the world

    18 years of monotony
    The same faces everyday
    I can't wait to leave this place
    I don't want to stay

    Nobody would miss me here
    There's no point in being at home
    I just want to see the world
    Don't care if I'm alone


    The moon lurking through the trees
    The hot fireplace was warming all or feet
    I looked into all those faces
    and tempered all those places
    but now we're here I'm not alone
    I think I finally found a home


    She still wants to meet the stranger
    Even though he lives in LA
    Even though she doesn't know his face
    but his messages make her feel less in danger

    Broken Phone; Polaroid, Train Tickets

    Break Up message
    Broken Phone
    kissing Polaroid
    Now I'm alone
    Train tickets
    I'm leaving today
    Don't care Where I'm going
    just far, far away

  36. Thank you for letting me see find you. THIS IS JUST WHAT I WANTED.

  37. For the writing prompt exercise I chose team spirit, this is what I got:
    – head to the skies, desire in our eyes
    I know we can fly to higher grounds
    – your existence makes it all worthwhile
    – even when I’m beaten down, the sound of your voice lifts me higher and higher
    – linked by the universe, let’s achieve our destiny

  38. This is all I need. Thank you so much. Hopefully I can write my song better and better and maybe get some money from it

  39. Dream

    J Cole😂
    Biggie smalls
    Nikki Minaj
    in depth
    The future
    The sentinel
    Ace anarchy
    Ace Ventura
    Jim Carrey
    The mask

  40. wprd asociasion:
    ouija board
    adolf hitler
    european union
    united kingdom
    queen elizabeth II
    royal family.
    24 words.

  41. ghost writer:
    never really over by katy perry:
    Two years, and just like that

    My head still takes me back

    Thought it was done, but I

    Guess it’s never really over

    Oh, we were such a mess

    But wasn't it the best?

    Thought it was done, but I

    Guess it's never really over

    three days and not like that
    my mind never takes me back
    i knew it finished, but i dont
    guess its always nearly over
    oh we were such a dream
    but it really was the best ever?
    i knew it finished but i dont
    guess its always nearly over.

  42. memory lane:
    Ist day of sats
    I was at school because I was forced to be there. I was in a school breakfast club. i ate a bagel. i drank orange juice. i was upstairs to revise. i revised spelling and grammar. i thought it was boring. we started the ist test. the questions were hard. i answered them all. my pencil fell on the floor and i picked it up. at the end we got sweets. We had a break. We done a spelling test. our teacher shouted at a student for making jokes. we finished the test.

  43. stream of conciousness:
    x factor
    mary queen of scots

  44. writing prompts:
    leaving home
    never again.
    new friends.
    adios to you.
    see you later,
    im leaving home,
    goodbye friend,
    i might see you never again,
    ill make new friends ,
    im saying adios to you.

  45. picture this:

    song title:
    flames of the fire


    i see the flames of the fire
    the fire wont kill me,
    the red and orange and yellow flames,
    dance around in the night sky,
    i see the flames of the fire
    it looks so nice,
    on the sand of the beach,
    with the waves in the backround,
    i see the flames of the fire,
    with its burning sound,
    i lighted it earlier
    its gonna burn all night
    i see the flames of the fire
    the fire wont kill me
    i see the flames of the fire.

  46. My least favourite thing about the second exercise is that it shows me how shit my writing is, which is also my favourite thing

  47. I was going to pick the pretender by foo fighters but since I already also heard the pretender by sick puppies I got nothin’

  48. Elephant water
    Forests a lot of animals big size nature circle of life freedom savanna wild life long life run

  49. You look alot like Colleen Ballinger. Wow. Imma watch this. I need tips on songwriting. I'm good singer, but I'm sad how my songs come so terribly worded. I have nothing to write about.

  50. Heres mine, its called perfect
    I found a love for me
    Darling just dive right in
    And follow my lead
    Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
    I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
    'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
    Not knowing what it was
    I will not give you up this time
    But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
    And in your eyes you're holding mine
    Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms
    Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
    When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
    But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight
    Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know
    She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home
    I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets
    To carry love, to carry children of our own
    We are still kids, but we're so in love
    Fighting against all odds
    I know we'll be alright this time
    Darling, just hold my hand
    Be my girl, I'll be your man
    I see my future in your eyes
    Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
    Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
    When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful
    I don't deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight
    Baby, I'm dancing in the dark, with you between my arms
    Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
    I have faith in what I see
    Now I know I have met an angel in person
    And she looks perfect
    I don't deserve this
    You look perfect tonight

  51. This was helpful for lyrics, poetry and descriptive writing plus your voice was quite inviting, the limited timing made it exciting and now I can't stop rhyming. Thanks.

  52. This is a video of substance. Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for this!

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